Brief Introduction Of 5497pt/12/9v6 Watch

Breguet 5497PT / 12 / 9V6
Manually wound tourbillon movement / 950 platinum case / silver-plated 18K gold dial with hand-engraved Newsot pattern / crocodile leather strap / water-resistant 30 meters.
When it comes to Breguet watches, everyone’s impression is that they are low-key and luxurious. Usually people are happy to show the best side to the world, but Breguet has gone the other way, plating the 18K gold dial with silver, and deliberately covering up the luster of gold, so that it presents a light and clear silvery white luster.
At the same time, Breguet hand-carved the most exquisite and intricate Newsuo patterns on different positions of the dial, showing a strong decorative beauty.
Coupled with the embellishment of blue steel hands, precious metals with cool colors, it shows a noble classic beauty, impeccable! The watch’s time scale adopts embossed Roman numerals, and the 6-point time scale also plays the tourbillon The role of the bracket is very clever. At the same time, the basic movement of the Breguet 187 was modified and shortened to fit the uniquely designed platinum barrel case.

2015 Longines Future Tennis Star Meet Paris Roland Garros

In 2015, the famous Swiss watchmaker Longines will organize the ‘Longines Future Tennis Aces tournament’ event for the sixth consecutive year.
   From May 28th to 30th, Longines will invite 16 young talented tennis players (from 16 different countries and regions) under the age of 13 to meet on the clay court in front of the Eiffel Tower. Claire (Arnaud Clément) watched the match and showed his talent and talent. The winner will receive a Longines watch, a trophy, and an annual sports equipment sponsorship bonus until the age of 16.
   In addition, Longines will sponsor the Rendez-vous à Roland Garros wild card finals for the first time this year. The winner will receive a wild card for this year’s French Open youth tournament to compete against the best international tennis players of the same age.
   From May 26th to 27th, the young players visiting Paris will first participate in the two-day Longines training camp. They will be familiar with the clay court environment and receive technical guidance from tennis experts. The finalists will also have the opportunity to participate in the finals on May 30th. In the exhibition match, compete with Arnold Clement.
   In 2015, Longines became the official partner and designated timekeeper of the Roland Garros French Open for the ninth consecutive year. The official timekeeper for this year’s event is a new stainless steel Compin series moon phase chronograph with an automatic mechanical movement. The ‘Longines Future Tennis Star’ event was held during the first week of the French Open.
   This year’s ‘Longines Future Tennis Star’ event will be held in China and Brazil. Longines is the official partner. The purpose of this event is to select the best young clay players in each country and help them realize their dream of participating in the Grand Slam.