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Chanel’s fashion ‘report’

Aunt Chanel’s Fashion ‘Appearance’

Almost every woman knows Chanel NO.5 and 2.55. These have already become the classics of Chanel’s Chanel fashion symbols. Not only that, Chanel has gradually taken a place in the watch industry. What it represents is actually dozens of traditional fashion brands full of ambition in the field of watches.

In 1987, Chanel established the Watch Studio to launch the first watch ‘Première’, and since then it has entered the horological hall full of experts. It is conceivable that a fashion watch looks a little different among the strong brands with a long history of watchmaking. Until the launch of the J12 model in 2000, Chanel was considered to have caused great topic and sensation in the watch industry. However, at the time, many people still thought that J12 was just a product of ‘fashion’; but today, these people have to admit that J12 has become one of the representative of century classic watches and is eligible to be included in a page of the history of watchmaking . Even J12 has advanced to the ranks of advanced materials with high-tech precision ceramics.

Another capital that makes Chanel ridiculous is the cooperation with the famous old Swiss watch Audemars Piguet factory in 2008. The Calibre 3125 in the Chanel J12 series is regarded as a classic by many collectors. This watch is equipped with Audemars Piguet builds its own Calibre 3125 automatic movement for Chanel based on its signature automatic caliber, Calibre 3120. Although such cross-industry cooperation is not uncommon in the boutique industry, such a big public announcement has also made its debut in Swiss watchmaking.

Mademoiselle Privé enamel watch

This year, Chanel again launched the heavy work-Mademoiselle Privé enamel jewellery watch, which was extracted from the Chinese ebony lacquer screen pattern in Ms. Chanel’s apartment, using traditional Geneva techniques, and using the ‘big fire’ enamel process to create exquisite micro drawings case. This new collection, created by enamel technicians, sculptors and gem-setters, undoubtedly marks another brilliant chapter in Chanel’s creative watchmaking.

Classic-Chanel Premiere

Classic-Chanel Premiere

As Chanel’s first watch, Premiere’s classic status is self-evident, and it is also a relatively more historical one. The name PREMIèRE is a tribute to Chanel’s chief tailor ‘Première’. Its unique octagonal dial, sapphire crystal mirror, is inspired by the classic bottle cap of N ° 5 perfume and the shape of Place Vend? Me in Paris. The first K gold link watch was originally designed by Ms. Chanel for actress Greta Garbo.

Première collections are becoming more and more abundant today. In 2012, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Chanel’s first watch series ‘Première’, Chanel first launched a highly complex mechanical ladies watch with a floating tourbillon movement. This floating tourbillon is carved into Ms. Chanel’s favorite camellia pattern. The floating tourbillon rotates once a minute and the petals show the flow of every second. Each watch took 23 hours to set the jewellery, and the assembly time was more than 100 hours.

Chanel J12 watch

Chanel J12 Watch

J12, just like N ° 5’s status in the perfume kingdom, has become a hallmark of Chanel watchmaking. Chanel has drawn design inspiration from a sailing ship J12 that has gathered countless glories in the history of international regattas. With a superior shape and advanced high-tech precision ceramic materials, it reproduces the ’12-meter class’ of the year. Scenery in the America’s Cup. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the J12 series, this year the brand has launched a pure white Phantom version and a new style with the moon phase function for the first time.

Dior opens the watch “new look”

Dior opens the watch ‘new look’

Since the official launch of the watch series in 1975, while focusing on integrating the elements of the brand’s high-level customization into the design of the watch, it has also continued to make breakthroughs in the movement. Until 2005, when ‘borrowing power’ Zenith, Dior launched the Chiffre Rouge Irreductible chronograph with Zenith ElPrimero high-frequency chronograph movement, Dior also announced that it has entered the ranks of advanced complication watches.

La Chaux-de-Fonds

In 2001, Dior established its own production base in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Swiss watch production center. Each watch was conceived and designed by the Paris studio, and then developed by a team of horological experts. Each part was tested and assembled. In addition, just as high-end fashion requires top tailors to complete lace, embroidery and feather patterns, Dior Watchmaking Workshop also gathers top experts such as inlayers, dial installers, movement designers and other industries.

Classic series-Dior VIII series

Classic Series-Dior VIII Series

In 2011, the Dior VIII series was born. With its clever interpretation of Dior clothing and the brand’s DNA, the watchmaking process and high-end jewelry manufacturing process are combined into one, becoming the masterpiece of Dior watches. The Dior VIII watch has become a new classic that represents Dior’s soul DNA, just like Dior’s “Bar Jacket” corset women’s dress, Lady Dior handbag and J ”ADORE DIOR true self perfume.

王国 Hermes Low Modulation Kingdom

Hermes Low Modulation Kingdom

Different from some fashion watch brands, Hermès has an original design, can produce multi-function movements and has a factory. In the luxury watch camp, Hermès watches are undoubtedly the best among them. The charm of Hermes watches is excellent quality, elegant and casual, and unique.

In 1928, Hermès displayed its first watch series at the head office of 24 Forbes Road in Paris. At that time, Hermes cooperated with famous Swiss manufacturers such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Universal, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet to develop watch products. In 1978, Hermès set up the first exclusive watch production workshop in Herrès, Switzerland-Hermes Watch Headquarters. In 1999, the new watchmaking factory was completed not far from the original factory, more than three times larger than the old site, and it has now become the base of Hermes watches.

Then in just three years, Hermès completed the construction of its own watchmaking kingdom. In 2003, the high-end watch mechanical movement was commissioned to the Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier movement factory, and a Dressage watch equipped with Hermes H1928 movement was jointly released. In 2006, Hermès bought a 25% stake in this movement factory, and then acquired a 32.5% stake in Joseph Erard, a famous Swiss watchmaking company. In 2006, Hermès Watches Switzerland headquarters added a leather strap workshop. At this point, Hermès Watchmaking Kingdom has formed a comprehensive and powerful scale.

RessDressage watch

Beginning last year, the Dressage series and Arceau watch series are equipped with two Hermes-made movements: H1837 and H1912. These two movements are the result of a long-term cooperation between Hermès and Vaucher Manufacture, a well-known Swiss movement manufacturer. Like the ‘variable timepiece’ and ‘pause time’ pioneered by Hermès watches in the field of complex functions, they inherit the brand’s consistent philosophy.

Classic-Hermes Arceau

Classic series-Hermes Arceau watch

The theme of this year’s Hermès is sports, which is reflected in everything from fashion to watches. The Arceau series, inspired by the equestrian world, this time brings the Arceau chrono Bridon, which enriches the mechanical feel of the watch with its equestrian style. In addition to inheriting the original round case designed by Henri d”Origny in 1978, asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs and italic Arabic numerals, it is also equipped with a strap strap. The orange pointer is used on the sporty models, and the more classic models return to the blue steel or stainless steel.

Hermes also still invited Master Anita to continue making enamel works this year. Respect for traditional craftsmanship can also be seen in this year’s pocket watches. For example, Pocket Volutes pocket watches equipped with the brand’s H1928 self-winding mechanical movement, big chestnut-colored enamel enamel, let you relive the warm handmade texture.

Versace strong self style

Versace Strong style

In 1989, Gianni Versace produced the first watch ‘Atelier’, which combined Versace style and design features with advanced Swiss watchmaking technology. In 1996, Versace won the De Beers Award for his Tiara (the 1200 diamonds combined into the most dazzling series of elements). In the same year, Versace and the world-renowned watch designer Franck Muller produced high-end jewelry watches in Geneva.

Versace established Vertime S.A. in 2004 in cooperation with Timex Group, which has 150 years of experience in fine watchmaking. Vertime SA has since been responsible for the production and distribution of all Versace watches and jewellery. For the Italian boutique brand Versace, doing fashion is always as easy as crossing the road in the morning. Similarly, even in the big movement across the watchmaking field, it is not difficult to see that the brand is in That strong self-style on the design side. Versace applies unique design elements to every watch. The classic Greek pattern and the Medusa pattern combine classic art with modern elements.

Classic Series-DV One Series

Classic Series-DV One Series

In 2005, the launch of the DV One series marked a new era for Versace. The special ceramic material and design with quality symbol make DV one quickly become the most popular model of VERSACE, from the original black and white ceramics, to the newly developed pink ceramics and the case and diamond decoration with different materials. Makes DV one’s series increasingly stronger.

Gucci wild minimalist

Gucci wild minimalist

In 1972, Gucci was authorized by the Swiss watch company Severin Montres to enter the watchmaking industry. Continuing the same spirit of simplicity as clothing, GUCCI behaves neatly in the design of new watches. Since GUCCI first applied bamboo to the handle design of handbags in 1947, bamboo has become an important material for GUCCI and is used on different accessories. In 2003, GUCCI’s bamboo section ‘spread’ on the watch, and the bamboo-shaped stainless steel strap was widely welcomed.

Classic-Gucci Bamboo Watch

Classic Collection-Gucci Bamboo Watch

Gucci has launched two new Bamboo series watches in Basel this year. These two quartz watches continue the iconic bamboo style of the Gucci watch. The bezel and bracelet are painted with bamboo knots, keeping the minimalist style , Full of femininity. The Gucci logo is at 12 o’clock. The 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are decorated with silver Roman numerals on the simple and elegant surface. Available in black or white with stainless steel to create a stylish look for any occasion.