Antique Five Classic Antique Watches

Clocks and watches are witnesses of time, but as time goes by, they will also grow old and become antiques. However, in the history of the watch industry, there are many antique antique watches, and even today, they are even more fascinating. Today I will introduce you to five classic antique watches.

 In the field of antique watches, Patek Philippe is the undisputed leader. Almost every Patek Philippe watch is a limited edition, craftsmanship, technology, and collection value are top-level. Calatrava was released by Patek Philippe in 1932. Adhering to the avant-garde aesthetic concept, it interprets aesthetic creativity with its soft lines, noble elegance and exquisite delicateness. It is a classic series of Patek Philippe models with the perfect combination of appearance and performance. It has already become a black strap Synonymous with watches. When buying, consumers can choose the version of the 1950s or later, because the previous version is too small.
2, Bulova military watch

 In the 1960s, American soldiers arbitrarily shuttled around the world. Following their birth and death, most of them provided military watches with timekeeping services. Compared with Timex Vintage Field Watch, the appearance of Bulova military watches is not much different, and the future collection value is also extremely guaranteed.
Heuer Carerra

 Carerra is a chronograph created by TAG Heuer to commemorate the 1953 Pan American Highway Championship by Argentina man Juan Manuel Fangio. The watch has a large appearance, suitable for wearing in various occasions, and has a small dial hand dedicated to racing timekeeping. It combines excellent sportsmanship and elegant and noble aesthetics, and has won many reputations in the watch industry since its release. Since then, TAG Heuer has engraved this watch. Although the shape has changed, it has kept its streamlined and elegant shape, showing the perfect example of the ‘gentleman racer’ era.
4.Rolex Submariner

 The Rolex brand has been inseparable from the sea since its inception. In 1953, Rolex decided to produce a professional diving watch, which resulted in the Submariner, one of the most classic systems in the diving watch industry. Submariner looks like a killer wearing a black jacket. It is low-key and deep. It is equipped with Rolex’s self-developed oyster waterproof case. It has patented Twinlock technology and has a waterproof depth of 100 meters. Since then, the 007 film has been filmed, and Submariner has become a Bond watch, fully establishing its position in the watch industry. Today, the Submariner waterproof depth has been increased to 300 meters, and it is still the representative series in the diving watch industry.
5.Cartier Tank

 When Cartier Tank came out, at the time of the First World War, the designer was inspired by the simple and rigid lines of the military tank that was put into the battlefield for the first time, and designed this legendary work with a stroke. Since then, Tank has become a classic watch that surpasses the trend. The greatest actor of the century, Gary Cooper, 11th, has won two Academy Awards for Best Actor and one Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. Cooper, nicknamed ‘Coop,’ fell in love with Cartier’s Tank watch for ten minutes, and fans can often see Cooper wearing it in public.
 At any given time, there will always be a group of people who are obsessed with the good things of the past. No matter nostalgia or collection, the charm of antique watches is like a pot of old wine, which will only become stronger and more mellow with the passage of time.