The Original Technology Can Also Be So Touching

I don’t know if I remember the Eco-Drive RING that appeared on the Citizen booth at Basel in the past. Now this watch officially enters the Chinese market as a global limited edition. Citizen Eco-Drive RING The extraordinary beauty based on light kinetic energy technology is amazing: the original technology can be so moving!

This is a watch that has twice participated in the Oscar-Basel World Watch & Jewellery Fair. Its ground-breaking side design makes it a sensation once it debuts. After three years of hardening, Eco-Drive RING officially entered the Chinese market as a global limited edition. Citizen’s never-ending innovation spirit and strong strength to bring dreams into reality have made it a perfect leap from concept models to mass production.
The value of a watch is not only to become an identity icon that highlights the wearer’s noble temperament and elegant taste, but also to become a time companion that inspires people to discover themselves and understand life. . ‘Eco-Drive RING is based on the theme of’ Discovery ‘. It contains the discovery of creativity, the discovery of scientific and technological aesthetics, and even the discovery of the universe.

突破 The breakthrough of this watch has two points:
1. Side light absorption: The light kinetic energy absorption structure surrounding the bezel is placed in a ring made of curved sapphire glass. The three-dimensional design allows Eco-Drive RING to absorb the light source to the greatest extent.
2. Moon phase display: Unlike the ordinary small moon phase display, the moon phase at 6 o’clock completely reproduces the movement trajectory of the sun, moon and earth. As Yin Qingyuan lacked in the simulation of the wrist.
Eco-Drive RING has found the answer for us with its breakthrough bezel light absorption mode and stunning side profile. This is not only the latest discovery of Citizen’s creativity, but also shows the world the unlimited potential of light kinetic energy-in addition to being the energy driver of the watch, it can also become the protagonist carrying the beauty of design.
的 The best angle for Eco-Drive RING is the side. The light kinetic energy absorbing structure surrounding the bezel is placed in a ring made of curved sapphire glass, and is embedded in a hollow stainless steel case like a diamond ring claw, which has a three-dimensional look and feel of modern architecture. The three-dimensional design allows the Eco-Drive RING to absorb the light source to the greatest extent, and the 360-degree light penetration also makes the watch appear unparalleled and brilliant!
月 The moon phase function commonly found on high-end watches is more perfectly interpreted here at Eco-Drive RING. Different from the ordinary small moon phase display, the moon phase at 6 o’clock completely reproduces the movement trajectory of the sun, moon and earth. The attention to detail is also spared. The three-dimensional time scale, which carries the designer’s infinite imagination, can be found in different perspectives at different angles. The rare crocodile leather strap is just the base, the quiet blue-gray tone and the soft pearl luster coating are the finishing touch, and the low-key luxurious atmosphere spreads with it.

Breitling’s New Chronospace Watch Introduction

Inherited the classic three-eye shape of the Breitling watch, and at the same time has more visual impact. This is the first impression of the new CHRONOSPACE AUTOMATIC chronograph. The new watch is the second product of the CHRONOSPACE watch and belongs to the Breitling PROFESSIONAL series. Compared with the CHRONOSPACE watch with the B78 quartz movement, the CHRONOSPACE AUTOMATIC with the B23 self-winding movement not only redesigned the dial, but also retained the sense of power and fullness conveyed by this series.

The striking 12-point scale with square hour markers, together with the huge Breitling logo and three small dials, crammed the entire dial. When it doesn’t look messy and crowded. Like other Breitling chronographs, the small seconds dial is at 9 o’clock, and the chronograph minute and hour dials are at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively. The dial is available in four colors: silver, volcanic black, deep blue, and tungsten gray. The strap is available in rubber and steel.

The watch is equipped with Caliber 23 self-winding movement, based on ETA7753 movement, certified by the COSC Observatory. With chronograph and calendar functions. It can provide 42 hours power reserve at 28800vph.

Simple And Chic Tasting Ladies’ Watch In Stainless Steel With Diamonds

Baume & Mercier is a watch brand with a history of nearly two hundred years and always adhering to the motto of ‘Aestheticism, only making watches of the highest quality’. The brand’s Chrysler watches combine classic style with fashionable temperament, and are recognized as the best-selling watches by business professionals worldwide. Today’s Watch House brings you a Baume & Mercier Chrysmer series stainless steel diamond watch. This watch is simple and chic, classic and stylish. Official watch model: 10222.

Baume & Mercier Women’s Watch, model: 10222

   This watch is simple in style, with a three-pin design. The simple dial surface is clean and simple, which is quite classic. The watch also has a unique dial design with beautiful radial patterns. Diamond setting makes the watch more fashionable and noble. The watch comes with an elegant dark brown alligator strap. This watch is simple in style, but also has a very chic design treatment, the watch combines classic and fashion, very beautiful.

Simple and refined crown to adjust watch functions

   The crown of the watch is a more traditional round crown. The watch is made of stainless steel and its flat shape is not easy to bump and cause damage. The side of the crown is decorated with pits, which is convenient for function adjustment. The top of the crown is engraved with a celebrity logo, which shows the details of the brand.

Brown alligator leather strap is soft and tough for comfortable wearing

   The watch’s dark brown strap is made of crocodile leather. The dark brown color tone makes the strap look elegant and classical; the soft and tough material will look comfortable and comfortable when worn, and it will last longer. The strap is fitted with a pin buckle.

Round stainless steel case polished and polished

   The watch’s round case is made of stainless steel, with a diameter of 36.5 mm and a thickness of 7.95 mm. The case is carefully polished, smooth and smooth, reflecting a bright silver metallic luster. The watch bezel is set with a row of cut diamonds, which are very beautiful.

The mother-of-pearl dial has a simple style and a chic design

   This watch uses a mother-of-pearl dial, and the white dial dial is decorated with solar radial patterns, which looks very delicate. The dial uses silver metal hour markers and center hands, and uses a minute scale on the inner ring, and a date at three o’clock. The dial is simple and easy to read.

Easy to read date display with black text on white

   The date display window at the three o’clock position of the dial is square and is displayed with Arabic numerals on white background. It is simple and clear at a glance. At the same time, you can see that the diamonds on the bezel reflect dazzling brilliance, gorgeous.

Polished lugs are beautiful and small, very delicate

   The watch’s lugs are very small and exquisite. The lugs and case are cast in one piece, connecting naturally, and the polished surface is very smooth. The lugs have a small arc and are cute calf horns, which are not only beautiful, but also ensure that the watch fits better on the wrist.

Easy-to-close pin buckle for easy wearing

   Like the case, the pin buckle mounted on the strap is made of stainless steel and polished. The buckle is engraved with the celebrity logo; the pin buckle is easy to open and close, and can be worn according I like to adjust the tightness, and at the same time, it is not easy to open it by myself, which causes the watch to fall off.

The finely polished automatic mechanical movement can be seen through the transparent mirror on the bottom of the case

   The back of the watch uses a translucent back case. The watch can be seen that the watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, the movement is exquisitely polished, and the parts have a delicate texture. Information on the watch and the brand logo are engraved on the bottom of the watch and on the movement rotor. The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.

Summary: The function of this watch is relatively simple. It only has a simple date and time display, but the function is very practical. The simple style and classic fashion design make the watch look noble and atmospheric. For capable women, it is a Very good choice; at the same time, the watch also has a water resistance of 50 meters, which can ensure effective waterproofing in daily life. (Picture / Text Watch House Zhang Sen)