Breitling Launches Reno Air Races

Breitling, the Swiss watchmaker, is the official designated timekeeper for the US National Flying Championships. This pillar flight competition held in Renault is extremely legendary. The participating planes are flying between the pillars at low altitude winds. , Constantly challenge flying and personal limits. In order to strengthen the connection with the race, Breitling, who also loves flying and is brave enough, has just launched the Breitling Reno Air Races game. This racing game for smartphones and tablets is now available on Apple’s App Store and is available for free download for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (iOS) users.
Legendary Renault Air Race
    For nearly 50 years in a row, the U.S. National Flying Championships will take place again on September 14-18 in Renault (Nevada, USA). This world’s most prestigious aviation competition attracts a large number of advanced and innovative aircraft and thousands of aviation enthusiasts every year. Participants must strictly abide by the rules of “low flight, high speed, and turn left” during the four days of the competition. Compete with good players from around the world in sports competitions. The famous ‘Unlimited’ level is the highest level of the Renault Flight Race, flying at speeds in excess of 800 kilometers per hour (approximately 500 miles per hour), while flying at altitudes only a few feet above the ground.
    To commemorate this flying event, Breitling has specially developed this game as the main sponsor of the event, giving the general public the opportunity to experience the Renault Air Flight Race. Every iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad user can try to drive their Renault fighters to challenge their personal flying skills; they can race with other players online or complete their personal time challenge in single player mode.

It’s like being at the game site
    Breitling Reno Air Races game is a surprise for smartphone and tablet users: The exciting 3D stereo game screen and level sensor controller bring the player into a nervous and exciting sensory world, and the impeccable sound effects make it realistic The plane shuttles back and forth between the posts to add a sense of presence, and players can also connect and compete with good players from all over the world.
    Beginning with the challenge of ‘Unlimited’ and T6 levels, players can explore different types of aircraft and drive World War II fighters specially adjusted for Renault flight competitions. Before entering the game, players can also design personalized special planes according to their preferences to obtain an unprecedented exciting experience.
Game Features:
-Intensive flight competition
-Stunning 3D game graphics
-Highly simulated Renault venues and competition routes
-Optimized swivel and touch screen control
-3 game modes: speed mode, single player mode and multiplayer mode
-Support multi-player mode of Wi-Fi and 3G network, with up to 8 players
-Multiple models and competition route selection
-Personalization: Players can name the aircraft themselves, choose the style and color of the aircraft
-Racing Flight Class
-Compatible with OpenFeint platform
    Breitling Reno Air Races is available exclusively for free on Apple’s iOS platform. Before the launch of the Renault Flight Race in September, the game content will be updated twice, adding more aircraft types and new models. The Android platform game is expected to launch during the Renault Flight Race in September this year.
    This game was designed and developed by Normandy Production. Game development is done by the Revo Solutions studio, which has successfully developed the best-selling games F.A.S.T-Fleet Air Superiority Training and Skies of Glory. The game was produced by Bulkypix.

About Breitling
   Founded in 1884, Breitling launched the first cockpit timer as early as 1931, and was successively assembled on World War II fighters, propeller planes, and jet aircraft, establishing Breitling’s leadership in the industry. Breitling has also won the reputation of ‘appointed supplier in the world aviation industry’, and specially created ‘wrist instruments’ for pilots and other aviation industry professionals. Breitling built the brand’s precision chronograph factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 2002, and launched the first brand-developed movement in 2009. Breitling is currently the only Swiss watch brand whose full series of movements have passed the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory certification (COSC), and has achieved 100% production of astronomical watches, setting a precedent for first-class watchmakers.