Tag Heuer Carlisle Heritage Series Lands Strongly In China

In 2011, TAG Heuer brought Carrera HERITAGE to China, and it was highly appreciated in the industry for its transcendence in space and design and its concise style. Very popular with watch and racing lovers. It is worth mentioning that this new watch is based on the 1945 Carrera watch, while following the original taste of TAG Heuer retro style, adding many modern elements, highlighting that it is completely different from the ordinary chronograph Different elegance.

Tag Heuer Carrera Heritage Collection Cal 6 Rose Gold
  In 1963, Edward & bull; son of TAG Heuer & mdash; Jack & bull; TAG Heuer began to create a chronograph designed for drivers and racing enthusiasts. As a lifelong enthusiast of motorsport, he knows what his customers want: a dial with a wide field of vision, an easy-to-read dial, and a rugged, shock-resistant and waterproof case for driving. The next year, in 1964, he introduced a manually wound mechanical chronograph and named it Carrera.

First Carrera chronograph
  Carrera stands for passion, adventure, and heroism in Spanish. The name comes from a legendary racing race in the 1950s, which took 5 days and traveled 3,300 kilometers to reach Carrera, Mexico. Carrera Pan Americana. This was the most famous and dangerous endurance race of the time.
 The Carrera series is undoubtedly the proud work of Jack & Bull; the elegant and simple dial design has made the Carrera series a great success and opened the golden age for TAG Heuer.
  TAG Heuer’s pace of innovation has never stopped. In the 21st century, racing is still the eternal source of inspiration for the Carrera series, and the development of watchmaking technology has also promoted the development of motorsport. It can be said that TAG Heuer’s pioneering position in racing chronology is unparalleled. The latest example is the Carrera 1887 chronograph launched last year. It uses TAG Heuer’s first self-made movement. It was selected as the best of the year in the 2010 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards. Best Watch Award.
 This year, the Carrera Heritage series of watches and chronographs, which combines the spirit of innovation and watchmaking tradition, are presented classically, highlighting the century-old charm of the Carrera series.

TAG Heuer Carrera 1887
 Carrera Heritage inherits 150 years of TAG Heuer’s watchmaking tradition, perfectly interpreting the most classic racing timepieces. This is not simply a retro, but a classic reproduction: the classic design of the golden age of the watchmaking industry has been completely reinterpreted, and the addition of new elements brings to life Heuer’s century-old innovative spirit. The polished case and monochrome TAG Heuer logo are smooth and shiny. Some watch models use dark blue polished hands. It is worth mentioning that the shape of the hands almost restores the elegant style of TAG Heuer. The dial is adorned with delicate retro radiate (flinqu & eacute;) engravings. The dial’s flange and chronograph use the classic minute scale. The convex polished Arabic numerals can be traced back to the early data of the Tag Heuer Archives: a 1945 TAG Heuer. The design of the buttons, numbers, crown and scales is inspired by this watch.

Tag Heuer Carrera Heritage Cal 16 Chronograph

Omegavalentine’s Day Bright Eyes Love

It is often said that love is not something to talk about, usually it must be proved in practice. On Valentine’s Day this year, OMEGA has prepared a few good ideas for you to help you actually express the importance you attach to the most special person in your heart and make him (her) never forget.
A gift to her love

   Choose a timepiece that is as immortal as your love and give it to you: the stainless steel and 18K rose gold Ladymatic watch, the 18K rose gold disc flying Prestige watch or the 18K rose gold seahorse Aqua Terra 150M watch. The 34mm case of the exquisite two-tone Ladymatic watch with snowflake-shaped diamond bezel. The wavy lines on the side of the case give a glimpse of the white ceramic body inside. , Inlaid with 11 brilliant diamond scales. The heart of this watch is the OMEGA Co-Axial Calibre 8520, which is visible through the wear-resistant sapphire crystal case back. The timeless and elegant 36.8mm disc flying Prestige watch uses a chic silver dial with diamond-set logos and gold Roman numerals. The power source of this model is the coaxial escapement 2500 movement. The 38.5mm Hippocampus Aqua Terra 150M watch has a dazzling diamond-set bezel and mother-of-pearl dial, driven by the revolutionary master coaxial escapement 8501 movement. For women who prefer a watch with outstanding innovation and moving beauty It is the perfect gift.
Give him a classic gift

   OMEGA recommends gifts for the most important man in your life, 18K white gold disc fly Trésor watch, stainless steel disc fly Prestige watch or Speedmaster ‘Gray Face of the Moon’ watch. Both disc flying timepieces have a classic, low-key design that can perfectly match any clothing or style. Both watches are equipped with black leather straps and are driven by advanced mechanical movements. Model. The Disci Trésor watch uses a manually wound antimagnetic OMEGA master coaxial escapement 8511 movement, while the appearance of the Speedmaster ‘Gray Face of the Moon’ watch is obviously a predecessor: the Speedmaster professional watch is inspired by design. This model uses a sand-blasted 950 platinum dial. The color of the case is changed from white to metallic gray. It is definitely one of the most innovative works in the OMEGA model. Any of these three masterpieces of mechanical timepieces guarantees that he will look at your face every time he looks at his wrist and every minute and minute of the fine watch record.
Dazzling love
   If you want something more intimate and touching on Valentine’s Day this year, what you need most is a special gift-not only to be a part of this moment, but also an affectionate memory you will always share with your special object. OMEGA recommends the 18K white gold Dewdrop engagement diamond ring. This single diamond ring uses three low-key ‘prongs’ to hold a dazzling 0.53 carat pear-shaped diamond. The shape inspired by dewdrops makes this jewellery masterpiece full of sensuality and femininity, and it is the perfect gift to express your love!