Glasutti’s Original New Women’s Timepieces – Spiritual Pavonina Watches Debut

On January 15, 2014, in one of Shanghai’s most legendary buildings, Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center, Germany’s top watchmaking brand Glashütte hosted a tribute to women. Themed grand event. Brand VIPs, outstanding female representatives, media friends and business partners were invited to participate in the grand event to witness the important moment of the launch of the new female timepiece ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina watch.

灵 ‘Spirit’ Pavonina watch

彦 Mr. Yan Gamma, Global President of Glashütte Original

Guests toasting from left: Artist Ms. Ma Ling, Ms. Ulrike Kranz, Head of Global Public Relations of Glashütte Original, Mr. Yann Gamard, Global President of Glashütte Original, and Wan Beibei, Vice President of Glashütte Original China Madam, Mr. Wolfgang Lackner, Sales Director, Glashütte Original Asia Pacific

Mr. Yann Gamard, the global president of Glashütte Original, and Ms. Wan Beibei, the vice president of Glashütte Original China, came to the scene to share the joy with guests from all walks of life in Asia. Invited by the brand, the famous contemporary female artist Ma Yanling presented her unique portrait of a legendary woman at the event, and with the guests on the scene, explored the subtle connection between the age of women and the backbone. Her elegant art paintings perfectly reflected Ms. Pavonina. The perfect charm of a watch.
Creative new work pays tribute to women

灵 ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina watches show the trend of the era of diversified female beauty. Whether it is simple fashion, classic elegance, or luxurious brilliance, the Lingque series is easy to learn and worthy of careful tasting. Pavonina-derived from the Latin word pavoninus, meaning ‘peacock’, which means extremely bright and colorful. The splendid case design of the Spirit Sparrow series dates back to the 1920s, when watches at that time generally adopted a unique ‘pillow’ design, which was all the rage. Glashütte original designers add innovative designs to this classic style, making it more in line with contemporary women’s aesthetic standards. Designers also use innovative designs in the lugs to make the strap freely removable. The Saxon watchmaker applied a patent in this solution to achieve a perfect fit between the watch and the wrist of the wearer.

优雅 This elegant 31x31mm timepiece has three different cases to choose from: cool and extraordinary steel, elegant two-tone steel and red gold combination, and warm and gorgeous 18K red gold. The dials of the Patrina series are full of fascinating details, and they are processed in the brand’s own dial manufacturing factory through careful and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether it is the elegance of minimalism or the charming motifs inlaid with sparkling mother-of-pearl and diamonds, it reflects the charm of urban women.

The most eye-catching watch among the exhibits is the dark brown or pearl dial with 98 hand-set 0.38 carat diamonds arranged in a unique sparrow screen pattern. The streamlined case is also decorated with 114 diamonds, forming an open ring, and the crown is decorated with a 0.03ct diamond, which is a spectacular achievement.

At this grand event, 20 “Sparrow” series Pavonina watches were unveiled, not only possessing exciting beauty, but also accurate and reliable. Undoubtedly, they are the perfect companions for modern outstanding women who have both strength and beauty.
Artistic interpretation of group portraits

Jazz 伶 actresses perform classic 1920s songs

灵 The ‘Sparrow’ series Pavonina watches are inspired by a group of women who are truly pioneers of the times. In the 1920s, they broke free of the traditional restraints, broke the social conventions, and bravely lived out their true self. More and more women are taking off their tights, which has undoubtedly become the most powerful symbol to promote women’s liberation. In the exhibition, the installation art with women’s tights as an element quoted the declaration of women’s liberation in the 1920s; another inverted pyramid-shaped dense high-heeled installation art, hanging upside down in the air, profoundly showed women’s sexy, life fun and right Infinite yearning for freedom.

探讨 Discussion on multiple perspective transposition

At the exhibition site, a light and shadow gallery was opened to review the life of lingering elite women at home and abroad in the early 20th century in the form of a picture exhibition. There are many faces in the picture that still seem moving to this day: Mrs. Scientific House, Mrs. Woolf, the writer, Astronaut Valentina Tereskova, the painter Pan Yuliang, the architect Lin Huiyin and the Hollywood star Huang Liushuang. Although they are engaged in different careers, their shared self-confidence and self-reliance help them to develop valuable female wisdom, meet all storms and challenges, and finally achieve a prosperous life.

In addition, at the theme exhibition ‘Blooming Life of Lingque’, Chinese contemporary female artist Ma Yanling showed a series of portraits of Chinese film actresses in the 1930s and 1940s. From the perspective of contemporary women and experimental artistic methods, Depicting the same line of modern women’s spiritual group portraits can be said to be a great footnote for the ‘Sparrow’ series Pavonina watches. This group of portraits is displayed in a wonderful space-a well-designed portrait wall is shrouded in warm and long-lasting lights, quietly leading visitors to look back at time, to appreciate the beauty of Hu Die, to appreciate the elegance and feeling of Ruan Lingyu The gentleness of the manoeuvres and the noble minds of Asia that make people remember it. Under the complicated lines of the artist’s paintbrushes, those once beautiful peers seemed to be veiled, like the nib of the second hand, weaving a web of time to freeze a certain moment of pattern.