Roving Exhibition Of Lange 1815 Series From Pocket Watches To Watches Held In Beijing

On August 8, 2013, German top watch brand A. Lange & Söhne (Lange) held a pocket watch to a watch: Lange 1815 series at the Wempe watch store in Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland Itinerant exhibition, watch house was invited to attend, through this exhibition let us fully understand the evolution of the 1815 series.

 1815 was the founder of the A. Lange & Söhne brand, the birth year of Mr. Ferdinand A. Lange, 1845, a talented watchmaker only 30 years old In order to commemorate Mr. Lange’s contribution, Mr. Lange founded the Lange Watch Factory in the town of Glashütte. From July to August this year, Lange exhibited many masterpieces of pocket watches in Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai.

 This pocket watch was released in 1927 and can be said to be the best in this exhibition. Although it is not covered by glass, it cannot be photographed, touched, and only allowed to see.

 Although this watch antique pocket watch is a simple function pocket watch, in addition to having typical German watch features such as gold sleeves, blue steel screws, gooseneck trimming, and spiral polished steel wheels, it also used at the time The most advanced watchmaking technology and technology, such as bimetal compensation screw balance, Breguet winding blue steel hairspring, diamond balance stone, in addition, its gilt sandblasted plywood decoration and hand lettering also This table adds a lot of color.

 This rose gold ladies pocket watch was released in 1900. In addition to the exquisite hands, the metal decoration on the fired dial is a very difficult process even now.

This men’s pocket watch was released in 1882 with a carved splint and diamond balance stone.

 This rose gold lady’s pocket watch was also released around 1900. It is also a very difficult process to burn red on the dial. The firing method is similar to the ‘glaze red’ fired in China.

The case of this watch is all beautifully carved, I don’t know what it feels like.

This gold pocket watch was released in 1939 and features a silver dial and a power reserve display.

 Lange’s 1815 watch series was launched in 1995. The design of this series draws on many classic elements of Lange’s pocket watches, such as Arabic numerals, track scales and small seconds. This watch is the first 1815 model in history with a diameter of 35.9 mm.

The 1815’s power reserve has the same design as a pocket watch, with a diameter of 35.9 mm.

The moon phase 1815 watch of the Big Dipper is limited to 250 pieces. The current auction price of this watch is 4.5 times the original price.

This chronograph with pulsometer function was born in 2004 with flyback timing.

This is the 1815 entry model currently on sale. It was launched in 2009 and has expanded to 40 mm in diameter.

This 1815 chronograph has a power reserve of 60 hours and is equipped with a chronograph movement that is claimed to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

 This year Lange presents the most complicated dual-chronograph perpetual calendar watch in the series. It is the first watch of this series to be so complicated. It is also the world’s first to adopt a dual-gullion-wheel movement. Watch, it is also a watch with perpetual calendar function until 2100 need to adjust the day, but I can’t seem to wait for the year to adjust it …

 I have always used surprise to describe Lange, because the beauty of Lange movement is a truth. It is beyond doubt that apart from polishing and decoration, only the plywood of Lange movement can present unique champagne in the world. Gold color, the copper-nickel-zinc splint used by Lange has no plating, so when this metal is oxidized in contact with air, it will form a kind of paste-like substance, so it has this unique color . I also want to remind the watch players who like DIY here, do not touch the splint with your hand, because it will leave a permanent ‘imprint’ on it … (Picture / text / photo watch home fur strong)

Moon Phase Large Seconds Watch: Swiss Special Edition A Masterpiece Of Fine Minerals And Romantic Moon Phases

The new watch incorporates exquisite ore mined from the steep cliffs of Matterhorn in Switzerland.

   If the development of watchmaking originates from astronomy, then the moon plays a vital role in it. It allows the ancients to understand the preliminary division of time and the change of the four seasons throughout the year, so that it can feel the time slowly passing by the ancient and constant rhythm, and further clarify the understanding of the concept of time and time.

   The moon (new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, second quarter moon) that appears cloudy and lacking with time, gives the watchmaking technique a romantic and poetic element. It injects the gentle and watery characteristics of this mysterious star into a sophisticated and complicated mechanical mechanism. Although this is the closest satellite to the earth, it still contains many unknown secrets. The Dark Side of the Moon has always been one of the most elusive secrets in space exploration.

   Integrating the moon phase function into the GrandeSeconde watch means that Jaquet Droz must ingeniously present the two major characteristics of precision and poetry, while at the same time faithfully retaining the brand’s signature ‘8’ shape aesthetic elements. Therefore, the brand chose to place the moon phase at the center of the perpetual calendar display of the large seconds dial. In this way, the interconnected calendar and moon phase functions are combined through technical means, while at the same time ensuring that the dial retains the original design aesthetics. The addition of the moon phase function has allowed Jaquet Droz to design dials with different levels, giving the watch a new depth and depth. The brand has specially developed the ‘135 mechanism’ (Mécanisme 135) complex function, which can offset the conventional error caused by the 59-tooth drive gear (an error of about one day occurs every two years and eight months), allowing the movement to run accurately and continuously for 122 years. . The ‘astronomical’ moon phase can be adjusted by the correction button set at 8 o’clock on the case.

   The GrandeSecondeMoonSwissSerpentinite watch continues on this design concept and innovates in two areas: First, it chooses serpentine to create the dial. Serpentine is a kind of rock with a texture like snake scales, which has a serpentine texture. Skin-like slightly rough and undulating touch. This rock is hard and fragile and must be cut by skilled Jaquet Droz craftsmen. These skilled craftsmen, with infinite patience and tenacity, research and develop day and day, and finally design a brand new mineral dial for the brand ‘8’ shape watch. These ingenious creations show the natural and beautiful luster of ore or gemstone, which show the charming charm of the earth treasure.

   The Swiss Serpentine Moon Phase Large Second Hand (GrandeSecondeMoonSwissSerpentinite) is no exception. The unique Swiss serpentine has been added to elevate the aesthetics of the work to a new dimension. This ore comes from the steep cliffs of Matterhorn in Switzerland, not far from the famous Hörnli hut. This legendary alpine camp has been widely known since the end of the nineteenth century. In 1865, the first climbers set out from here to conquer Matterhorn. This 43mm-diameter serpentine moon phase large second hand watch (GrandeSecondeMoon) is specially made for Switzerland, and the brand pays high respect to its country and the famous Matterhorn. The majestic and mysterious Matterhorn is a globally recognized symbol of Switzerland, and it also symbolizes Jaquet Droz’s continuous crossover of technical boundaries to climb the peak of fine watchmaking. This limited number of 88 Swiss The GrandeSecondeMoonSwissSerpentinite Serpentine Moon Phase embodies a unique brand concept.