Father’s Love Casts The Brave World Roger Dubuis 2017 Roger Dubuis Father’s Day Brave Choice

Father is the one who told you ‘If you have a dream, you must defend it’ in ‘When Happiness Comes To The Door’. His father is Zhu Ziqing’s pen, wearing a black cloth horse gown to support a family back. Father in our lives is either a solid guardian, a beacon to guide the way, or a spiritual sustenance. Fame and fortune can be diluted, Taishan can collapse, and there is always a great figure of his father beside him. Every man has a heroic dream in his ordinary life. The blood and family relationship between the father and the son can not be separated to form a common spiritual belief. Roger Dubuis On the occasion of Father’s Day, Roger Dubuis selects three classics of the Excalibur King series to reappear the spirit of bravery and pay tribute to fatherly love.

   Our father has always protected us. Today, let’s protect the heroic dreams in my father’s heart.
A dare to explore-no fear of challenge

   There is always a hero around us: maybe an explorer full of curiosity to explore the world, or maybe a champion athlete on the arena. Even though countless heroes can’t escape the role of father, in addition to their responsibility to the world, they must also escort and lead you forward. Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis skeleton flying tourbillon watch has a calm and tough visual sense, but exudes bravery and charm, just like the father’s responsibility in the face of world disturbances, the watch’s exquisite skeleton movement structure perfectly complements his father’s fearless Spiritual totem. The dial with black rims, the fearless spirit of the Excalibur King series, is like his father’s shoulders are broad and powerful. This solid guardian always allows us to face all difficulties.
Excalibur Spider skeleton flying tourbillon watch (model: DBEX0479)
Reference price: 1,095,000 RMB
Introverted and deep father-forward without fear

   Father is omnipotent, but whispering, using actions to teach you sincerity and tenacity, giving you courage to face the unknown. His spiritual guidance is always shining in our lives. He has always been with us, always supporting us silently. RogerDubuis Roger Dubuis classic Excalibur King series watch, like his father’s increasingly deep eyes, a firm and shining lighthouse on the way forward. Equipped with the exclusive RogerDubuis RD830 self-winding movement, a source of unlimited power, which gives us the strength of courage, derived from the father’s deep love. The silver satin sun dial has a low-key and connotative character like a father’s introverted character. The special day in life with his father is full of happy memories, and he rushes forward to the place of dreams. The hero image shines from his wrist.
Excalibur Automatic Watch in Rose Gold (Model: DBEX0538)
Reference price: 185,000 RMB
Young avant-garde father-no fear of innovation

   Countless heroic deeds have been written and numerous heroic roles have been interpreted. As a father, he is still the hero who can never be copied. His tenacity and all good qualities are related to his childhood hero who carried the whole world on his shoulders. He has the brand of heritage and innovation. Roger Dubuis Rocali Dubuis Excalibur self-winding watch, the grooved bezel and the round case of the three-pointer lug, exudes handsome and eye-catching temperament, DLC-coated titanium alloy shows a contemporary avant-garde style, everywhere embodies a The personality of the avant-garde avant-garde father, the unique RD820SQ movement, carrying amazing craftsmanship. The Excallibur self-winding skeleton watch pays tribute to our young heroes and gives his father the most unique respect.
Excalibur Automatic Skeleton Watch (Model: DBEX0473)
Reference price: 457,000 RMB

Plum Blossom Double Time Zone Display Mid-autumn Festival To Maintain The Two Places

Swiss Plum Watch Master Series Observatory Watch
Double time zone display window

 The mysterious moon has always been a common source of deep interest in Eastern and Western cultures. In the eastern story, Chang’e, the eclipse of the moon, and the literati, are homesick in the moon; in Western culture, the werewolf legend turns into a full moon, and the aliens in space residence. With observations and calculations, the conversion of the overcast and clear moons according to time is no longer an unfathomable target, but rather an important reference for fishermen to watch the tide, to understand the tide, for farmers to work in agriculture, and for experts in history. Even though modern people have recorded the trajectory of the moon phase in a more scientific way, the multiple veils of the moon are still a symbol of the heart. The Swiss Masters Series Master Chronometer watch allows you to watch the moon even if you have no time to look up at the Mid-Autumn Festival.

 The Swiss dial master series astronomical watch dial contains a lot of details. The fan-shaped day and night window at the lower left of the dial circulates the days, such as tomorrow, the bright moon, and the stars. The day and night change and the infinite universe are all within your wrist. Raising your hands is a natural asset. The elegant Geneva stripes in the center of the dial and the delicate rhombus of the outer ring echo the delicate layers between the dials; classic designs such as classic big three-pins and large date windows make this watch add practical functions in addition to the romantic day and night windows that can be displayed! The second time zone display window can set the time zone of the most important person in your heart. You do n’t forget your home / beauty every second, and you are always concerned about it. Zero time difference between the two places maintains true feelings. The wearer can see the beautiful rhythm of the movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory’s Precision Measurement Test Organization (COSC) through the transparent glass back cover. The Swiss Masters Series Master Chronometer watch is a taste of affection and elegance. US single product. This model is available in two styles: stainless steel and leather strap. Whether it is the masculine and resolute True Man Style or the gentle Gentleman Style, it is a unique fashion ‘watch’.

 TITONI Master Observatory watch, priced at NT $ 131,800.

 Swiss TITONI Master Observatory watch, priced at NT $ 130,100

 Since its establishment in 1919, Swiss Plum Watch has adhered to the belief that ‘quality is the foundation of everything’. Committed to creating quality watches, emphasizing the classic beauty of traditional timepiece values ​​and bold pursuit of innovation. The Tianxing series fully reveals the meticulous attention to detail of the Swiss plum watches. Each watch in this series represents the passion and investment of Swiss plum watches since its establishment.

Dream Into The Deep Sea, Athens Watch With 1000 Meters Waterproof Depth Of The World’s Stunning Works Debuted At The 2018 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

Super strong, super practical, high-tech, super dynamic: Athens Watch has launched a new attention-seeking model of the iconic diving series ‘DeepDive Kilometer’-an absolutely masculine, highly reliable professional diving watch, Extraordinary sports watch with rigorous technical specifications, including a helium exhaust valve and a water resistance of 1,000 meters.

   Athenian watches have long been associated with the sea. Since 1846, Athens Watch has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of innovation in fine watchmaking. The early reputation of the watch factory was based on accurate and reliable nautical astronomical timepieces. As an important navigator, these timepieces help seafarers determine longitude through astronomical navigation . The watchmaker is also known for what it has achieved underwater with its rugged, absolutely masculine diving collection.

   Like the previous Diver diving series, the ‘DeepDive Kilometer’ is also equipped with a homemade UN-320 movement, equipped with a patented silicon lever and an escape wheel. The hairspring is also made of silicon. This material is the first introduction of the Athenian watch into the world of fine watchmaking.

  In addition to a water-resistant depth of 1,000 meters (the world record diving depth is 701 meters), new technical features of this limited edition (300 pieces) masterpiece include a detachable titanium protection on the crown at 2 o’clock, and a 9 o’clock position. Helium exhaust valve, suitable for long-term deep diving or saturation diving. The rubber strap is also pioneering: it is equipped with an expandable component that can be adjusted during the dive according to the change in wrist size caused by the compression of the neoprene wetsuit. The sturdy sharp-angled case is made of titanium and features cut-edge lugs. The large bezel is equipped with 12 grooved teeth and is easy to handle with diving gloves.

   The appearance of the watch is low-key without losing its features: the dial is decorated with 15 hammerhead sharks; the back of the watch is embossed with a hammerhead shark; the side of the crown protection device is a bright red hammerhead shark swimming; the dial timer dial is also decorated with a hammer Head shark. The ‘DeepDive Kilometer’ is designed for leisure sports and all water sports enthusiasts. It is especially popular with those looking for a rugged watch, and it can also be worn when participating in high-intensity activities.

Model 3203-500LE-3 / 93-HAMMER
Limited to 300 pieces
Movement UN-320
    Self-designed and developed movement, professional certification of Athens Watch Observatory
    Silicon hairspring and anchor escapement
Power reserve about 48 hours

Winding method automatic winding movement
Functions Hour, minute, second and date display
    3 o’clock position, date window display, date adjustment before and after
    5 o’clock position, small seconds
    9 o’clock position, screw-in automatic pressure reducing valve system
Case Titanium

Bezel Anti-clockwise one-way diving chronograph bezel, titanium, partially rubberized
Dial Blue Hammerhead Shark Dial
    Luminous hands and hour markers
46 mm diameter

Crown at 2 o’clock, removable titanium crown protector
    Hammerhead Shark Pattern on Side

Water-resistant to 1000 meters

Table mirror anti-glare sapphire crystal

Case back Stainless steel, embossed hammerhead shark design

Strap Rubber strap with expansion unit (a spring that can be adjusted according to the dive depth), folding buckle

Reference price CHF12,000.-
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