Clear Ultimate Upanisty Rm 56-02 Sapphire Crystal Tourbillon Watch

Thinness and transparency are the two major trends of modern craftsmanship. It seems that simple and classic designs are much better than messy and complicated. Nowadays, it is also the trend of the watch industry to make watches that meet the public’s aesthetics and no shortage of brand styles. Words such as thinness and simplicity are simple to say, but it is more difficult to do. The weight of the craft material itself and the double test of the design have set a level for the brand, waiting to overcome and surpass. Richard Van Mill, the watch pioneer, created this ultra-thin, transparent sapphire crystal tourbillon watch with his cutting-edge watchmaking technology and innovative watch design. (Watch model: RM 56-02)

Continuing the classic model

RM 056 watch

   Many years ago, Richard Mille launched the RM 056 sapphire crystal tourbillon double-track chronograph. This watch is a milestone in watchmaking technology. Never before has there been a sapphire crystal. The case for such a complex case. Its sequel, RM 56-01, is even made of sapphire crystal for the base plate, plywood and three wheels. The classic part of these two watches continues on RM 56-02. In addition to using a large number of sapphire crystals to create transparent parts, it also cleverly adopts the steel cable suspension mechanical structure of RM 27-01. Not only increases the watch’s viewing degree, it also adds mechanical craftsmanship points.

Watch display

   The weight of the watch is reduced by the substrate made of sapphire crystal. The RM movement is completely suspended in the sapphire glass case. It is fixed by four specially-made four steel cables with a thickness of only 0.35mm. The device at 9 o’clock is used to adjust the cable Tight, an arrow-shaped indicator below 12 o’clock is used to show whether the entire cable structure is normal, to ensure that the movement works properly.
Everywhere in the watch is full of the wisdom of artisans

Watch case display

   The three-layer case of the watch is processed by the well-known expert Mr. Stettler who processes sapphire crystals in Lyss, Switzerland. Mr. Stettler previously worked with Richard Mille to complete the RM 56 difficult movement components, as well as the unique, wrist-like, and extremely comfortable three-layer case. Sapphire crystal is made by precipitating fine alumina crystal powder (Al2O3) in a high temperature and high pressure furnace, which makes it resistant to scratching by any material other than diamond and has excellent anti-wear properties. In the manufacturing process of RM 56-02, only the part of the watch case needs continuous processing for 40 days and nights, and then 400 hours of processing and detailed decoration are required to complete the manufacture of the movement bridge plate. The comparatively man-hour cost, it goes without saying that the technical complexity and engineering arduousness.

Watch upper circle display
   The upper and lower bezels of the watch’s dial are anti-glare treated, using two transparent nitrile rubber O-rings, and assembled with 24 grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws, with a water resistance of 30 meters. The translucent strap is made of Aerospace Nano®, a material developed exclusively for Richard Mille by Biwi SA. It brings a silky and soft touch, as if it is integrated with the skin.

The safety of the movement was handed over to the rope

Watch cable and movement display

   Based on special development and innovative design, the single braided steel cable with a diameter of only 0.35 mm suspends the RM 56-02 tourbillon movement made of grade 5 titanium alloy in the center of the sapphire crystal case. The steel cable traveling through the transparent space is as reliable as the cable on the cable car, and is fastened by 4 pulleys in the corner of the movement and 6 pulleys on the periphery of the movement. The tensioning force of the cable is controlled by the tensioner at 9 o’clock. The entire cable device is then connected to a tension indicator at 12 o’clock, so the wearer can easily check the cable tension to confirm that it just meets the timing performance requirements.

Icing on the cake

Watch movement display

   This watch is added to the original sapphire crystal movement, and the newly designed sapphire crystal barrel box and tourbillon bridge are added. Being able to complete this technological innovation just right, clear and smooth, is undoubtedly the supreme achievement of the sapphire crystal watch series, and it is the icing on the cake of the Richard Mille watch series’ top creativity and excellent craftsmanship.

Watch display
Summary: The heritage of the classic craftsmanship of the RM 56 three-generation watch, coupled with the modern aesthetics and innovative steel cable fixed watch elements, make the tourbillon watch, which is taller, more attractive. Lightweight, flexible and transparent, it is the perfect interpretation of Richard Mille’s innovative watchmaking technology. Unlike other watches, which are exquisite and luxurious, this watch exudes the breath of technology everywhere and is one of the most attractive watches in the brand’s many classic models. The RM 56-02 watch is limited to 10 pieces in the world. If you like it, you may enter the RM store to see its style.

The Beauty Of Mother’s Love Is More Than One

(April 2019, Shanghai, China) Mother’s Day came quietly in May, which was full of warmth. Rado has specially selected 4 timepieces. It takes time to remember the tolerance and greatness of motherly love, so that love has a unique way of expression and pays tribute to every great modern woman.

Pure and noble mother’s love

RADO True Thinline Star Diamond Watch
RADO Swiss Radar Real Thin Series Star Diamond Watch is presented by the brand in collaboration with the well-known Spanish designer Inma Bermudez. This watch is made of pure white high-tech ceramics, which shows the love of motherhood. Pure and noble; the watch mirror adopts the multi-faceted sapphire glass cutting technology that the brand has used since 1962, making it have a relief-like three-dimensional effect, like a diamond. The golden details are embellished, the atmosphere is simple but not simple. This watch is limited to 1,001 pieces.

Warm and tough mother’s love

RADO Swiss Radar True Thinline Stud Limited Edition

The RADO True Thinline rivet limited edition watch is jointly designed by the brand and the well-known British designer Bethan Grey. It is made of black matte high-tech ceramics, with a subtle texture pattern and charming The design elements create a sense of lightness and space in the dial; the design of the strap adds a strong contrast, and the design of black textured leather and gold rivets highlights the three-dimensional beauty, reflecting the mother’s warm and tough love. This watch is limited to 1,001 pieces.

Delicate and woven mother’s love true series hollow automatic mechanical watch

RADO Swiss Radar True Series Hollow Automatic Mechanical Watch
The True series hollow automatic mechanical watch combines the characteristics of the RADO Swiss Rado brand: a beautifully decorated Swiss automatic mechanical movement, a one-piece case, a high-tech ceramic case and bracelet, and a rich choice of colors, which highlights the brand’s material And the excellent control of design, is a model of the True series. The hollowed-out dial outlines the outlines of gear transmissions, hairsprings and movements in smooth geometric lines, highlighting the exquisite craftsmanship of power elements at a glance, just like the delicate and woven love expressed by a mother who is both inside and outside.

Tender and tolerant mother’s love Diamond Diamond watch

RADO DiaMaster Diamond Master Watch

ADORADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond Series watch is equipped with a 33 mm case, embossed calfskin strap fastens the watch to the wrist, inlaid with 49 brilliant diamonds on the dial, adding a touch of luxury. This timepiece is made of the brand’s signature material, plasma high-tech ceramics. It is light, wear-resistant and hypoallergenic, and emits the unique metallic luster of plasma high-tech ceramics. It can easily meet the needs of various social occasions. It is versatile. Wrist companion. This watch combines extraordinary beauty and long-lasting qualities, perfectly interpreting the tenderness and tolerance of motherhood.
My mother’s love is the greatest love in the world, and it is worthy of praise throughout my life. Maternal love is like a song, and it is worthy of praise for a lifetime. This year’s Mother’s Day, you will use the watch to ‘represent’ your gratitude and let your love go with your mother’s wrist every second.

Obviously Beautiful Luxury Watch With Perfect Workmanship And Functionality

Glashutte Original (Glasuti) PanoInverse XL shows the inherent beauty of the mechanical movement, it pushes extraordinary members from behind the scenes to the stage of the watch. Let inner beauty become outer beauty.
   The beauty of the PanoInverse XL is obvious-screw-in gold sleeves, each of which is fixed with three screws on a black zinc-plated three-quarter splint decorated with Glashutte Original threads, with white gold Arabic numerals, indexes and graduations And platinum hands; elegant power reserve display, and most importantly, unique double gooseneck trim.
   The silver galvanized gooseneck trimmer is assembled on the black balance bridge decorated with gold carving, and the screw balance brings a dynamic beauty to the heart of the Glashutte Original 66-04 movement.
   The eccentric pattern of the PanoInverse XL gives the double gooseneck a fine-tuning space, allowing players of mechanical watches to enjoy every element of the mechanism used to adjust the vibration and speed of the movement. Obviously, this workmanship is perfect and functional, and its beauty inspired watchmakers to redesign the movement, so that this butterfly-the double gooseneck fine-tuning-has a place in the visual center of the faceplate. You can stop for a while.
   Wanting to show the inner beauty of the movement usually only makes you look over the watch and see it through the transparent cover, but this ambitious project has to design new parts and a lot of transformation of existing parts and molds Group, the movement’s three substrates and gear sets, and the power reserve have been adapted to the new ratio.