Launch Of The Classic Iwc Portofino Mid-size Watch Series Grand Release

The 2014 ‘Watches & Wonders’ Hong Kong High-end Watch & Clock Fair (Watches & Wonders) opened today. IWC launched new Portofino mid-size watches in this year’s Watch Fair. Here are the details of all new IWC products.
  For 30 years, the Portofino watch series has been a modest gentleman among the nations, and it is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and elegant taste. With its simple and timeless design, it has become one of the best-selling watch series of IWC, which has been unanimously favored by men and women. Regarding the core philosophy of the new Portofino series in 2014, Georges Kern, the CEO of IWC, explained: ‘IWC has grown into a global brand, so we are There is great interest in the aesthetic taste and wearing habits of jewelry. We have observed that the demand for diamond-set watches is gradually rising around the world. ‘Facing this trend, IWC chose its classic Portofino The Nuo watch series has added some new elements while retaining the essence of luxury, beauty and timeless elegance. ‘Portofino mid-size watches make our hot-selling classic series more attractive for customers with thinner wrists,’ Qiao Qisi further stated. ‘Diamond-encrusted watches incorporate luxury in a low-key design, satisfying the aesthetic taste of customers who appreciate the simplicity and luxury of their watches.’
  The 2014 Portofino midrange collection includes 3 new 37mm models, with a total of 17 different models: Portofino midrange moon phase automatic watch (model: 4590), Portofino midday and day Shows automatic watch (model: 4591) and Portofino mid-size automatic watch (model: 4581). In addition to the mid-size series, IWC also introduced three new Portofino automatic watches (model: 3565) with a case diameter of 40 mm.

IWC Portofino mid moon phase automatic watch_IW459004
IWC Portofino mid moon phase automatic watch_IW459004
  The Portofino mid-size moon phase automatic watch (model: IW459004) in platinum is the flagship model of the new mid-size series. The dial, bezel and lugs of this watch are set with a total of 174 flawless diamonds. The black dial, which is carefully covered with a number of lacquer layers, is as deep as midnight, which sets off the dazzling luster of pure diamonds. For the first time, the designers of IWC designed the entire moon phase display as a starry night sky, with the moon and stars suspended in the boundless sky.

IWC Portofino mid moon phase automatic watch_IW459001
 The watchmaker also chose flawless, crystal-clear mother-of-pearl as the dial of the red gold and stainless steel Portofino mid-load moonphase automatic watch. The dial is white (model: IW459001 / IW459002 / IW459005) and black ( Model: IW459003) Two colors are available. The bezel is inlaid with 66 diamonds and is beautiful. “By using diamonds and mother-of-pearl, it reproduces the long history of the Portofino watch family,” explains Christian Knoop, creative director of IWC. “However, we have subtle, restrained Modern. The new Portofino series is faithful to simplicity, and the mother-of-pearl dial and radial sunburst add depth and agility to the watch. ‘

IWC Portofino mid-size automatic watch_IW458107
IWC Portofino Automatic Automatic Watch_IW458105
  The new Portofino mid-size automatic watch (model: 4581) has a case diameter of 37 mm. There are 4 red gold models and 6 stainless steel models to choose from, and the bezel can also be set with or without diamonds. For years, this simple three-hand watch with date display has been a low-profile star model in the IWC family. Today, this classic model brings a richer design and a slightly streamlined size, which will undoubtedly become the heart of many watch fans who love timeless classic watches. The radial sunburst on the dial and the delicately crafted case give the timepiece a unique noble temperament.
IWC Portofino automatic day and night display watch_IW459101
  The new Portofino mid-size day and night automatic watch in red gold (model: IW459102) and stainless steel model (model: IW459101) combine the luxury of diamonds and mother-of-pearl with the chic and sophisticated style of a modern family. . It is the best companion for global business people, elite rich people who travel through the clouds, and fashionable people who linger in nightlife. Especially for those who do n’t want to spend the day and night at a luxury party, Portofino’s day and night display automatic watch has its second time zone display and 24-hour day and night display function to help them easily grasp the pulse of time.
The IWC Portofino mid-size watch series is paired with an exclusive colored alligator leather strap by Santoni, or a fine steel or red gold Milanese mesh bracelet
  With the exception of two exceptions, all new members of the Portofino watch family are equipped with an exquisite alligator leather strap exclusively ordered by the famous Italian top shoe manufacturer Santoni for IWC. Santoni’s leather strap is exquisite and elegant, the pinnacle of superb craftsmanship. The secret to its success is the meticulous coloring of the leather. In the complicated process, each hand-made Santoni strap is given a unique quaint appearance, and the hue and gloss are also unique. In order to achieve this effect, the surface of the leather is polished several times with a variety of different dyes until it displays the ideal hue and perfect gloss. This year’s new Portofino collection is equipped with a colorful Santoni strap, inspired by the colorful facades of houses in the town of Portofino. Colorful and bright colors give this seaside town its unique charm.
In summary: For watch enthusiasts who prefer smart timepieces, the Portofino midsize watch series launched by IWC this time is a very attractive choice. The Portofino mid-load moonphase automatic watch and the Portofino mid-load day and night automatic watch perfectly reflect the timeless elegance and charm of Portofino, a small Italian seaside town.