Introduction Of Patek Philippe 18k White Gold Diamond Watch

Patek Philippe Model 4908/113 Unique in the world
[Evaluation] On request
[Transaction price] 5175000 yuan
[Condition] 18K white gold, full diamond watch, total diamond weight 50.57 carats, movement number 3369667, case number 4266960, made in 2004, case size 24 & times; 20 mm, with certificate, box.
Ignore the Patek Philippe brand and the concept of watches. This 5 million yuan watch can be regarded as a diamond bracelet. This is the charm of women’s watches. It’s like that when a woman buys things, she doesn’t know too much about technical aspects, but it is enough to just shine and please herself. Sometimes it’s easier for women to be a market than men, and it’s right to be more emotional than rational. The total diamond weight of more than 50 carats is enough for women to drive them crazy. Therefore, when this watch without a clear valuation was previewed, some people guessed that it would become TOP 1. For nothing else, just for the heart of a woman.

 This is a unique 18K white gold Patek Philippe watch with diamonds. As we all know, if on the same watch, the color of the diamond is uneven, the clarity is a bit distorted, the cut is inconsistent, and there is no trace of inlay, it will be as clear as the stain on the white snow. Pure and beautiful leaves regret. The dial of this watch is set with 39 diamonds, the case is set with 42 diamonds, and the bracelet is set with 484 diamonds, plus a finishing touch on the crown: 536 beautiful diamonds heart to heart, same quality and same quality, no The color is flawless, and the nearly harsh screening finally creates this dazzling wrist watch.
¬†Inheriting the century-old Patek Philippe, while guaranteeing the accuracy of the watch’s travel time, with the highest quality and classic design, the diamonds symbolizing eternity are used to outline the unrivalled brilliance of the era. This noble and magnificent Patek Philippe diamond watch, with its brilliance and brilliance, is the only existence that first appeared in the world, and its collection value is unlimited.