Bvlgari Bvlgari Joins Hands With Save The Children To Help Dreams Come True

Dreams start with vision. However, only with firm conviction, enthusiastic concern, and bold courage can dreams come to life.

   Based on the same values, BVLGARI signed a partnership with SavetheChildren in 2009. Both parties are committed to building a dream future for children through education.

   In the past ten years, under the guidance of firm conviction, Bulgari and Save the Children have worked hard together to achieve a common vision and continue to make progress towards higher and further goals. Concerned about children, Bvlgari created the SavetheChildren jewelry series, and raised up to 85 million US dollars with this unique collection of jewelry. In the spirit of perseverance and courage, Bvlgari and the Save the Children courageously voiced that receiving education is a right, not a privilege. Education is as indispensable as the other elements needed to survive. Education has the power to change lives and help dreams come true.

Bvlgari SavetheChildren jewelry collection

   ‘Bulgari and Save the Children have reached a partnership nine years ago, working together to achieve ambitious goals, The power of education creates a better future for millions of children. Like a precious jewel, a beautiful wish comes first from longing. Today, nearly ten years later, we are proud of our dreams and can help to surpass One million children take pride in fulfilling their dreams. With a bright vision, Bulgari will help more children realize their dreams with rock-like faith, courage and courage. Will shine forever! ‘

Bulgari CEO Jean Christophe Babin

   #MadeReal is a new collaboration theme between Bvlgari and Save the Children. In the #MadeReal promotional video, the beneficiaries of the project cooperation will tell the story of their dreams coming true.

   In the journey of life, with the support and help of others, we can achieve a better self. On Thanksgiving Day 2018, Bvlgari specially launched the #MadeReal project to thank the power of dreams. As an important part of this project, many celebrities have specially shot a set of promotional videos for Bulgari. The promotional video premiered worldwide on Thanksgiving Day on November 22.

Bvlgari brand spokesperson Shu Qi helps Bvlgari #MadeReal

   The #MadeReal series of promotional videos tells the story of five young people from different parts of the world benefiting from cooperation. The promotional video presents the communication and integration between different worlds guided by the value of gratitude.
   This time, the stars who helped Bvlgari and Save the Children bold dreams include: Shu Qi, Lily Aldridge, Jon Kortajarena, Nadine Nashbu NadineNassibNjeim, MargaretZhang, AmandaSteel, EvaGreen, KittySpencer, MatteoBocelli And Laura Harrier. The celebrities were invited to post gratitude messages to attract their fans to join the gratitude family and share their personal experiences related to the theme of Dreams Come True #MadeReal.
   The publicity activities are aimed at bringing together forces from all walks of life to promote communication and transfer of positive energy. This event is in line with the spiritual elegance that Bulgari advocates this season.

Bvlgari brand image ambassadors LilyAldridge, KittySpencer, JonKortajarena,
Actor EvaGreen helps Bulgari #MadeReal

A million children’s dreams come true
   Bulgari and Save the Children work together to achieve the same dream: education helps children and build a better future. Since the partnership, Bvlgari has raised $ 85 million through the sale of SavetheChildren jewelry. The SavetheChildren collection of jewelry specifically designed to save children includes rings, bracelets and pendants for $ 560, $ 580 and $ 620, respectively. For every piece of jewelry sold, Bulgari donates $ 100 of the sale to Save the Children. So far, the funds raised by Bulgari have been invested in a total of 100 charitable projects in 33 countries, covering education, emergency assistance, poverty alleviation and youth empowerment programs, reaching more than 1 million young children and adolescents in need. Among them, most of the charity programs are designed to provide quality education for the relatively disadvantaged groups of children in the world. These children were born in countries ravaged by natural disasters, or from areas with frequent armed and political conflicts, and suffered from social exclusion, disability and poverty. These restrictions have severely affected or even deprived them of access to education.