The Beauty Of The Dial Appreciate The Secret Words Of Spring On The Dial

In spring, all things are revived, and there is a sense of spring. It is time to pack your bags and set off on the road of spring to enjoy the warm sun and vitality of spring, and bathe the breath of spring in the flowers and plants. At night, the time machine seems to feel the call of spring. On the beautiful dial, the spirited and lively secret of spring is engraved.

 CHAUMET ‘Netizen Me If You Love Me’ Series Natural Theme Watches

 The “Theme Lives If You Love Me” series of natural themed watches brought by Shang Mei, painted with smart bees, butterflies, dandelions, etc., carved with mother-of-pearl and precious diamonds on the dial to sculpt insects flying freely in plants The round dance is lively, interesting and pity.

 Smart bees and butterflies are flying on the verdant chalcedony dial, and they are playing among the colorful flying dandelions. Mother-of-pearl is transformed into thin, butterfly-like wings with micro-carving techniques; bees are composed of onyx heads, carnelian bodies, and crystal wings. Against the soft flying of the golden dandelion, the bee butterflies play, forming a romantic spring photo.

 Three Questions About Ulysse Nardin Hunting

 The Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater in Ulysse Nardin depicts a lively and extraordinary “jungle”, with a double-layer cloisonne blue faceplate as the base, and the filigree enamel technology outlines the dynamics of everything in the forest. The double-layered dials overlap each other, and a small fish is caught between the claws by the crocodile. When the three-question lever moves, the lion on the dial will lean forward and grab the monkey, and the monkey on the dial will swing back and forth on the branch.

 It adopts UN-27 manual winding minute repeater movement with 36 hours power reserve. The double-layer filigree enamel-painted dial gives this series three different appearances. The double-layered dials overlap each other, and a small fish is caught between the claws by the crocodile. When the three-question lever is operating, the lion on the dial will lean forward and grab the monkey. The monkey on the dial swung back and forth on the branch.

 Jacques de 35mm micro-painted blue bird hour and minute dial

 Nature has always been Jacques Dro’s inspirational muse, and the tit from the founder Mr. Pierre Jacques Dro’s hometown, the Jura region of Switzerland, is the eternal theme that Jacques Dro strives for. This watch borrows from the Chinese painting Jingcun, and delicately hooks the blue tit bird’s muscle lines and shiny feathers on the 35mm ivory daimyo or hair salon dial with enamel painting technology. The tits entwined on the crunchy tender branches or spread their wings to fly, or sing lightly and sing, the posture is lifelike. The overall picture of the dial is fresh and elegant, the white space of the large space and the bright color of the blue wings and yellow belly of the tits perfectly blend and complement each other.

 Blancpain Lady Bird

 Blancpain reinterprets the Lady Bird series, which was first introduced in 1956, and introduces environmentally friendly works that combine art and nature. On the green mother-of-pearl dial, a vibrant scene is depicted. Plants in the forest stretched out, and butterflies inlaid with gems. The outer ring of the case is also inlaid with a ring of diamonds, which is paired with a green satin strap to create a desirable natural beauty. Although the dial is slender and compact, it is also equipped with Blancpain’s mechanical movement, which brings a green and natural atmosphere to ladies who love the compact body and mechanical movement.

 Cartier L’ Heure Envoûtée de Cartier Jewellery Watch

 Deep emeralds are full of lush, rich and mellow. In this hidden watch, the Art Deco diamond lines shine, and the subtle dial beneath the diamond pleats is looming. Figures appearing among the leaves slowly reveal the rich color and shining gems, and a rare crocodile appears in the center of the transformed watch. It is both a watch and a brooch, a poetic work of free contemplation, revealing the charming charm given to its work by the jeweler.

 Métiersd’Art Master Flower Temple Series-China Limodorum watch

 Limodorum, also known as Bai Zhi, symbolizes wealth and elegance in China. It was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1778, and was immediately favored by botanists for its luxurious nature, unique posture of flowers, and the rarity of crossing the ocean. Everyone is deeply attracted by its unique appearance, endless color and evergreen green leaves. The soft style spreads from the dial. The red flowers and green stems of the crane crown on the dial match the quiet background surprisingly.

 Vacheron Constantin’s Geneva-style miniature enamel master Anita Porchet reproduced the flower patterns in the atlas by hand-engraved guilloché on the dial’s placenta, and then fired the cloisonné with rich colors in Grand Feu Lifelike floral details.

2013 Basel Watch Show Le Méridien’s New Watch Inventory

At this year’s Basel Watch Fair, the Swiss watch brand Le Méridien, founded in 1975, has once again brought its watchmaking aesthetics to the fullest with its superb watchmaking skills. This year is definitely exciting. One year. Below, the editor will take stock of Amy’s new watches at Basel.

  In 2013, it is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Le Méridien craftsmanship series. For 20 years of excellence, the Le Méridien craftsmanship series will be a focused product series. This year’s new works go hand in hand with the original in terms of originality, watchmaking skills and design. , Regardless of competition. This year’s new watch—the ingenious series of mysterious seconds hand-limited watches, is equipped with a self-developed ML215 type movement, which interprets cutting-edge concepts with a hollowed-out dial, and the seconds display method is a representative of freedom and creativity; and it is designed for business elites traveling in different time zones And created two European and Asian versions of the world map dial design-ingenious series of world time zone watches.
  In addition, it emphasizes that the series of works reflect the concept of a young brand. The Le Meridien Pontos series, which combines innovative technology and aesthetic performance perfectly, has also added two new watches this year: Pontos S Extreme The chronograph is made of the new high-tech alloy Powerlite®. This patented Le Méridien patented material brings new lightness and sturdiness to the model; and the Pontos S diving watch for professional divers, Professional equipment with a water-resistant depth of 600 meters not only re-interprets the iconic elements of the Bento series Pontos S, but also adds a retro nostalgia to the watch.
Ingenious Mysterious Second Hand Limited Edition
Le Méridien watchmaking and Bentao series
  Maurice Lacroix’s five collections: Ingenious Masterpiece, Bento Pontos, Elegant Les Classiques, Miros and FIABA series, cleverly combine high-end technology, watchmaking heritage and modern aesthetics. Among them, the ingenious series of watches show the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, especially the complex functions such as dial-back, moon phase, and chronograph are deduced, showing a new look of modern watchmaking. The Ingenuity Collection draws contemporary design inspiration from the art of living and continuously improves the appearance and aesthetics of the watch. Its surface technology and line design are extremely modern, and in this way, Le Méridien is open to the world today. The ingenuity series is positioned as a contemporary Yashi who pays attention to performance and daily etiquette, which makes Le Méridien, a young brand with innovation as its brand label, stand out from the watchmaking industry with innovative ingenuity.
  Born in 2004, the Bentao series relentlessly pursues elegant modern aesthetics, and fully meets the requirements of the 21st century with modern original designs combined with innovative technological elements. This series combines rigor and creativity. Its distinctive architectural characteristics are unforgettable. The perfect combination of design and machinery, architectural aesthetics and technology, reveals the unique style of modernity, avant-garde and pure, and translates the flow of time into an uncompromising life. Art, especially for watch enthusiasts who love the craftsmanship of excellence.
Ingenious Mysterious Second Hand Limited Edition
  In 2010, Le Méridien introduced the famous square wheel design, which clearly expressed the brand’s unique perspective of time. Since then, square wheel watches have been derived from various versions in response to public enthusiasm. The extraordinary meaning of the square wheel is not limited to aesthetics, but also its ground-breaking display of time. This year, the Le Méridien Saignelégier watch factory is the icing on the cake. A new addition to this cutting-edge collection of freedom and creativity, Le Méridien presents a series of mysterious second hands with ingenuity, and then sets a precedent for watchmaking.
  Amazing. Fascinating. Unexpected. Which word best describes this watch? There is no doubt that the word ‘mystery’ in the name of the watch best reflects its characteristics. A gray sequin on the complex structured hollow movement is eye-catching and keeps sight away for a long time. The highlights of the new watch are unique: the unique second hand, skeleton movement-a testament to the strength of the Le Méridien watch, and the eccentric hour hand the brand loves. One of the most amazing is the second hand display, which is unusually mysterious. The ML215, the twelveth movement integrated by the brand, was developed by the brand to provide power for the new work, and the seconds are displayed in an original linear way, and the seconds are displayed alternately vertically and horizontally every 15 seconds. The blue pointer rotates around the axis, as if suspended above the dial, causing a magical optical illusion. There are many mysterious and mechanical mysteries hidden in the cutting-edge design, waiting for you to discover.
Le Méridien’s Mysterious Second Hand offers two designs
  The hour dial is located at 2 o’clock, with the blue lacquered hour and minute hands, and the other parts of the dial are hollowed out. The movement bridge is fully exposed. The rhodium-plated and ruthenium-plated surface technology reveals the coolness through the clear geometric structure Contemporary fashion. The watch’s stainless steel case diameter is 43 mm, and the automatic mechanical movement ML215 is clearly visible under the sapphire crystal case back. This is a masterpiece of craftsmanship that can only be found on masterpieces. Le Méridien’s Mysterious Second Hand offers two designs, each limited to 125 pieces worldwide.
Ingenuity World Time Zone Watch
Ingenuity World Time Zone Watch
  This is an elegant world … no doubt, the new Masterpiece World Time Zone watch in a 42mm diameter case tells the concept of exquisite travel, depicts a distant horizon, and controls the changing world. The new work is designed for business elites traveling in different time zones, and it is also suitable for people who track international current affairs news. The stainless steel body and the carved dial are like windows to the world. The city name is marked on the edge of the bezel, which is amazing. The dial design is available in two versions, the European version and the Asian version, to compete for your attention. The map of the world is engraved in the hour circle with the Roman numerals in the center of the dial. The European version is decorated with exquisite Parisian screws, and the edges of the map are outlined in blue, which is in harmony with the color of the pointer and the time scale. It is undoubtedly a classic style. The Asian version has a contrast in color and brightness: the silver-plated dial, the mainland part is decorated with silk satin sun print, opal ocean, with rose gold hour markers and hands and blue seconds hand … Vibrant contrast in vibrant.
  Ingenious World Time Zone Watch, stainless steel case, 42 mm diameter, surface combined with silk satin and polishing, double-sided curved sapphire crystal anti-glare mirror, screw-in sapphire crystal case back, waterproof depth of 50 meters / 5 atmospheres. The dial uses the city name printed on the edge of the bezel to change the time in the second time zone. The calendar display is at 6 o’clock, and the day and night are at 9 o’clock. The European version of the dial is carved in silver with blue coastline and blue / silver for 24 hours. Area, blue Roman numeral time scale, ML164 automatic winding movement, central hour (12h / 24h), minutes and seconds display, pointer calendar at 6 o’clock, day and night display at 9 o’clock.
Black Edition Pontos S Extreme Chronograph
Bento Pontos S Extreme chronograph
  The combination of watchmaking tradition and high-end technology gives new connotation and space to time. The Bento series Pontos S Extreme chronograph is absolutely eye-catching and memorable. It comes in three color versions-black, army green, and sports blue. Its appearance shows the male’s fortitude, confidence and calmness, but it is full of vitality. The watch is equipped with the ML112 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement and is equipped with three time dials. First-class watchmaking technology pushes it to the forefront of the industry, and the patented new alloy material makes the watch more lightweight and durable.
  Powerlite® is the material of the case (including the bezel and the frame) of the Pontos S Extreme chronograph. It is a new alloy developed exclusively by Le Méridien. It contains five different materials: aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium. ,ceramics. The crown and buttons are made of titanium. This means that the new watch has unquestionably high standards in terms of strength, hardness and low weight. The new models are available in military green and sports blue, with anodized surfaces. Anodizing, also known as anodizing, is commonly used in the automotive, aviation, and construction fields. It is a coloring process based on electrochemical principles that can strengthen metals.
Sports blue edition Le Méridien Pontos S Extreme chronograph, limited to 150 pieces worldwide
  The black version of the Bentao Pontos S Extreme chronograph showcases elegant and active sports style, accurately conveying the characteristics of the times. Its designer was designed by Le Méridien brand spokesperson and former BMW and Aston Martin sports car designer, Henrik Fisker. He is good at expressing a sense of power, decisive and resolute, and his work emphasizes outstanding performance while showing extraordinary charm. The unique mechanical construction of the Pontos S Extreme chronograph is pending patent application. Its special feature is that the passage of time is controlled by the crown: the crown is connected with the chronograph button and the bezel inside the case can be rotated to prevent Any accidental rotation. The three time dials of the dial are perfectly symmetrical, making time reading more clear and convenient, while the hour and minute hands, hour markers and rotating inner bezel on the black frosted dial are coated with fluorescent coating. The NATO strap makes the watch’s resolute style self-evident, injecting incredible vitality and energy into it. Designed by Henrik Fisker, the black version of the Penta series Pontos S Extreme chronograph is limited to 999 pieces worldwide.
Bento Pontos S Dive Watch
 Wrapped in a finely polished stainless steel case with a diameter of 43 mm, the Bento Pontos S dive watch expresses time in a classic way. As a professional diving watch, it is also equipped with an automatic helium exhaust valve at 9 o’clock, which is indispensable for diving. Before returning to the surface, professional divers usually go through the decompression chamber to decompress. Breathing is mainly a volatile mixed gas composed of helium, which will cause damage to the movement due to the pressure difference between the gas inside and outside the decompression chamber. The helium exhaust valve device of the Bentao Series Pontos S dive watch excludes helium and avoids any irreparable damage to the aircraft.
Bento Pontos S Dive Watch
  Black or milky opal dials, with superluminova-coated indexes and hands, allow divers to read time clearly even in the deep sea. The hands are not only covered with a fluorescent coating, but the colors are even more vivid. The hour and minute hands are framed by a red stripe, and the dial displays a calendar display at 6 o’clock. All functions are driven by the automatic refining ML115 movement, the balance frequency is 4 Hz, and the power reserve is 38 hours.
  More Le Méridien watch brand information: aimei /