Le William Appeared In The 25th Anniversary Of Legendary Time Travel In Handan New Century Heavenly Watch

After the legendary time of 1/4 century, Tianwang Watch joined hands with popular idol and half-blood prince Li William, and held a grand birthday ceremony and new legendary series launch conference in Handan New Century, officially launching Tianwang Watch The fourth leg of the 25th Anniversary Legendary Time Tour.

 At the launch event of the new series of the legendary series of King of the Kings, Li Williams made a handsome appearance in a light gray British style suit, accompanied by his tough and handsome model figure, showing the elegant and charming princely style. As a special guest of the 25th Anniversary of Legendary Time Travel · Handan New Century Station, Li William will be presented with a new series of legendary watches presented by Mr. Deng Guanglei, the general manager of the timepiece investment Co., Ltd. The watch is elegant and retro design, without losing the atmosphere and noble style, ingeniously interpreted the 25-year legendary design concept and watchmaking technology of Utopia. Regarding this award-winning legendary series of watches, Li William, who loves collecting watches, did not conceal his love. During the question and answer session of the reporter, he mentioned from time to time about the relationship with the Utopus and the watch. Show and share the style of this legendary series of watches to media friends at the scene.

  After the press conference, in the new century in Handan, although the sky was drizzling, it still couldn’t stop the enthusiasm of the fans at the scene. Many fans held their fan cards waiting for them. The scene was crowded. The recent appearance of Li William, who has recently starred in the latest film ‘Time Lovers’, instantly lit the scene and excited many fans waiting. Fans of Handan learned that Li Williams particularly liked the Uranus watch, so it also took three days and three nights to create a golden model of the Uranus legendary series. William’s affection. In the process of interaction with the host, Li William also expressed his best wishes for the 25th anniversary of the creation of Utopus, and wished the future cooperation between Utopus and Handan in the new century to be more brilliant. Finally, Li William and Mr. Zhu Hanyi, deputy general manager of Sunshine Group, and Mr. Deng Guanglei, market general manager of Jibao Investment Co., Ltd. pressed the laser ball. The laser ball turned and displayed the ‘Legend · Genesis’ subtitles, which means that Tianwang Watch and Handan In the new century, we will work together to create a legendary future. At the same time, Prince William also perfectly witnessed the fourth leg of the legendary time journey of the 25th anniversary of UO.

 After the on-site activities, Li William also visited the Tianwang Watch counter under the guidance of the Tianwang Watch and the new century leaders of Handan, and left his autograph on the lightbox film of the Tianwang Watch counter.

 It is understood that the next stop of the 25th Anniversary of Legendary Time Tour will be held in Zhengzhou, the legend continues, so stay tuned.

 Utopus Legend Series

 The whole body stainless steel design, with its elegant and timeless charm, is designed with the unique design of the ‘T’ in the design of the combination ring and the strap. The clever and unique design shows the wisdom. Gain insight into subtle laws, seek success, and win the life of a legend.
Li Williams unveiled the 25th Anniversary of Legend Time in Handan

Model: GS5722T / DD
 Series: Legend Series
 Body: stainless steel case, stainless steel bezel and electric gold handle, perspective twist bottom.
 Strap: stainless steel solid core steel strap electric gold, double press solid turtle back buckle
 Mirror: Sapphire glass
 Dial: white
 Movement: Imported high-quality automatic mechanical movement
 Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, 24-hour indication, calendar
 Waterproof: 50 meters waterproof