Consortium Of Swiss Watchmakers Intends To Acquire Roberto Cavalli

There are more and more rumors surrounding the sale of Roberto Cavalli. The latest news is that Bloomberg quoted sources that the consortium led by Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller intends to acquire a 60% -70% majority stake in Roberto Cavalli for 300 million euros. . Franck Muller is currently Roberto Cavalli’s watch agent. Genthod Global Wealth Management, the family management company that manages Franck MullerGroup, did not respond to the news, and Roberto Cavalli declined to comment.
 In mid-May, the ‘Milan Financial Daily’ reported that the negotiations that Roberto Cavalli and Permira Advisers had maintained for months could fail. Permira Advisers intends to acquire 60% of Roberto Cavalli’s shares. The differences between the two parties remain the valuation of Roberto Cavalli. Permira Advisers and the market both value Roberto Cavalli at 450 million euros, but Roberto Cavalli himself believes the group is worth at least 500 million euros.

 After completing the 5 billion euro fundraising in February, Permira Advisers is currently financially strong. With the possible failure of the acquisition of Roberto Cavalli, the market speculates that Aeffe, which is rumored to sell equity, will become Permira Advisers’ next target, especially Aeffe’s fashion. Luxury brand Moschino.
 Roberto Cavalli has been an acquisition target since 2006. Also due to price issues, Roberto Cavalli suddenly gave up selling a 30% stake in the company to Italian private equity firm Clessidra SGR in 2009. Roberto Cavalli also hired Gianluca Brozzetti and Carlo Di Biagio as the chief executive officer and chief operating officer of Roberto Cavalli, hoping to strengthen the management team to eliminate the ambitions of the consortium acquisition. But after the rumors of the sale were released in January this year, Gianluca Brozzetti, Carlo Di Biagio, Roberto Cavalli’s son Daniele Cavalli, and his wife Eva Cavalli all left the group, further raising speculation that Roberto Cavalli will soon complete the sale.
 According to market news, there is still play in the transaction between the two parties. Although this is not the first time that they have encountered obstacles, the problem is likely to be temporary. Meanwhile, Roberto Cavalli is actively looking for buyers.
 Share transfer deal with British private equity fund Permira Advisers, Italian fashion luxury goods group Roberto Cavalli, has been actively engaged with new potential buyers, Bahrain private equity fund company Investcorp, which once owned luxury brands such as Tiffany and Gucci Gucci Consultation.
 The Financial Times later quoted inside information that Roberto Cavalli had contacted multiple buyers who had participated in the bid for Gianni Versace SpA Versace Group in the past few weeks, including Investcorp and Italian private equity fund Clessidra SGR, but Clessidra SGR and Permira Advisers exited The reason is the same, because the brand’s founder Roberto Cavalli refused to give up the governance of the group and accept their succession plan.
 Although negotiations with Investcorp are still at an early stage, news revealed that Roberto Cavalli hopes to make a decision by June. Investcorp insiders confirmed to Reuters that Cavalli believes they are likely to be successful buyers and have approached them.
 Roberto Cavalli is valued at € 450 million, which is 15 times its 2013 core profit of € 25 million.