Breguet (Breguet): Interpretation Of Ancient And Modern Legends, Learn A Long History-‘breguet, Walk With Greatness’ China Tour Exhibition Beijing Skp Kicked Off

As one of the representatives of the long history of Swiss clocks and watches, Breguet has witnessed the changes in Europe over the past two centuries. For more than two centuries, Breguet has always followed the heritage classics pioneered by the founder Abraham-Louis Breguet, pioneered and innovated, and adhered to the soul of the brand. Outstanding innovative talents and excellence in watchmaking have attracted many celebrities. Since the 18th century, members of the royal family and outstanding figures in various fields have become loyal supporters of Breguet. Many timepieces were born during this period, and many of these masterpieces have been handed down from their owners. Good news.

exhibition site
 At the end of 2016, Breguet relayed the theme exhibition ‘Breguet with Greatness’, which was held in Geneva in January of the same year. It started in China for two months and touched the four major cities. It took Breguet’s distinguished patrons as the main line and went back to Breguet. Legendary history in history. On October 18, SKP, the first stop of the Breguet China tour exhibition, opened in Beijing, one of the highest-end shopping centers in Beijing, and strived to provide the most abundant audiovisual feast for the majority of watch enthusiasts in China. The four celebrities patrons of this exhibition are the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, the Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, the Emperor of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill. There are traces of thick ink in history. The exhibition tells an inseparable story of four important celebrities patrons and Breguet in the history of Breguet in the form of interactive books, reflecting the profound imprints of legendary figures in the history of Breguet’s timepieces. Breguet founder Abraham-Louis Breguet’s virtual figure is located in the center of the exhibition area to welcome the arrival of every watch enthusiast who has left the progress area. Four interactive books are erected in the inner court. Four distinguished patrons and In the past, Breguet’s legends were displayed one by one with books. The front cover of the book is painted with a contoured portrait of the patrons, and the inner pages of the book tell the story through text and pictures. It also has an interactive experience device that allows guests to experience the change of time and space through history, rich in depth and interesting. .

Breguet founder Abraham – Mr. Louis Breguet
Queen of Naples with first watch
 As an orderer of the first watch, the story of Queen Caroline Murat and Breguet of Naples has to be mentioned. In 1810, she customized two very special timepieces to Mr. Baodi. One of them was a ‘bracelet oval watch’, which was an epoch-making design in the nineteenth century. And with his years of accumulation in the field of horology and extraordinary imagination, Mr. Bao Di created this breakthrough timepiece, which is the first watch with a clear historical record. A total of 17 people with names were put into production of this timepiece, and it had to be made into 34 parts. The finished product was not delivered until December 21, 1812. This center’s blood is evident. In this exhibition, both the original order of Queen Caroline’s order and the Queen’s own photos are on display. What’s even more amazing is that the inside page of Queen Caroline’s book is equipped with a sensor glass device. Guests can change the cover by touching the glass cover. Colors, each color will correspond to the important dates below, from 1810-1811-1812-2002, respectively, a more intuitive presentation of important nodes of history for guests. In 2002, in order to pay tribute to the Queen of Naples, Breguet created the Queen of Naples series, which became the noble and elegant representative of the Breguet watch series.

Caroline Mula, Queen of Naples
Queen Marie Antoinette and top complex pocket watches
 In 1783, a mysterious admirer ordered a timepiece from the Breguet Watches Embankment Workshop with a sumptuous collection of scientific essence of watches and clocks as a gift to the queen. This order contract stipulates that each part should be replaced with gold as much as possible, and the functions of the pocket watch should be complicated and diverse, but there is no stipulation on the completion time and the maximum amount. It was not until 1827 that this timepiece of complex functions was completed, at this time 34 years before the death of the queen and 4 years before Mr. Baodi passed away. This Breguet No.160 pocket watch named ‘Marie Antoinette’ has been a watchmaking myth since 1783. For two centuries, the timepiece’s sophisticated construction and legendary history have lingered in the hearts of watchmakers and collectors. In 2004, Mr. Nicholas Hayek led the reproduction of this timepiece, reappearing the style of the master. The replica Marie Antoinette pocket watch has the functions of hour, minute and minute repeater. It is a self-winding pocket watch with power reserve indicator and bimetal temperature indicator. It adopts a unique set of automatic lift escapement. Installation, a gold spiral balance spring and a bi-metal balance, and an invention of Breguet-double shock-proof and shock-proof mechanism, is a work of art with exquisite craftsmanship. The famous portrait of Queen Mary holding roses and its former residence, a model of Versailles, one of the world’s five largest palaces, were displayed at the exhibition site, bringing watch enthusiasts into the spectacular and artistic charm of the French king’s room at that time, immersed in the treasure 19 At the same time as the century’s watchmaking masterpiece, it also quietly recalls its long history of watchmaking culture.

Queen Mary Antoinette
Napoleon and the first two-question travel clock
 In 1796, as a loyal fan of Breguet, French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte purchased a travel clock from Breguet before his expedition to Egypt. This travel clock No. 178 is equipped with a calendar and spring function. The four sides are covered with glass, the silver dial is equipped with a large moon phase display window, and the bronze bell case is decorated with Doric decorative columns, which are exquisite and elegant. In addition to considering the need to use sturdy and reliable clocks during the expedition, there are also considerations of power and status symbols. This is the first two-question travel clock in history to display the time and date. It is expensive, and Napoleon’s attention to the Breguet timepiece is sufficient to reflect it. In fact, Napoleon’s Bonaparte family is a large buyer of Breguet, buying a total of nineteen Breguet watches. In addition to introducing the story of Napoleon and Breguet in the book’s inner pages, the famous travel clock is displayed with shutters, making history vivid and close the distance between historical celebrities and exhibitors.

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France
Churchill and Breguet No.765

Winston Churchill
 The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited the Breguet in 1928 to buy a watch, and a Breguet watch numbered 765 accompanied his life. This extraordinary chronograph is equipped with minute repeater and flyback seconds. Churchill has repeatedly returned it to Breguet for maintenance, and his love is self-evident. As a great statesman and orator, Churchill’s political talent is obvious to all. The event book will show the authenticity of Churchill’s manuscript and audio materials of his live speech. It is very interesting that the radio is embedded in the book during the exhibition, and guests can simply press the corresponding button to hear Churchill’s great speech. The whole event lasted for about two hours, condensing the historical stories of Baodi and four distinguished customers. While the guests read the legendary stories behind celebrities, the extraordinary history of Baodi timepieces and the classic heritage and innovation spirit upheld Come on.