Feng Yicai Won The Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Award

Yesterday afternoon, the 22nd Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Awards was held at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing. Montblanc awarded the grand prize this year to Feng Jicai, vice chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, chairman of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, and well-known writer. Chairman of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation, well-known pianist Lang Lang, well-known actors Zhao Wenxun, Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni, and many other elites and celebrities in the art world also came to the scene, together with Montblanc International’s CEO Bai Luci and Montblanc Asia-Pacific Chairman and President Together with Zhan Zhao’an, he paid high tribute to Feng Yecai, who made an important contribution to the protection of Chinese cultural heritage.

 Feng Xicai said in an interview with reporters: ‘What the cultural community has to do is to awaken the public’s awareness of cultural values. This is a very large project. It can not be achieved only by personal ability. It must be mobilized for the whole people. The protection of cultural heritage has become a consensus. ‘For more than a decade, as an advocate and leader of the rescue project of Chinese folk cultural heritage, Feng Ji has taken the initiative to travel the mountains and rivers of the motherland, leading everyone to carry out a lot of hard folk culture. Census, and the establishment of the first intangible cultural heritage protection data center in China, which has recorded millions of words of textual data, hundreds of thousands of pictures, Thousands of hours of recording materials and thousands of hours of video materials, and its persistent appeal and enthusiasm have made people realize the value of ancient Chinese culture. In addition, in order to better protect traditional Chinese culture, Feng Jicai also founded the ‘Feng Jicai Folk Culture Foundation’.

 The Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Awards was established in 1992 to promote the development of global culture and arts, and has honored more than a hundred outstanding art patrons worldwide. Yesterday, Feng Yuncai donated a 15,000 euro bonus to Zheng Yunfeng, a famous photographer and known as the “Soul of the Three Gorges”. Feng Xucai said: “Artists cannot change history, but they can sublime life, compensate for the spirit, record the times, and comfort the soul. All this Zheng Yunfeng did it all. He is a true cultural hero. It is him and not me who deserves this award. ‘It is understood that Zheng Yunfeng kept this true face that nurtured the mother river of the Chinese nation before the Yangtze River intercepted and stored water. Taking out all his fortune, which took more than 30 years, took hundreds of thousands of photos, retained the image of life on the Yangtze River, and left us a true, three-dimensional, and complete Three Gorges. Feng Yun was impressed by Zheng Yunfeng’s dedication, He has repeatedly provided support and assistance to Zheng Yunfeng through the Feng Jicai Folk Culture Foundation. At the event site, the participants also visited the leading project of “Rescue Project” advocated by Feng Xicai—the Rescue Project of Chinese Woodcut New Year Paintings. It is reported that the application of Chinese woodcut new year pictures to declare the world’s intangible cultural heritage was organized by Feng Jicai in 2011 and has been officially launched. Feng Xicai said: ‘This is just the beginning. I hope that China’s colorful folk culture and art can be fully protected, inherited and developed.’