Apple Iwatch Has Not Arrived Yet Samsung Has Launched A Smart Watch

Before Apple’s iWatch smartwatch arrived, Samsung had taken the lead. On September 4, local time, Samsung is expected to release a new generation of Galaxy Note series smartphones and smart watches GalaxyGear at the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin, Germany.
 According to industry insiders, wearable devices will become the next field of competition among tech giants as competition in the smartphone industry becomes more intense.

 Compared to the previous hot Apple iWatch, Samsung is more ‘realistic’. Li Yingxi, deputy president of Samsung Electronics ‘Wireless Division, said in March that he has been preparing for the development of watch-type smart phones, and emphasized that the key is who first puts consumers’ favorite products on the market for commercialization. In May, Samsung applied for a patent registration with the South Korean government agency on the product.
 The photos leaked on the eve of the press conference showed that Samsung’s smartwatch is more like wearing its Galaxy smartphone directly after it has been downsized. According to reports from foreign technology media VentureBeat, GalaxyGear has a 3-inch large OLED square touch screen (note: iPhone5’s screen is only 4 inches), 4 million pixel camera, battery life is 10 hours, using Android system, support Wi-Fi And Bluetooth capabilities.
 Li Yingxi described the watch as a ‘new wearable concept device’ and said that the GalaxyGear uses a non-flexible screen that can ‘enrich and enrich the existing smart mobile experience’ in many ways.
 VentureBeat enumerates a series of Samsung smart watch features, including issuing voice commands through the built-in Samsung SVoice language control function, pre-installed social media and health tracking applications, and can be connected to Samsung smart phones or tablets, supporting direct watch access Make a call (requires connection to a mobile phone), etc.
 Before the sale, Samsung’s review of this smart watch seems to have been polarized, both questioning its practical purpose and admiring the trend of future wearable devices represented by the watch, but from the current point of view, Samsung seems to absorb Learned the lesson of the previous failure-multifunctional and always online. Even if it is separated from the smartphone, the watch still has a lot of functions to use. It is conceivable that the watch can not only connect with Samsung smartphones, but also control the TV, etc. It may be the real purpose of other Samsung electronics products to improve and strengthen the Samsung product ecosystem. There is also a possibility that some analysts said that Samsung’s move was more for exhibition purposes and to show that it was a leader in the technology industry.
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Smart watch upgrade history
[Last 1980s and 1990s] Companies represented by Seiko Japan have successively launched many smart watches, or watches with electronic programming functions, which can be connected to early desktops including Apple and IBM.
[90s of last century] Including manufacturers such as Seiko, Samsung, IBM and Citizen, in the form of cooperation or independent development, successively launched so-called smart phones, but these watches independent of the Internet are short-lived.
[2004] Microsoft launched its first and only smart watch SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology), which uses FM networks to push information to home appliances with terminals, including watches, coffee machines and even refrigerators.
[2009] Samsung launched the S9110, a watch that can make calls, and LG’s GD910, but these products did not bring enough sales, and then quietly withdrew from the market.
[2010] Sony Ericsson launched the LiveView watch, which is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Although the appearance is good and the battery life is 2-3 days, but the application is few. The most important point is that after leaving the Sony Ericsson smartphone, this watch Useless.

Bulgari Supports The Global Save The Children Organization ‘rewrite The Future’

Bulgari launched an important fundraising project for the protection of children’s rights at the 125th anniversary of his foundation
Bulgari chooses to support Save the Children’s ‘Rewrite the Future’ campaign as its foundation’s first project to celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2009 . Save the Children is the largest independent multinational organization dedicated to protecting the rights of children, operating in more than 120 countries around the world.
Save the Children hopes to provide quality education to eight million children living in conflict-affected areas through the work of the ‘Rewrite the Future’ campaign.
Bulgari has decided to contribute to Save the Children. His goal is to donate 10 million euros by the end of 2009, of which one million euros will be donated by Bulgari in advance. Organization, the remaining amount will be donated one after another in the next year.

To commemorate Bulgari’s support for Save the Children, and a tribute to the company’s founder, Sotirio Bulgari, as a silversmith, Bulgari has specially designed a symbolic event for this event. Silver ring with the Save the Children logo on the inside.
This ring will be sold from February 1st to December 31st, 2009, in all Bulgari Bulgari stores around the world, in some selected department stores, and in Bulgari in the United States. Available on e-commerce sites for € 290 / $ 290, of which € 50 / $ 60 will be used for donations.
In addition to this ring, Bulgari will also launch a collection of collections consisting of fifteen exquisite jewellery and eight top watches with a total value of about three million euros. This series will be officially listed in Rome on June 4, 2009. The listing event will be held during a retrospective exhibition entitled ‘Between Eternity and History between History and the Afterlife’, this exhibition by Palazzo delle Esposizioni is also organized to commemorate the 125-year history of the Bulgari brand.
This jewellery and watch series will be exhibited at Bulgari’s global high-end events, and finally will occupy an important position in the auction held in New York in December 2009, and the entire amount of his auction proceeds is Will be donated to Save the Children.
All actions related to this event will be non-profit for Bulgari Group.
To date, many celebrities have decided to support this operation, including Julianne Moore, Benicio Del Toro, Ben Stiller, Sally Field, Sting, Willem Dafoe, Rosario Fiorello, Gabriele Muccino, Jason Lewis, Andy Garcia, Valeria Golino, Fabrizio Ferri.
Bulgari Bulgari Group CEO Francesco Trapani commented on the action: ‘For Bulgari Bulgari, to be part of history and to be able to do something to bring more room for development for the future of the poor To promote historical change, this is the best way for us to celebrate the 125th anniversary. Therefore, the company is actively working on the ‘Rewrite the Future’ activity, and I really feel that Pleased. The ‘Rewrite the Future’ project coincides with Bulgari’s persistent commitment to actively funding the education of young people worldwide. ‘
Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Secretary-General of the Global Save the Children Coalition for the Protection of Children, said, ‘We are very pleased to announce Bulgari as our global partner. Their efforts and support for education are the most valuable way to help them. The lives of children in areas where there is constant fighting have changed dramatically. ‘
Source: Bulgari