Omega’s New Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600 Meters Diving Watch

I went to see Omega’s new product some time ago, and said that I really didn’t have enough time to go. Omega has made a lot of new products this year, and the real thing looks better than the picture. This year, Omega has launched new models from Constellation, Hippocampus, Speedmaster and Disc Flying. What impresses me most is Speedmaster and Hippocampus.

Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600 Dive Watch

Speedmaster ‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Moonshine 18K Gold

  This year’s Speedmaster “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Moonshine 18K gold replica of a specially designed Speedmaster BA145.022 released by OMEGA in 1969, basically retains the original version Made some adjustments to the material and movement.

‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch

  Another special edition of the ‘Apollo 11’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch is the blackening and laser engraving technology at 9 o’clock to show the pattern of Buzz Aldrin about to set foot on the moon It’s quite interesting.

  Today I mainly want to share with you the 600-meter diving watch of the seahorse series Ocean Universe.

  Omega’s hippocampus 300-meter diving watch was very hot last year. This year, a new model was released while the iron was hot. The material was adjusted and the timing function was added. A new hippocampus 300-meter diving watch was launched. In addition, the Hippocampus Ocean Universe 600-meter diving watch has also been updated. There are two models in total, one of which has a timing function.

  Why should I watch the 600-meter diving table of the seahorse series? After all, there are a lot to see.

The birth of the hippocampus marine universe
  During World War II, Omega provided watches to the British army, which was a win-win situation. Because watches need to have better performance, water resistance and anti-magnetic properties have strict requirements, which promoted the growth of Omega during this period. These skills provided great help to the hippocampus later. After the war, Omega quickly opened the civilian market.

1948 Omega’s first hippocampus is born
Launched the Hippocampus 300m Dive Watch in 1957

  Compared to the 300-meter diving watch of the hippocampus series, the marine universe of the hippocampus series is a big progress, appearing later. In 2005, the high-end models of the Haima series were launched, which became a new generation of luxury diving watches.

The first generation of the hippocampus marine universe watch

  The first generation of the hippocampus Ocean Universe had a total of three models at that time. The bezel was still made of aluminum with two colors: orange and black. Later the classic shape of the seahorse series of the marine universe. To be precise, the first generation of the Hippocampus Ocean Universe used the third generation 2500 movement.

   The second generation of the hippocampus Ocean Universe changed to a ceramic bezel and an 8500 movement, and a back side was also used, and a women’s watch was also introduced.

  The biggest change in the third generation of the hippocampus marine universe is the upgrade from the 8500 movement to the 8900 movement. This movement is the first OMEAS-certified MasterChronometer to reach the Observatory movement.

Good-looking design

  We also know from the above that the first generation of the hippocampus marine universe used orange elements at the time, and this eye-catching color is back this year. The orange bezel of the first generation of the Hippocampus Ocean Universe was made of aluminum, but this year’s new model uses an orange zirconia ceramic graduated ring. This material is currently pending for a patent. The texture is special and the color is better than the first. The generation is redder and the color is more moist. The scale on the bezel is also made of white ceramic and coated with a luminous coating.
  Previously, Omega used Liquidmetal ™ and enamel bezel scales. Liquidmetal ™ scales will be a little darker, and white enamel scales will be brighter and not fade.

  The Omega Seamaster Ocean Universe (men’s) has blue, gray and black dials, but the white dial is still the first (men’s and unlimited). The dial is made of white zirconia ceramic, and the Arabic numerals on the top also use orange elements. The end of the central second hand is also painted with orange lacquer. The dial looks bright, but not vulgar.

  In addition to the three-hand model, the Seahorse series Ocean Universe also released a new chronograph. This new watch is special in that it uses a ceramic titanium dial, which has a special color and texture.

  Omega’s new hippocampus Ocean Universe new bracelet is a more classic three-section bracelet in this series. The connection between the links uses Omega’s special chain axis system, which will not loosen. The buckle is an Omega patented push-pull adjustable buckle, which is more convenient to use.

  The other is an orange-gray ‘NATO’ striped strap, which is very suitable for summer.

  From the third generation of the hippocampus to the marine universe, Omega switched to the 8900 movement. This movement is certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) and has more stringent requirements than the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) certification. The COSC certification ensures that the movement’s error is controlled between -4 and +6 seconds per day, but the METAS certification requires 8 tests to expose the movement to a strong magnetic field to ensure the accuracy of the movement of the movement.

  The case back has a transparent design, and you can see the rhodium-plated automatic tourbillon and the splint, as well as the Arabian-style Geneva wave polished decoration.

  Finally, let’s talk about the price issues that everyone is more concerned about. Omega’s new watch this year will be launched in the flagship store in October. The three-steel strap model is 48500, and the three-striped strap model is cheaper, which is 46,000. Maintaining the price level of the previous Seahorse series Ocean Universe models, it should be very sought after by table friends. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)