Hublot Hublot The Personality Of Successful People

This is the best era, regardless of struggle, advocacy, personality, will be respected and expected. Because of this, more and more men are more eager to be labeled with ‘unique’. Hublot, a top watch brand that has risen rapidly because of personality and craftsmanship, also gives time a different meaning.

Compared to traditional Swiss luxury watches, the vibrant Hublot watch is especially favored by successful people who pursue individuality due to its unique brand personality and outstanding domineering appearance. They don’t stick to tradition, they don’t stick to stereotypes, they use watches as a communication tool, they silently announce their extraordinary taste and unique vision, and they dare to be the world’s first innovative spirit to control the unique aura of Hublot. When Hublot appears on the wrist, it is like wearing a medal for the user, praising its outstanding talent and uninhibited heart.

‘Move forward in a different way.’ Is the motto of all employees in this unique company. Here, the extraordinary strength and charm of Hublot genes prevail. Hublot’s product research and development team can be called F1 in the watchmaking industry. It consists of watchmakers, design engineers, experts in micromechanics, chemistry, and materials. It completes a watch in its own building in a building. Shocked the traditional pace of watchmaking. Since 2004, Hublot has been advancing all the way, and its turnover has increased tenfold in just a few years, which is unprecedented in the traditional Swiss watch industry.

The legend of the Swiss watch industry who created this miracle is known as the ‘Watch Magician’ and Jean-Claude Biver, the current chairman of the global board of Hublot. He once told reporters that one of his secrets of success is to get up at 5 o’clock every day to work: ‘If I work 4 hours more than others every day, I will get life many times more than others!’

An entrepreneur at the peak of his career, he once felt the charm of Hublot in a close encounter with Mr. Beaver, and has since become a loyal fan of Hublot. In his impression, Hublot’s appearance is full of enthusiasm and vitality that infects others, fully reflecting the sense of the times. His collection of Hublot ‘Cathedral Minute Repeater Tourbillon’, ‘exhibiting the spirit of the king, is a boutique in the boutique, with great depth, not coldly convey time, but reflects mechanical craftsmanship in a complex level Beauty … ‘

For successful men pursuing individuality, Hublot launches the ‘Classic fusion ultra-thin skeleton king gold watch’. It combines the most discerning elements of Hublot’s dynamic design and modern materials. At the same time, this is also Hublot’s first attempt to challenge the ‘thin’ limit: the 45 mm diameter dial is equipped with Hubble’s ultra-thin movement, which is only 2.9 mm thick. The completely hollow design concept makes the watch’s internal structure-whether it is the adjustment part, balance wheel or escapement wheel-more clearly and intuitively displayed under professional eyes. A small stopwatch is set at 7 o’clock on the dial, and its hands continue the design style of the first-generation Hublot as a tribute to the history of Hublot. The power reserve of up to 90 hours and the excellent waterproof coefficient of normal operation under 50 meters of water add highlights to the work.