Meet All The Wishes Of Women

Today, the latest launch of the 2012 Humberton Women’s Watches once again proves the rich creativity of Baume & Mercier in product creation and its highly dynamic interpretation of contemporary lifestyle. Baume & Mercier launches a series of three small women’s watches from the Humberton series, which are classic yet elegant. This series of small watches has a distinctive femininity, and retains the elegant and fashionable sense of the Humberton series. Since its inception in 1830, Baume & Mercier has aimed at both men and women with a taste for life, providing them with watches of outstanding craftsmanship, design and elegance. As one of the brands that created women’s timepieces as early as the golden twenties, Baume & Mercier watch has become famous all over the world since its release, becoming a watch that records and celebrates special moments in life. Over the years, Baume & Mercier has developed a variety of new timepieces based on its own insights into women’s needs, which is timeless and elegant, cutting-edge and fashionable, and presents a sophisticated contemporary lifestyle.
Three elegant small watches from the Humberton collection for women
     Eighteen years ago, in 1994, Baume & Mercier introduced the Humberton series for the first time in honor of the elegant Humberton spirit. Today’s Humberton collection draws inspiration from a 1940s watch in the museum collection, continuing the main design items of the distinctive rectangular case of the original model, adding fashion and modern colors to it. The launch of the exquisite trumpet collection reinterprets this iconic model, paying tribute to retro art deco elegance with a purely modern expression.
Humberton women’s small watch: epitome of intimacy and harmony
    The new Hamilton small women’s watch condenses the intimate harmony and elegance in the Baume & Mercier brand DNA, and will surely enjoy the same international reputation as the larger sister models. This stylish and sophisticated watch collection will further highlight Baume & Mercier’s timeless commitment to design and quality.
Smaller size, attractive
    Previously, the Humberton women’s watch series had only a large size of 40 x 27.1 mm. The new and exquisitely sized quartz watch, with a 34.5 x 22 mm case, is tempting and charming, bringing the series to a new height of charm and femininity. These three women’s watches are richer and more graceful due to the ergonomically attractive lines, and their small size makes them suitable for almost any wrist. This slender watch series is equipped with a shiny polished and satin-finished stainless steel bracelet, which complements the stainless steel bracelet of the men’s Humberton series, making it a perfect gift for lovers in celebration of important life moments such as weddings and wedding anniversary. These three compact small watches are equipped with easy-to-use triple folding safety clasps, which perfectly match the polished and satin-finished small rectangular curved case.

Various decoration options to meet the wishes of all women
    Thanks to an understanding of women’s watch needs, Baume & Mercier introduced a variety of combinations for these three Hamilton women’s small watches-to ensure that every woman can have their own favorite choice. Each elegant and elegant Hamilton watch offers a beautifully decorated date display at 3 o’clock. Two of them are equipped with a feminine mother-of-pearl dial and set with top Wesselton VS diamonds: one is decorated with 8 diamonds on the mother-of-pearl dial, and the other is decorated on an elegant curved case 20 diamonds. Simple styles present a vibrant and refined taste, with a sun-satin-finished silver-milk dial, gold-plated Arabic numerals and indexes.
    This series of watches provides a beautifully decorated case back, fixed with four screws, which can be engraved with words to commemorate important moments in life. These ultra-feminine Humberton women’s small watches are also equipped with scratch-resistant curved sapphire crystals and are water-resistant to 50 meters (5ATM). Each newly launched exquisite watch embodies elegance and quality while emphasizing Baume & Mercier’s exclusive pursuit of femininity.
A watch collection bearing the tradition and philosophy of Baume & Mercier
    This fascinating new watch collection embodies the rich tradition and dynamic passion behind Baume & Mercier’s professional watchmaking technology. These core philosophies are inherently engraved in the brand’s DNA and its latest fashion timepieces, and coincide with the spirit and values ​​of the world-famous shamton area. Here, the seaside life is perfectly combined with a strong family concept, a deep cultural foundation, and a relaxed and elegant attitude. Baume & Mercier linked this attitude of seaside life, as well as the ever-changing views of the beach, waves and driftwood like the ticking of clocks, with those ladies who have a taste of life and value every moment of life. In fact, the creative spirit of Baume & Mercier and the real life in the Hamilton area have given the brand a household name with global charm.
Baume & Mercier Hamilton Series 10049

    Quartz movement (F03.111), date display at 3 o’clock, rectangular case, 34.5 x 22 mm, polished / satin-finished steel, scratch-resistant curved sapphire crystal glass, sun-satin-finished silver milky surface Dial, gold-plated Arabic numerals, polished / satin-finished stainless steel strap with triple folding safety clasp, waterproof to 50 meters
Baume & Mercier Hamilton Series 100 450
    Quartz movement (F03.111), date display at 3 o’clock, rectangular case, 34.5 x 22 mm, polished / satin-finished steel, scratch-resistant curved sapphire crystal, mother-of-pearl inlaid with 8 diamonds (0.02 carat), gold-plated Arabic numerals, polished / satin-finished stainless steel strap with triple folding safety clasp, waterproof to 50 meters.
Baume & Mercier Hamilton 10051 quartz movement (F03.111), date display at 3 o’clock, rectangular case, 34.5 x 22 mm, case set with 20 diamonds (0.17 carats), polished / satin-finished steel , Scratch-resistant curved sapphire crystal glass, mother-of-pearl dial, gold-plated Arabic numerals, polished / satin-finished stainless steel strap with triple folding safety buckle, water-resistant to 50 meters.

High-end Watch, What Kind Of Watch Can I Use To Get Started?

A while ago, I wrote a list of entry tables for popular luxury brands below 50,000. These brands of entry tables are actually better choices. First, the public price of the entry tables is relatively low, and second, they are easy to buy. What I want to tell you today is a watch brand with a higher entry price. In these brands, the phenomenon of low public price but high actual price will appear, and the actual situation is more complicated. I still list them one by one, regardless of the brand.

Blancpain 6651
 I want to talk about Blancpain first, because Blancpain’s situation is very simple, it is very easy to choose. Blancpain is one of the few top watch brands with a rich lineup of steel watches, which allows more people to go to Blancpain, which is very popular. The steel case 6651 is a very good entry for Blancpain. The steel case 6651 is also one of Blancpain’s lowest-priced watches at 75000. The 6651 is a formal watch with all the characteristics of a Blancpain watch. Roman characters and juniors with calendars are Blancpain’s classic shapes. The 6651 uses a 1151 movement with 100 hours of power. A major feature of Blancpain watches is that, regardless of whether it is a steel case entry watch or the most complex Caruso Tourbillon, the movement polishing standards are the same for all watches. The characteristics of Blancpain’s polishing decoration are that all the places that can be seen and the places that can’t be seen are polished. Unlike some brands, the places that can’t be seen are not polished. Therefore, in the same price and level of watches, Blancpain’s movement quality is the best, which is also a big advantage of 6651. The public price of 75000 is a good price among the top brands. If you consider discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets and other factors, the price of 6651 is outstanding.

 It is also because the earl is a good choice that he puts the earl first. Piaget also never made a steel watch many years ago. Even on the sports watch POLO, that year’s POLO was titanium case. Finally in recent years, Earl introduced the first steel watch, POLO S. So the steel case of POLO S is also the best entry choice for Piaget watches. Piaget POLO S has several versions, of which the steel head belt version is the lowest public price, the public price 64000. Piaget POLO S is a luxury sports watch, which is more prominent in design while maintaining movement, so it is more refined than the professional sports watch of the water ghost type, so sports is a type of table-take-all. Piaget POLO S is a round case, similar to a square dial, the front of the bezel is brushed, the edges are polished, and the effect is very good. Maintains the finesse of Piaget watches. Piaget POLO S uses an 1110P automatic movement, which is related to Vacheron Constantin’s 1326 movement. The polishing of the 1110P continues the Piaget style and is more refined. Since the introduction of Earl POLO S, the difficulty of getting on Earl has been relatively reduced, so many people buy it. POLO S has also become one of the top brands and one of the most cost-effective luxury sports watches.

Breguet flight time 3800 (above) and Breguet navigation 5517 (below).
 Breguet’s situation is a little more complicated than the previous two brands, because Breguet has two steel watches. The first is Breguet’s flight chronometer, TYPE XX, which is the series of 3800 familiar to old players; the second is the Breguet’s sailing series, which is the series of 5817. The steel shell flight timing is now sold at a price of 93100 for the 3810, and the steel shell for the new 5517 should be more than 120,000. But the problem now is that the steel gauge of the new sailing like Breguet is not very large, often out of stock and not so easy to buy. And the secondary market mainly circulates old flight timing and navigation, and the number is not particularly large, and the old steel shell navigation is mostly single watch. Therefore, this is the case for Baodi. In theory, the public price of steel watches is low, which is a good choice for entry, but in practice, it is not easy to buy. In contrast, the Breguet flight timings 3800 and 3810 are relatively large, so Breguet can use 3800 and 3810 to get started.

Lange Sachsen Slim
 Lange is currently one of the few brands of full-line gold watches. There is no steel watch and no sports watch. Lange’s entry options are very clear, Lange ultra-thin Saxony, that is, 37 mm manual two-pin Saxony. This watch is one of Lange’s lowest-priced watches at 108,000. In addition, Lange also has a 35mm Saxony, but ordinary men should not choose such a small watch now. The 37mm ultra-thin Saxony is a typical formal watch, with two hands, bar-shaped hour markers, no luminous, manual watch, power for 72 hours. The size of 37 mm is the typical size of a formal watch. It is not small or small. It is available in white and rose gold. Although it is Lange’s entry watch, this watch also maintains the same level of movement decoration as Lange’s high-end watch, which is very exquisite.
Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin Quedley
 Among Swiss watchmaking troikas, Vacheron Constantin’s choice is relatively rich, with a relatively rich lineup of steel watches. From a previous perspective, Quedley is a good starting point for Vacheron Constantin, but because the new 56-steel shell three-pin has been listed, there are variables. Let’s talk about Quedley first. Quedley is Vacheron Constantin’s lowest-priced steel watch for a long time, with a steel case version of 121,000. Looking at the troika, Quedley can be said to be the most cost-effective watch. This watch fully considers sports and formal wear. It can be equipped with a belt or tape. The appearance of the watch is between formal wear and sports. At the same time, Quedley uses Vacheron Constantin’s self-produced 5100 automatic movement with the Geneva mark, which represents the high level of Vacheron Constantin movement. If you consider discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets, and other factors, the price is relatively good and it is a good choice to enter Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin 56 steel case large three-pin
 The current variant of Vacheron Constantin lies in the 56-three-pins of the steel case. The price of this watch is only 89,900, which is currently the lowest public price of Vacheron Constantin. But everyone also knows that high brands, low public prices, and small output mean that they may be fried, so the actual price may rise. If the steel case three-pin 56 keeps the normal market, then this watch will be the fastest way to enter the world of Vacheron Constantin.
Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Grenade 5167 (top) and 5196 (bottom).
 I think everyone in Patek Philippe knows that steel is more expensive than gold. Theoretically, Patek Philippe’s lowest priced male watch is a steel shell grenade 5167, with a public price of 138,700. But the grenade is the only steel case sports watch other than the Patek Philippe Nautilus, so it is an absolute hot model. There are more wolves and less meat, and the market is very high. Therefore, the steel shell grenade looks like the watch with the lowest public price of Patek Philippe, but the actual price is not low. Because of this situation, Patek Philippe’s best entry option is 5196, the price is 147000. Although from the point of view of the public price, 5167A and 5196 are not much different, but those familiar with watches know that there is a gap between the actual price. 5196 is Patek Philippe’s most standard CALATRAVA watch, toffee needle, cannonball characters, manual small three hands. The 37 mm size is a standard dress watch. The 5196 uses a Patek Philippe 215 manual movement, but it should be noted that the 5196 is dense. Anyone familiar with Patek Philippe knows that 5196 is a relatively affordable Patek Philippe. Compared with other PPs, it is easier to get started.
Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 (top) and offshore 15710 (bottom)
 Audemars Piguet, I don’t think there is a situation where you can’t get started, because Audemars Piguet’s relatively low public price watch is its most popular watch with higher prices. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 (price 133,000), offshore model 15710 (price 142000) are the most worthy watches to buy from Audemars Piguet. Although Audemars Piguet also has formal gold watches, I believe that anyone who buys Audemars Piguet Basically all went to the Royal Oak. Therefore, although the public prices of 15400 and 15710 are relatively low, but because there are too many people, the actual market is very strong. The actual price and difficulty of getting started are higher than the aforementioned watches.

Tag Heuer Celebrates 100 Years Of Centennial Innovation And Indy 500 Series In New York

From May 12th to 15th, 2016, TAGHeuer is proud to participate in the quadrennial Timecrafter watch exhibition held in ParkAvenueArmory in Manhattan. TimeCrafters is the premier high-end watch exhibition in the United States. Every year, it attracts countless watch collectors, experts and enthusiasts to enjoy the top timepieces of the most famous watch and jewelry brands.

   TAGHeuer will present a watch with a long history to celebrate the century-old development of the brand in the field of watchmaking, show the brand’s past and future, and highlight the innovative heritage of TAGHeuer. TAGHeuer will showcase the Mikrograph stopwatch from 1916 and its 2016 replica, the TAGHeuerCarrera watch from 1963 and its innovations Heuer01 and Heuer02, the most notable is the first 1916 With smart watch.

   Since 1860, TAGHeuer has been a leader in luxury sports watch brands, perfectly integrating chronograph movements and craft watches, ensuring consistent accuracy under extreme conditions. TAGHeuer’s outstanding performance under pressure is reflected in motorsport, and racing requires champion drivers to maintain speed, precision and focus on fast-paced and competitive environments. TAGHeuer has always been at the forefront of the industry and will celebrate the legendary Indy 500 series for 100 years at the TimeCrafter.

   The booth will display Indy 500 display cars, TAGHeuer will launch TAGHeuerFormulaOne (F1 series) limited edition (1,000 pieces), TAGHeuerCarrera (Calera) Heuer01 limited edition (100 pieces) and two special edition Indy500 dial smart Watch. TAGHeuer brand ambassador, actor and professional racing driver Patrick Dempsey will be present at the booth on the opening night. His appearance means special significance for the event, just as he waved the green flag a year ago to welcome the 2015 Indy racer to start the motor and compete for the 99th series championship.