50-year Warranty Is Not Bad ‘carbon’ Body Panerai 佩纳海 700

Every year, there is a constant law in watch exhibitions-tradition seeks innovation, but the Panerai Lab-ID launched at the 2017 watch exhibition, from the materials used in the models to the interior The parts of the movement are all innovations. They are simply high-tech watches of the future, and the movement only uses four ruby ​​bearings. Panerai even issued a rhetoric saying that Lab-ID provides a fifty-year warranty and a super crazy declaration. It is not groundless.

In addition to the ’50-year warranty’ guarantee, the movement uses DLC-coated (diamond-like carbon coating) gears, silicon escapements, and the most exclusive Panerai exclusive low-friction material parts, which can greatly reduce the general movement. High dependence on fulcrum friction. This exclusive material is a masterpiece developed by Panerai for nearly four years. It is reported that this material contains a high proportion of carbon and ceramics derived from Tanzanian metal, so it has ‘no lubricant for fifty years.’ With the announcement of a limited price of 50 pieces and a pricing strategy of about US $ 50K, these three ’50’ records are enough to make it the most difficult Xiaopei to buy in 2017!

Each gear of the P.3001 / C movement has a DLC coating (diamond-like carbon coating). In addition to being sturdy beyond the specifications of a general movement, it also does not require ordinary liquid lubricants to maintain operation; it can also be seen from the case back To a few four ruby ​​bearings, each bearing is also added with DLC coating technology, which effectively improves the friction resistance

Feature 1: High-tech future product P.3001 / C movement
In fact, the concept of this movement no-wash oil has been heard from Cartier’s ID One and ID Two, but Panerai’s most fierce is to convert this nearly conceptual watch design into a formal limited commercial model, Therefore, Panerai is really crazy, because at the same time when it is released, it means that Panerai is not afraid of passing the test of the market. Under the guarantee of the three ’50s’, what is so special about this movement? In fact, the focus is on weakening a large number of ruby ​​bearings, because the general movement needs to wash oil. This is why the specifications of the 20-30 ruby ​​bearings of the ordinary movement have been weakened to 4 bearings. Do n’t forget that Panerai is a material. Crazy, so the splint, bridge and barrel of the movement are made of high-tech composite fabrics mainly based on ‘carbon’, and are made of ceramic materials made of tanned metal. Finally, each gear is plated with special DLC. Coating, this coating is not only anti-friction, but also does not require lubricant, plus the silicon escapement of the table is very compact, this first fifty records (50 years of lubrication-free, 50-year warranty), and finally completed.

Blu-ray luminous paint is quite rare in Panerai watches. The extreme black face plate with nano carbon tube greatly enhances the characteristics of these two designs and the excellent modern appearance.

Feature two: The deep black face plate made of carbon nanotubes
The altar has a new revolution every year. In fact, the nano carbon tube is used as a faceplate. It has also been seen in the S110 Vantablack of MCT before. Know how to use the advantages of design, maybe some watch fans are not familiar with the material of nano carbon tube. Simply put, the faceplate made of this material can absorb nearly 99.96% of the visible light waves of the earth. Does not reflect, so unlike other altar tables, which emphasize the extreme black material, it will reflect light. Using carbon nanotubes, you will only see an endless darkness like the deep ocean, but Panerai is more based on this material. Design-that is, using blue luminous paint, the extreme black contrast is extremely bright, especially the blue luminous paint is a minority in Panerai watches, so this Lab-ID Xiaopiao has completely constituted the most sought-after in the market conditions of!

Carbotech’s carbon fiber case manufacturing technology has evolved from PAM00616 to PAM00661, and even the PAM00700 introduced this time has reached an extremely sophisticated and delicate embossed pattern. With the high-tech movement built-in, it can be described as a seamless and clever work.

Feature 3: Unique Carbon Fiber
Carbotech carbon fiber is not the first time in Panerai watches, but the use of Lab-ID constitutes the only rare reason for it. In 2015, PAM00616 was the first time Panerai used this material. At that time, the embossing was slightly rough, but later it developed into the PAM00661. It became more detailed, because Panerai became more proficient in the production of Carbotech carbon fiber watch body. The reason why this carbon fiber composite material is particularly rare is that it is through Carbon fiber flakes are polymerized one by one under high pressure, so the embossing is different for each polymerization, which also makes a careful study of the texture of each watch body. There are subtle differences, not so much as a limit of 50. Here With the addition of this technology, each watch is actually unique in appearance!

Lab-ID Luminor 1950 Carbontech Watch PAM00700

Carbotech carbon fiber material / P.3001 / C manual winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / table diameter 49mm / limited to 50 only