Decorate Your Unusual Time With Jewellery Briefly Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Jewelry Watch

Mademoiselle Privé, two words you must know in the Chanel brand, represent the brand’s unique creative concept. In French, Mademoiselle means ‘Ladies’, means ‘feminine beauty’, Privé means ‘Exclusive’ refers to ‘uniqueness’. The combination of the two forms Chanel’s magical creativity. From wheat ears, rouge, camellia to the brand’s signature double-C logo, from representing minimalist and pure black and white tones, to luxurious details, all are the most expressive elements of Chanel today. In 2017, Chanel used the high-end jewelry “splicing” circular patterns on the dial of the Mademoiselle Privé jewellery watch AUBAZINE, reminiscent of the 7-year orphanage that Chanel lived in as a girl. It is located in the Inside the walls of the Obasi Monastery.

   It seems that most people who have influenced the world have experienced a period of ‘pain’. Chanel lived in the abbey abbey for 7 years during her teenage years. This period of time had a profound impact on Chanel. Black and white color was considered a pure and ominous color in the fashion world at that time, and the nuns in the monastery were dressed in black and white clothes, but it made people feel dignified and simple. Therefore, Chanel boldly used black and white as The main color breaks the fashion world’s prejudice against these two colors. Today, black and white Chanel watches are pure and elegant.

   Since the advent of the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé series of jewellery watches, the brand’s core of craftsmanship has been interpreted through the unique techniques of the Chanel Art Workshop.

   Chanel Mademoiselle Privé jewellery watch AUBAZINE dial at Baselworld 2017, with a white 18K gold case set with 552 brilliant-cut diamonds, the dial set with 136 brilliant-cut diamonds and 32 baguette diamond. Interestingly, the surface of the plate is symmetrical in the center, and a complex and regular geometric pattern is drawn by diamond inlay. This pattern is derived from the pattern on the window of the orphanage where Chanel lived as a girl. The influence of black and white abbey clothing on Ms. Chanel is also presented on the dial graphics intertwined with white gold and partially rhodium-plated.

   The outstanding gem setting technique requires craftsmen to select and cut diamonds in full accordance with the pre-designed pattern on the face of the dial, so that it is flat and perfectly embedded in the dial. Here, a large number of diamonds on the case need to have a consistent shape. After the setting is completed, the surface is flat and the curve is natural. This is a great challenge for any craftsman. The dial of the geometric pattern, in addition to using diamonds cut in different shapes, also requires a special setting process, so that the diamond can not only be firmly embedded on the surface, but also form a perfect unity visually. The combination of the invisible setting and the claw setting makes the diamond mosaic pattern and the circular pattern interlocking on the windows of the Abbasin Monastery meet at this moment across time and space.
Summary: The annual Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show is a feast of watches and jewellery. Chanel has long been famous in high-end watches and jewellery. The new Mademoiselle Privé series of jewellery watches has a unique design to appreciate Chanel’s creativity The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, limited to 5 pieces.

The Horoscope Legend Of The Clock And Star Sky Omega Constellation Series Pluma Light Feather Watch Grand Release

OMEGA, a well-known Swiss brand founded in 1848, has always been committed to inheriting classics and constantly breaking new ground. Over the 167 years, countless milestone contributions to the watchmaking industry have confirmed Omega’s leading position in the country of watches and clocks.

   Chongqing, April 23, 2015-Mr. Stephen Urquhart, Omega Global President, and Miss Zhang Ziyi, the Omega ambassador, visited the Omega Chongqing Golden Eagle Flagship Store to share the appreciation of Omega Watches and the flagship store employees Have a friendly exchange. Subsequently, an elegant and gorgeous Omega exclusive dinner was held on the banks of the Zhongchun River in Shancheng. Mr. Okehua, Ms. Zhang Ziyi and the guests witnessed the grand launch of the new constellation series PLUMA light feather watches.

   That night, the feast kicked off in a historic old-fashioned house in Chongqing’s historical and cultural street. ‘PLUMA’, which is derived from the Latin feather, not only inspired this elegant constellation watch, but also became the theme of the dinner. The dazzling lights and soft and plump white feathers intertwine and dance, creating a light and agile, feminine beauty. The new PLUMA light feather watch surrounded by staggered feathers is more vivid in the light and dark. Omega Global President Mr. Okehua walked into the red carpet with Omega Celebrity Ambassador Zhang Ziyi. Under the spotlight, the new PLUMA light feather watch shined on Zhang Ziyi’s wrist, stunning the audience at the same time perfectly interpreted the noble temperament and unique charm of Zhang Ziyi and Omega.
   Zhang Ziyi’s love for the new Pluma watch is eloquent: ‘The constellation series has always been one of my favorite watch series, and it has accompanied me to witness many moments of extraordinary significance, and also spent with me A lot of good times. Today, I am very pleased and honored to witness the release of the new light feather watch. This watch reinterprets my favorite feather elements, and the changes in details are very novel and exciting. ‘
   Mr. Okehua, the global president of Omega, also shared: ‘Over the years, China has already become one of the indispensable and important markets for Omega. We are very proud of Omega’s leading position in the Chinese market. This time, being in Chongqing makes me special Delighted. Chongqing is an important city in southwestern China, and it also occupies a significant position in Omega’s global market strategy. ‘Mr. Okehua also introduced,’ I am very excited to visit Chongqing with Miss Zhang Ziyi. Miss Zhang Ziyi She is a very precious member of the Omega celebrity ambassador family. She is very charming and an actor with extraordinary achievements. She is also the perfect person to celebrate the grand launch of the Omega Constellation PLUMA light feather watch today. ‘
Omega Constellation Pluma Watch
   In astronomy, ‘constellation’ refers specifically to a star community. In the field of watchmaking, the constellation series watch launched by Omega since 1952 has now become the pinnacle of luxury and precision watch technology. Last year, Omega launched the constellation series PLUMA light feather watch, the name of the watch is derived from the Latin ‘feather’, and the striking feather elements on the dial subtly explain the unique and exquisite design.
   This year, Omega launched a new model of the constellation series PLUMA light feather watch, the watch’s pale coral dial is reminiscent of the soft warmth brought by the summer sun. Like other models of the Light Feather Watch, this 27mm watch has 11 diamond hour markers embedded in 18K gold arched brackets, and soft curves extend from the iconic ‘claws’ on the bezel Out, spread to the entire dial. The polished arched central hour, minute and second hands are crafted in 18K gold and coated with a white Super-LumiNova luminous coating to ensure that the time can be read clearly in any light. The 18K red gold bezel of this ladies watch is set with 32 brilliant diamonds, which makes the watch more colorful. This constellation series Pluma watch is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet, the links are connected by 18K red gold chain needles. The Omega 8520 coaxial movement at the heart of the watch is clearly visible through the arched abrasion-resistant transparent case back. This outstanding movement has excellent performance, precision and reliability. Omega provides this model with a warranty of up to 4 years.

Schaffhausen Iwc Portofino Collection

Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen has upgraded its Portofino series since 2011, and the success of this series has been unstoppable. Now a new addition to this watch collection: the Portofino hand-wound large date watch. Available in white and red gold, this watch perfectly embodies the essence of understated luxury.

Portofino Hand-Wound Large Date Watch
 For 29 years since its birth in 1984, the Portofino series has been a low-key modest gentleman in the IWC watch family. It is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and excellent taste, and also exudes a relaxed Mediterranean life. Just as the picturesque Italian coastal city of Portofino is a symbol of the good life of the 1960s, the Portofino series watches are also the perfect embodiment of luxury and simplicity. Today, Portofino’s hand-wound large date watch (models IW516101 / IW516102) brings Portofino, a collection with fascinating tradition and internal content, to a new complex watch.

Portofino Hand-Wound Large Date Watch
 This new watch still maintains the distinctive characteristics of the series. Although the Portofino hand-wound large date watch has a simple and low-key appearance, when you look at the dial carefully, you will find its exquisite and unique watchmaking technology. The large two-digit date display at ’12 o’clock’ is clear and easy to read, which is extremely practical and convenient. This date display is implemented by two coordinated display disks: one display dial represents the ten digits of the date with a number between 0 and 3, and the other display dial represents a number between 0 and 9. Digits. The perfect synchronization of the two display disks This elaborate design is driven by IWC’s self-made 59230 movement, which is further developed on the basis of the 59000 movement series and supplemented technically. The movement design uses a large-sized back plate and bridge plate, which are extremely modern, and at the same time extremely durable, accurate and reliable, and will definitely meet the requirements of 21st century watch lovers. This new Portofino watch not only has a large date display, but also has a strong power reserve: the full chain can ensure a full 192 hours, that is, the precise travel time of eight days; the wearer only needs to pass after eight days The rotating crown winds up new energy. And, do n’t worry about when you wind it up—when it’s time to wind it next time you can easily read it from the power reserve display on the dial. The Portofino manual-winding large date display watch in white gold (model IW516101) or red gold (model IW516102) is only available at IWC stores.

Precious metal blends with top leather
 The Portofino hand-wound large date watch in white gold features a rock grey dial, rhodium-plated hands and indexes, and a black leather strap. The red gold model uses a silver-plated dial, gold-plated hands and indexes, and a dark brown leather strap. Santoni, a well-known Italian footwear brand now managed by the second-generation family heir Giuseppe Santoni, has exclusively customized high-quality leather straps exclusively for Schaffhausen IWC. Santoni uses a complicated processing process for leather, so that it has a unique retro look when it leaves the factory, as well as the subtle layering of the brand’s products. Leather made using this process looks like it has been carefully used for years, but is actually brand new. Another feature of Santoni is the orange leather lining on the inside of the strap. The charm and beauty of Mediterranean life is vividly demonstrated through the perfect combination of watch and strap.