Iwc Iwc Portuguese Series Calendar 初 测 锋芒

The new IWC Portuguese calendar watch combines two brand new works and three masterpieces of advanced watchmaking technology: the newly developed annual calendar fills the gap between the perpetual calendar and the simple date display. This new function is driven by a newly developed IWC 52850 homemade movement with two barrels, which is powerful and can provide enough energy for the watch’s seven-day power reserve.

IWC continues to introduce new and stunning complication features to the IWC Portuguese watch series. From the minute repeater (1995), the seven-day power reserve (2000), the perpetual calendar (2003), the flying tourbillon (2004) to the constant-power tourbillon (2011), and the latest eight days Power reserve manual winding movement (2013), IWC Portugal series leading the field of fine watch even more prominent.
2015 is the year of the IWC Portuguese series. The newly-developed IWC calendar has made a grand debut, adding a very attractive additional feature to the Portuguese series. This function is driven by the new IWC 52850 homemade movement. The almanac and the new movement were first included in the IWC Portuguese calendar (model: 5035). This watch also announced the beginning of the IWC home-made movement project. In the next few years, the brand will launch more home-made movement series.
The annual calendar of the IWC Portuguese series is located on the dial at ’12 o’clock’, with three separate semi-circular windows showing the month, date and week. Its switching mechanism has automatically taken into account the different days of each month. Unlike the perpetual calendar, the calendar does not take into account the number of days in February, nor does it take into account the effects of leap years. Therefore, manual adjustment is required at the end of February every year. During the development of the calendar module, IWC designers did everything they could to make adjustments easy—just pass the crown. The resourceful engineers abandoned the adjustment button through this clever design solution, so as to perfectly present the simple and beautiful design of the IWC Portuguese calendar watch.
Reproduce classic style
To make the date display more eye-catching, the watch designers set three display windows between the scale of 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock. This ‘American’ date arrangement is not only related to technology and design, but also to honor the founder of IWC-Mr. F. A. Jones from the United States. The IWC Portuguese Annual Calendar watch has a large 44.2 mm case, a grooved bezel, a classic rail-type minute ring, slim leaf-shaped hands and almost unchanged Arabic numerals. A model-the first Portuguese watches were almost exactly the same, only the small seconds dial was no longer at the original ‘6 o’clock’ position, but was set at the ‘9 o’clock’ position. The power reserve display can be read at the ‘3 o’clock’ position. The self-made movement with a seven-day power reserve marks another technological breakthrough in the history of the Portuguese watch series of IWC. The rare combination of an annual calendar and a 168-hour power reserve in-house movement makes this latest complex watch by IWC an irresistible watch watchmaker.

Insight into the fascinating new homemade movement
IWC Portuguese series calendars are available in different styles: 18K red gold models with silver-plated dial (model: IW503504); stainless steel models with silver-plated dial (model: IW503501) or night blue dial (model: IW503502). On the blue dial, exquisite sunlight decoration flashes light and shadow under the light. All models come with a black Santoni alligator strap. The sapphire glass with arched edges makes the case look slimmer, highlighting the classic elegance of the watch. The curved lugs are more comfortable to wear, and they are also suitable for slim wrists. Through the transparent sapphire glass back of the watch, you can see the exquisite structure of the new 52850 homemade movement. In the new 52000 movement series, the oscillating weight is more delicate, the bridge plate is more transparent, and the engraved ‘Probus Scafusia’ (meaning ‘the extraordinary technology and superb craftsmanship from Schaffhausen’ ‘) In solid gold. In this way, more details of the movement with a dual barrel are presented in front of people. The improved Pellerton winding system is also clearly visible. The system uses parts made of black and white ceramic materials to operate with almost no wear.
Five years of research and development
The designers of IWC have spent nearly five years researching and developing the calendar. Unlike the R & D perpetual calendar, the brand does not have its own experience in the development of this function. The new 52850 self-made caliber is the perfect choice for an annual calendar watch, because it uses the power of its two barrels to provide more torque to drive three display discs. In addition, after winding, the dual barrel can provide enough energy for the watch’s power reserve for up to seven days.
For interested technical enthusiasts, in simple terms, the operating principle of the annual calendar function is as follows: the hour wheel pushes the date advance wheel. One is responsible for advancing the week display. At midnight every day, the advancement pointer on the top can be used to advance the date. The month display and the setting wheel that determines the length of days in different months are controlled by two pins in the date display panel. The first pin on the display panel pushes the setting wheel to rotate one space. A stylus on the advance lever identifies a 30-day month with a deeper notch on the setting wheel, setting a longer date advance route for it. On the 1st of the following month, the pusher made sure that the date was advanced from 30th for 2 days. The new month is set by a second pin on the date display.
The five-year-long R & D was successful. The IWC Portuguese Annual Calendar watch once again confirms the brand’s innovation and fine watchmaking expertise, and adds a fascinating and practical addition to the IWC’s family of complication watches.

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Time elapses every second, let alone day and night. In a blink of an eye, the steps of winter will be gone again, and the moment of harvesting happiness is coming. As the spring breeze warms up, it is full of sweetness and warmth, and it also implies the brilliant vision of the coming year. For this special gift, Swiss watch pioneer TAG Heuer specially selected classic timepieces and luxury communication products to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the ultimate craftsmanship and innovative design. Whether it is a Carrera series automatic watch that symbolizes the spirit of avant-garde, or a Meridiist II luxury mobile phone that embodies the distinguished status, you can become your beloved in this time of resignation and welcome the new year. Choice.

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 As the most classic model of TAG Heuer, Carrera Calibre 5 automatic watch launched the latest watch in 2014. While retaining the consistent elegance of the Carrera series, it adds a touch of elegance and softness, which is even more extraordinary. tolerance. Equipped with Calibre 5 movement, from the scale, hands to the bezel are made of 18K rose gold material, luxurious and not too noisy. As the most popular current gold material and junior pin design, with clear white or gray dial, the wearer can read the date and time at a glance. A gold bracelet and a brown-gray alligator leather strap give you many options. Such two latest watches, which bring together many elements popular with Chinese consumers, perfectly blend the Chinese introverted implicitness with the pioneering spirit of TAG Heuer. While inheriting the classics, it shows the essence of the new noble and elegant, but also a warm gift for the new year.
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Merdiist II Luxury Phone

   TAG Heuer is not only committed to pushing the time to the extreme, but also challenging the distance of space. The Meridiist II luxury mobile phone, named after the extension of the ‘meridian’, is inspired by TAG Heuer’s own classic Monaco watch from Monaco, plus the curved lines on the corners, which is extraordinary at a glance. Works. It is not only a communication tool, it can also provide you with superior quality services to meet your noble needs; the special OLED (organic photodiode) can independently display the time and pay tribute to TAG Heuer’s profound watchmaking history; The keyboard is equipped with TAG Heuer dual-function switch keys, which allows senior people to easily and politely cope with incoming calls at high-level meetings.

The Meridiist II series of luxury mobile phones especially provides consumers with multiple appearance options, from low-key black to luxurious rose gold materials to soft pink or simple white, each condensing TAG Heuer’s outstanding character The relentless pursuit of Meridiist II luxury mobile phones with extreme attention to detail are your favorite choices for the Chinese New Year.