Exploration Of Girard Perregaux Watches

There are no nasty smog, no crowded traffic, no crowds. In the early morning, we embarked on a wonderful journey to visit Girard-Perregaux accompanied by warm sunshine and a gentle spring wind. The time is always so short, and the one-day tour of the watch factory soon ends. When I reluctantly left the factory, my heart couldn’t be calm. This century-old top watch factory really had too many stories and countless impressions.

  I found that just one article is impossible to complete the infinite wonderful expression here, so in order to let everyone better understand this century-old watch brand, we decided to hang out our appetite first, everyone can try Answer the questions I asked, and test whether you are a senior watch enthusiast (please reply to our WeChat public account, our WeChat public account is xbiao2013), all students who get the right answer can get the watch home Girard Perregaux offers beautiful gifts!

   We first came to the Museum of Watchmaking Tools of Shang Weisha. Of course, now it is not only a museum, but also a watchmaking training experience center. Do you know the deep connection between Shang Weisha and Girard Perregaux? (Question one)
   Before we visited the factory, we were fortunate to also take a watchmaking experience course here. The content of the course is to understand the basic principles of clocks and disassemble an ordinary manual winding movement.

   Almost all table repair tools are placed on the table. The most commonly used tool is the colorful table cone. Although it is commonly used, do you know how to use the table cone correctly? (Question 2)
Do you know what the S-shaped metal in front of the watch cone is for? (Question three)
Except for the watch cone, what is this green handle tool for? (Question 4)

 This movement is the object we are going to disassemble today. Do you know the origin of this movement? (Question five)
 Behind this glass door with a printed core pattern is Girard-Perregaux’s watchmaking assembly shop.
Do you know what the square plates of brass are arranged neatly? (Question 6)
  The pearl pattern, also called fish scale pattern, is one of the polishing processes that must be possessed by the top clocks, but do you know how this pattern is polished? (Question 7)
   This is a very important process. Without it, all watches will not run smoothly. Do you know what is put in the metal sheet? (Question eight)
The balance wheel is the heart of a clock, but what is it doing? (Question 9) Of course, this is not adjustment.
This is a very simple process. What kind of liquid is in the bottom right bottle? (Question ten)
There are four different colors of substances in the plastic box. What do they do? (Question 11) Don’t tell me it’s plasticine.
   Seeing so much metal debris reminds you of a familiar scene, but I can tell you responsibly that this is definitely not a key.
There are cute smurfs on every watchmaker’s table. What does this mean? (Question 12)
   After visiting the factory, the curator of Girard Perregaux Museum also showed us an extremely fine antique pocket watch. What does the pattern on the inside of the cover represent? (Question 13)
In addition to the beautiful patterns of this pocket watch, what other important features can you see? (Question 14)
 This beautifully carved and luxurious pocket watch is one of the most important and none of Girard Perregaux. Do you know which pocket watch it is? (Question 15)
 The above is the ‘Girard-Perregaux 15 Questions’ for everyone, once again to reiterate the participation method:
1. Pay attention to the WeChat public account of Watch House, and send the answer to the official WeChat public account of Watch House: xbiao2013, and bring your ‘courier address + phone + name’ at the same time, so that we can issue prizes in time!

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 Finally, if you want to know the answer, please continue to follow the in-depth reports of Girard Perregaux.