Zenith Presents The Mid-autumn Watch With A Silver Moon Flowing Around The Wrist

When the crescents of August gradually filled and faded away, the silver moonlight made people’s homesickness feel deeper and deeper. Zenith recommends the commander’s big date moon phase men’s watch and the heritage ultra-thin women’s moon phase watch. The silver-clad dial reflects the bright moon, and records every minute of family reunion.

Zenith presents Mid-Autumn Watch for Mid-Autumn Watch

When the crescent of August gradually filled and faded away, the silver moonlight made people’s homesickness feel deeper and deeper. The end of the mother’s eyes, the side of the father’s lips, the lover’s tears … are the traces of time slipping away quietly, and the softest feeling in the bottom of my heart. Zenith recommends the Commander’s Big Date Moon Phase Men’s Watch and a heritage ultra-thin women’s moon phase watch. The silver-clad dial is set against the bright moon, and every minute of family reunion is carefully recorded.
The most beautiful is not the reunion of people and the moon, Zenith is looking forward to working with you to appreciate the Mid-Autumn Festival Silver Moon.

Zenith Commander Big Date Moon Phase Watch (Stainless Steel)

Commander Big Date Moon Phase Watch
Zenith’s moon phase display models reproduce the star cycle at night on the dial-new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, second quarter moon. The noble embodiment of classic watchmaking, ultra-thin automatic watch with large date and moon phase display, an original movement completely developed and manufactured by the watch factory. The dial is pure and silvery, which highlights the toughness of the cold moon, and the simple design of the stainless steel case reflects the man’s smart and elegant temperament. The moon phase display is in the display window at 6 o’clock, while the date display is at 1:30. The Commander Grand Date Moon Phase is available in two styles: a ‘Paris stud’ silver dial with a stainless steel or 18K rose gold case. All outstanding performance, reliability and precision are combined in an elegant geometric case, equipped with 228 components, and vibrating at 28,800 times per hour. The commander’s big date moon phase watch brings the moon to the dial, presenting you a chic Mid-Autumn Festival.

Zenith Heritage Ultra-thin Women’s Moon Phase Watch

Heritage ultra thin women’s moon phase watch
Zenith always pays attention to women’s expectations, and designs watches that combine winning techniques and sophisticated aesthetics. The dual focus on high technical standards and aesthetics continues to encourage Zenith watchmakers to design women’s watches. The 33mm diameter ultra-thin case of the ultra-thin women’s moon phase watch is made of stainless steel, showing a gentle and feminine charm; the dial of the style is dazzling, and the white mother-of-pearl is as soft and warm as the moon, and the bezel-inlaid 72 A beautiful diamond surrounds the 11 diamonds in the dial, which is like the stars at night. Excellence in decoration and jewellery does not imply a compromise in watchmaking technology: these timepieces are driven by an automatic 692 automatic movement and are equipped with extremely feminine complications at six o’clock The position shows the moon phase. Inheriting the ultra-thin women’s moon phase watch, the moonlight gently gathers on the dial, sending the most affectionate greetings of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Year Of The Rooster Has Reached The Blancpain Chinese Calendar Year Of The Rooster Watch

At the beginning of the new year, Blancpain has launched a limited edition of the Chinese series of Villeret classic year calendars with the elements of the Chinese zodiac. At 12 o’clock on the front of the dial, the spirited rooster is standing on the flawless large fire enamel dial window in a vigorous posture, striving for the New Year.

   The Blancpain Chinese Calendar is a limited edition of the Year of the Rooster, which once again combines high-end watchmaking with traditional Chinese elements. If you taste it carefully, you can see that the rotating rooster-shaped oscillating weight has a subtle harmonic sound of ‘turning machine’, which is the auspicious sign of ‘new year praying’ in traditional Chinese culture. The auspicious rooster totem implying the fortune is coming to life. It automatically winds up with the swing of the wrist watch, and in the vigorous momentum, welcomes the year of good luck that is suddenly bright and cheerful.

   Blancpain has always paid tribute to the long-established traditional Chinese culture. It has even shown its masterpieces in timepieces, freehand aesthetics, folk legends and other oriental elements.

   Today, tourbillon watches usually have more than 200 parts. This Chinese calendar is equipped with a 3638 automatic movement, consisting of 464 parts set with 39 gems, and a power reserve of up to 7 days. The watch is complex in craftsmanship and exquisite in technology. It perfectly presents many time elements without periodic patterns on the dial.