Beijing Evening News Launches Official Timed Heritage Long March Spirit

Beijing Evening News cooperates with Beijing Watch to carefully build the 80th Anniversary of the Red Army’s Long March victory. This year is the 80th anniversary of the Red Army’s Long March victory. In order to better inherit the spirit of the Long March, the Beijing Evening News today launched the ‘Red Star’ special issue. At the same time, the Beijing Evening News for the first time combined with Beijing Watch’s elaborately crafted 80th anniversary of the Red Army Long March victory watch won the ‘Red Star’ special interview team official timing.

Praise the Long March Limited Collection

    To pay tribute to the spirit of the Long March, the 80th Anniversary Watch of the Red Army’s Long March victory is the first time that Beijing Evening News has launched a collection of cultural and creative products in addition to the founding of newspapers 58 years ago. The commemorative watch is limited to 800 pieces (stainless steel 600 pieces and 200 gold-plated models). The back of the watch is silk-screened with the words ’80th Anniversary of the Red Army’s Victory in the Long March’. The red small seconds hand and the red stitching on the strap all pay tribute to the Red Army Long March spirit with red elements.

    The ‘Tiananmen’ logo appears at 12 o’clock on the dial, which is both a national symbol and a great meaning of revolutionary victory. It very closely reflects the theme of tribute to the victory of the Red Army Long March. At the same time, this watch continues the classic Beihai series onion crown, butterfly clasp, and simple round case, which meets the oriental aesthetic needs. In order to thank the Beijing Evening News readers for their trust and support over the years, the Beijing Evening News additionally customized a limited edition collection set for readers to sell with the watch. In the set, the Red Army Long March poems carved ebony wood ruler, limited collection card, and watch eyepieces.

Entrusting the ‘Beijing’ Feelings

    ‘Beijing, the capital, Tiananmen’-this is the longing of generations. The Beijing brand watch was one of the ‘three big pieces’ of that era, and pinned the Beijing feelings of many people. Founded in the same year, Beijing Watch and Beijing Evening News have an inextricable bond. In the 58 years since its establishment, Beijing Watch has unremittingly pioneered its own national brand. In 1995, Beijing Watch independently developed the ‘China Tourbillon’ watch, which became the first tourbillon watch to be launched in mainland China, thus turning over the first page of highly complex watchmaking in mainland China and leading Chinese watchmakers. Efforts to develop more sophisticated, more sophisticated, more exquisite craftsmanship.

    The Beijing Evening News in conjunction with Beijing Watch carefully crafted the 80th Anniversary Watch of the Red Army’s Long March victory, using Beijing New Beihai Mechanical Movement B18, which inherits 3/4 classic splint structure, gold sleeves, gooseneck trimming and other advanced watchmaking techniques. The polishing, assembling and adjustment of each movement are done by hand by Beijing watch senior craftsmen, which contains humanity and ingenuity. The watch mirror is anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, the large size sapphire crystal glass is transparent, and the movement is exquisite at a glance. It can be called the national famous timepiece.

    At present, the 80th Anniversary Watch of the Red Army’s Long March victory is being exclusively sold at Beijing Evening News, an official newspaper platform of Beijing Evening News. The gold-plated model is priced at 3980 yuan, and the stainless steel model is priced at 3680 yuan. The first 50 gold-plated and stainless steel models are basically sold out. Interested readers please call 96060 ext. 3 as soon as possible.