Presidential Table’ Originally Came Like This

Playing a watch, not only the appearance, design, skills, ingenuity, but also the stories and feelings behind the watch. In the history of watches and clocks, there have been countless legends that make people talk. Among them, one of the most mysterious legends is undoubtedly the ‘disappearing 11 watches’. These 11 watches are worn by celebrities and have their own special stories. But without exception, today’s whereabouts are unknown. As long as one can be found, it must be sky-high. And just a while ago, one of the ’11 pieces’ was claimed to have been found, and that was-the Rolex GMT worn by legendary filmmaker Marlon Brando. The Rolex of Marlon Brando So in addition to this Rolex, what other watches have entered the mysteriously disappearing ’11’ list? Picasso: Jia Jia’s Three Calendars As one of the most famous artists in history, Picasso should be familiar to everyone. Yousuf Karsh, a well-known portrait photographer, once took a picture of Picasso. In the picture, he can see that he wears a Jaeger-LeCoultre calendar. In addition, Picasso also wore a Rolex GMT-Master. Unfortunately, both watches are now missing. Queen of Naples: Treasure According to legend, the first watch in history was indirectly ‘created’ by Napoleon’s sister Caroline Murat. Everyone used pocket watches at that time. She commissioned Breguet to create a ‘pocket watch that can be worn on the hand’, and the watch was born. Because Mullah later married Napoleon’s brave general Georgimo Mullah, who later became King of Naples, Mullah was also known as Queen of Naples. Queen of Naples Now, Queen of Naples has become the name of Breguet’s classic watch. But the ‘first watch’ created and worn by the true Queen of Naples in history has been unknown. It is reported that the last time it appeared was sent by the Queen herself to Baodi for after-sales service, and she has since lost track of it, leaving only some records in the archives. It is said that now the boss of the Swatch Group, the Hayek family, is also trying to find it. Malone Brando: Rolex This is a Rolex GMT worn by the legendary movie star Marlon Brando in the film Modern Apocalypse. Brando is one of the greatest actor in the world’s film history, and ‘Modern Apocalypse’ also has an important classic status. The aura of the two superimposed makes the value of this labor amazing. Linchi Stills This Rolex was rediscovered last week and will be auctioned off after decades of disappearance. It is reported that Brando gave it to his daughter’s family in the 1990s and has been kept secret to this day. The special feature of this watch is that the GMT bezel was removed by Brando, and its name was engraved on the back of the watch, adding to its uniqueness. Henry Graves: Patfield Philippe Henry Graves is a famous American banker, rich and collector at the beginning of the last century. Make. For example, one of his Patek Philippe supercomplexity pocket watches had a sky-high price of about 130 million yuan in 2014, setting a world record at the time. No real picture now In addition to this record-setting pocket watch, Henry Graves is rumored to own a Patek Philippe complex astronomical pocket watch worth no less than that, but his whereabouts are unknown, only Appeared in the atlas. In 2012, the box of this legendary complex astronomical pocket watch was auctioned publicly, and only one box sold for $ 30,000! Based on this, some people have speculated that the person who photographed the box must know the whereabouts of the watch. Paul Newman: Rolex I believe this watch should not need me to introduce it again, every tablemate should be very familiar-Paul Newman Daytona. It can be said that this watch has directly affected the watch market in the last century to the present, and the influence is still continuing. Strictly speaking, Paul Newman Daytona is not a ‘missing’ watch. Everyone can more or less vaguely guess its whereabouts, but no one is destined to see it. Aldrin: Omega Speedmaster The story of Omega Speedmaster’s moon landing should be familiar to everyone. In 1969, US astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin wore Omega Speedmasters to the moon, but Armstrong eventually left the watch in the lunar module and did not wear it; Aldrin wore the watch Moon. Therefore, Aldrin, not Armstrong’s Speedmaster, is a veritable moon watch. Unfortunately, after the successful landing on the moon, Armstrong’s Speedmaster became famous, but Aldrin’s Speedmaster disappeared mysteriously. Some say it was stolen. So far, some people have claimed that this Speedmaster is in their hands, but in the end they have not been certified by the authority and left it alone. Jean Claude Keely: Rolex Jean Claude Keely, a German ski master, competed in the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympic Men’s Alpine Ski Race Zhonglian won three gold medals. Elected member of the International Olympic Committee in 1995. Formerly chaired the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics Coordination Committee. He also has a proven track record in business and is a director of Coca-Cola and Rolex. Don’t look at the Chinese people know very little about him, but he is very famous abroad. Killie is both a Rolex director and Rolex’s life ambassador. It is said that he likes to wear a Rolex 6036 three-calendar chronograph (produced in the 1940s). For this reason, the Rolex brand deliberately named this model of the three-calendar chronograph (referred to as ‘Keely’ table’). Unfortunately, the ‘Keely Watch’ worn by Killie himself was given to a friend as a wedding gift, and no one has ever known its whereabouts. John Lennon: Packet Philippe The John Lennon of The Beatles doesn’t need to know how famous he is anymore. In one photo, Lennon was photographed to get a Patek Philippe 2499. According to rumors, this is a 40th birthday gift from his wife Yoko Ono. Patek Philippe 2499, known as the ‘King of Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar’, is a good watch among good watches, highly sought after by collectors. If it’s Lennon, it’s even more fueling. I don’t know what the price will be. Unfortunately, this watch is also missing. Castro: Rolex Castro, the legendary Cuban leader who has been opposed to the United States all his life, is also a famous labor fan, and was photographed on many occasions Rolex. Castro wears a lot of Lao styles, including GMT, DJ, etc., but no one knows where these watches go. According to common sense, it should be left to his family. Myers Davis: Breitling Myers Davis is one of the most famous jazz musicians in history, nicknamed ‘Prince of Darkness’. Unlike the others above, the watch he wears is relatively ‘friendly’ and is Breitling Navitimer. Of course, this Breitling is also missing. Johnson: Rolex Lyndon Baines Johnson is the 36th president of the United States. Speaking of his achievements, the Chinese may not know much; but when it comes to his relationship with Rolex, it is quite interesting-the title of ‘Presidential Table’ was created directly because of him. Johnson loves wearing a Rolex gold DD with a hidden buckle. In his tenure, Rolex ads began to appear with the word ‘President’s Watch.’ Since then, people have called this DD worn by President Johnson ‘Presidential Watch’. However, this watch is still missing. Speaking of which, have you found a rule that most of the ’11’ are Rolex? Presumably everyone now understands why Rolex has become a status symbol and its status cannot be shaken? It is just this culture and feelings that other brands cannot match. It is expected that this ’11 mysteries of watches’ will be solved one day. Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch

Inheriting The Classic Elite Watch Tasting Zenith

In today’s watch industry, there are countless complicated models. Of course, there are still watch fans who like watches with simple dials and functions. Zenith’s ELITE series watches adhere to the pursuit of elegance, inherit the classics and continue to develop the classics. Pursue the elegant wearing experience with simple design and function is the creative concept of this series. This watch tasting today is model 03.2022.670 / 38.C498.

full image

   The overall feel of this watch is simple. Due to technical limitations, the initial production of wristwatches was limited in the development of wristwatch functions. As the technology matured, the functions of wristwatches continued to increase, but the only constant feature was always the traditional time reading function. Watches and clocks are used as a reference for the passage of time. They are often used to accurately judge the pros and cons. It is difficult to imagine a watch with complicated functions but slowing down a few minutes a day. Loyalty to tradition is actually the inheritance and development of watch technology. Simplicity may be a way to ignore the impetuous heart, and it is also the best way to pay tribute to tradition and classics.


   Around the crown is a circle of gear patterns, with Zenith’s signature star on the top.


   Brown alligator strap with rubber-protected lining. Hand-stitched and sturdy, the use of rubber lining makes wearing more comfortable.


   Unlike the case polishing, the lugs are brushed. The balanced texture brings aesthetics, and at the same time, it can also bring out the smooth texture of the case.


   The traditional Buckle buckle is consistent with the simple concept advocated by the watch as a whole. But simplicity also guarantees safety.


   The steel case and lugs are treated in two different ways. The former is polished and the latter is brushed. The two different treatments make this watch look more layered. The diameter is 40 mm and the thickness is 8.15 mm. The mirror is made of curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal. The round silver dial is decorated with a sun pattern. The dial is marked with railroad tracks from the outside to the inside. The rhodium-plated and faceted Arabic numerals are used. The twelve o’clock direction is the Zenith logo. With date display window. The hands are also rhodium-plated and faceted. Without complicated functions, this watch looks very simple and elegant.

Case back

   The back cover of the watch is transparent and made of transparent sapphire. The penetrating design allows us to see the movement and related mechanical equipment of the watch intuitively. Equipped with an Elite 670 automatic winding movement, the movement diameter is 25.60 mm, thickness is 3.47 mm, a total of 144 parts used, 27 gems. The frequency of vibration is 28,800 times per hour, providing a power reserve of no less than 50 hours. The pendulum is decorated with ‘Geneva Ripple’. At the same time, Zenith also hollowed out the pendulum and carved the iconic star on the pendulum.
Summary: In the EL PRIMERO, ACADEMY, ELITE, PILOT and STAR series of Zenith, the dial of ELITE seems very simple. Compared with other series, it is either superb watchmaking craftsmanship, flagship precision, or attention to female users. ELITE takes simplicity as the design concept and extreme elegance as the design concept and pursuit. While retaining the functions of the watch, it provides the wearer with a modern and stylish wearing experience.