Jacques De Roth Celebrates The Successful Completion Of The Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony By The Lausanne Bega Ballet

From June 17th to 21st, 2015, Lausanne Bega Ballet, Tokyo Ballet, Lausanne Symphony Orchestra and Opera Choir gathered at the Malley Ice Rink to perform together by Morris Bay Ninth Symphony, choreography by Maurice Béjart and directed by Alexander Mayer
   Three years of technical preparation, more than 15 weeks of rehearsal, and working with the Tokyo Ballet over 10,000 kilometers. 80 singers, 80 dancers and an orchestra have overcome many challenges and finally achieved this timeless masterpiece.
   On June 18, Jacques Dro is pleased to share with his guests outstanding performances. At the exclusive reception after the show, guests were also able to get in touch with the performing dancers. The whole event is perfectly linked to Jacques Dro’s ‘Art of Astonishment’.
   Following the successful European debut in Lausanne, Switzerland (22,660 tickets sold), in early July, the Lausanne Bega Ballet will once again perform this musical masterpiece at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.