Dewitt Chronostream Watch Made For The Most Valuable Crew Of The Queen’s Cup Regatta

Harcourt Developments Queen’s Cup The Harcourt Development Queen’s Cup final was held on Sunday, June 12th. DeWitt is its official timing partner. Despite the heavy rain, the game still achieved great success .
 After a thrilling game, Falundo Sola, the 19-year-old crew of the Talandracas team, won his Queen’s Cup regatta for the first time with his ‘golden ball’ score in overtime. His patron, Edouard Carmignac, has won two separate awards, this time receiving the Silver Cup from His Royal Highness Prince Harry.

Jérôme de Witt presents awards to MVP Milo Fernandez-Araujo (Centaur Photographic / Guards Polo Club)
The most remarkable DeWitt Most Valuable Crew Award was presented to Milo Fernandez-Araujo, who received the prize from Mr. Jérôme de Witt: a dazzling custom Chronostream watch, which had a strong response among many crew members and patrons .

HRH Prince Harry and Edouard Carmignac, patron of the Talandracas team, take a closer look at the Queen’s Cup (Centaur Photographic / Guards Polo Club)

Custom Academia Chronostream Chronograph (Centaur Photographic / Guards Polo Club)
Source: DeWitt