Panerei Luminor 1950 Series Tourbillon Time Titanium Pam00578 Watch

Panerai’s The Laboratorio di Idee watch factory in Neuchâtel has always been pursuing breakthrough new technology as its mission, and is committed to giving Panerai watches more outstanding functions, while adhering to the unique style of the brand. One of the masterpieces born here, ‘Lo Scienziato’, is a watch series equipped with a skeleton tourbillon movement. It aims to pay tribute to the genius Galileo who was born in Tuscany and praises his great scientific discovery that led to the development of mechanical timing technology. The latest release of the series is Lo Scienziato – Luminor 1950 TourbillonGMT Titanio Special Edition, with only 150 pieces produced.

 The new Lo Scienziato watch has an excellent design, although it is large in size but relatively light in weight; it is comprehensive and versatile, equipped with hours, minutes, small seconds, GMT time and day and night display, six-day power reserve, and power reserve display on the back and Equipped with a tourbillon device. Such ingenious watch works are thanks to the continuous streamlined design of Panerai’s The Laboratorio di Idee watch factory in Neuchâtel, dedicated to improving the case and perfecting the P.2005 / T movement. A watch with a Panerai style.

 This new special edition watch is equipped with a classic Luminor 1950 case with a diameter of 47 mm. It is made of titanium and is sensitive and resistant to corrosion. It is 40% lighter than stainless steel. In order to further reduce the weight of the watch, Panerai hollowed out the inside of the case with innovative technology to outline extremely complex geometries, while retaining the case’s excellent water resistance (up to 10 bar, which is equal to a depth of 100 meters) and resistance to tension Twisted sturdy character. This technology is called ‘direct metal laser sintering’ and uses titanium powder to build three-dimensional parts layer by layer using optical fiber laser technology. Each layer of material is only 0.02 mm thick, and after fusion, it becomes solid titanium. The finished product cannot be made with traditional technology, it is lighter in weight and its appearance is flawless.

 The P.2005 manual winding mechanical movement equipped with Panerai’s patented tourbillon debuted for the first time in P.2005 / T. The movement is hollowed out and equipped with a lower density titanium bridge and plywood to replace the commonly used brass material with twice the density, making the movement lighter than the P.2005 / S hollowed out movement by 35%. The elements are directly connected to the movement, and the parts such as the time scale are moved to the outer edge. The small seconds dial at 9 o’clock reveals its small internal tourbillon device; another small dial at 3 o’clock shows the central second time zone (GMT) hand day and night. The watch has a power reserve of up to 6 days and is driven by three connected barrels.

 Through the sapphire crystal of the case back, you can see the power reserve display specially set on the back of the movement. The exquisite hollow-out process highlights the magnificent details of the front and back of the watch. You can admire the mechanical dance of the spring movement and precise gear operation in the barrel, and the beauty of the tourbillon frame. This tourbillon operates by Panerai and is completely different from the traditional tourbillon. In order to better compensate for the effect of gravity on the escapement operation and to ensure the accuracy of the watch’s travel time, the tourbillon frame is perpendicular to the axis of the balance wheel instead of parallel, and rotates every 30 seconds. The circle is very different from the traditional tourbillon that rotates once a minute.

 The new Lo Scienziato – Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT Titanio watch (PAM00578) is equipped with a carbon black alligator strap, which complements the case and the movement. The folding buckle, which is also decorated with cutout details, is also made of titanium, showing the delicate style of each inch of the watch.

LO SCIENZIATO LUMINOR 1950 TOURBILLON GMT TITANIO – 47 mm Tourbillon Time Titanium PAM00578
Limited to 150 pieces

Movement: P.2005 / T manual winding skeleton mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, second time zone, 24-hour display, power reserve on the case back, tourbillon.
Case: 47 mm, matte titanium.
Power reserve: 144 hours.
Water resistance: 10 bar (about 100 meters).

Bulgari Is Famous For Its Cleverly Crafted Serpentine Jewelry

As early as 70 years ago, Bulgari was famous for its ingenious snake-shaped jewellery. After 1940, Bulgari’s snake-shaped watch became a banner work, a simple and luxurious snake snake. The model confirms Bulgari’s method of stylizing natural elements.
 On the respected history of the brand, Bulgari offers the glamorous Serpenti series, demonstrating the beauty of the spirit snake with many beautiful jewellery and watches-when the snake’s stance is instantly set, it is like an immortal sculpture The power and vitality derived from the snake 1940. Reinterpreting ancient traditions with innovative language, each product inherits and symbolizes Bulgari’s glorious design style-the beauty and supreme value of art that crosses the century.

 The meandering posture lingers on the charm of the heart. The ancient symbol returns with a long-lasting temptation. Inspired by the deliberately changing shape, the Serpenti series is carefully described, freely flowing around the fingertips of the fleeting beauty, using delicate diamonds and luxury gems as the language, and walking lightly between traditional and modern.

 Flow, linger, let the curve stretch. In the new series, simple or complicated coiling styles are displayed, such as single, double, or triple laps. With fine and flawless production techniques, Bulgari’s style and modern lines are more brilliant than yesterday under the artistic design language.

 Bracelets and rings are made from a series of individual components, exquisitely crafted, smooth and dazzling like snake scales. The hidden gold clasp links the components together to form a single or double coiled shape, which is then decorated with a unique jewelry snake head. There is also a snake head shape presented in perfectly cut black agate, which contrasts with the tone of rose gold and the transparency of diamonds, shining brilliantly.
 Rose gold, amethyst, diamonds, colored gemstones, white mother-of-pearl, pink coral, under the unforgettable extravagance, the stars on the wrists are dazzling like goddesses.

 With the evolution of time, Bulgari continued to interpret snakes in its works, and successively launched a number of highly successful unique jewelry series. It perfectly inherits the originality and elegance of Italian design, and also shows the company’s heritage. , And a love of art and Greek and Roman architecture.
 The meandering posture is now resurrected, and its style is more expanded, while still maintaining the quality and uniqueness of Bulgari design and craftsmanship, and holding an unparalleled example of contemporary elegance. This collection includes five rose and white gold, single or double coiled styles, unique style, exquisite details, perfect combination of color and material, telling the same beautiful language as the new Serpenti jewelry.