Liu Shishi’s Son: The Best Ending Of Siye And Ruoxi

(April 29, Beijing time) Today, Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi announced the good news on Weibo: children came to report, mother and son are safe. The poem that disappeared from the public sight for a while turned out to be awaiting labor and rest. The public only responded, and everyone sent a beautiful blessing.

Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi announced the good news of smooth production on Weibo

    ‘Liu Shishi’s son’ jumped to the top of the Weibo search list. In fact, since last year, Liu Shishi has greatly reduced her workload. In the latter part of last year, she only showed up at the scene of Omega brand activities. Still good. Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong got married because of the drama, and the popular TV series ‘Scared Everywhere’ made them meet and love each other. The two announced their marriage on January 20, 2015, and held a wedding in Bali on March 20, 2016. 2018 On December 20, Wu Qilong officially announced that Liu Shishi was pregnant.

On March 20, 2016, Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong held a wedding in Bali

Poems and Wu Qilong at the wedding scene were moved to tears (It’s so good to marry love)

After marriage, the two are often photographed by the media to travel together

Liu Shishi plays Ruo Xi and Wu Qilong plays Siye

The two also got together because of the drama ‘Scared Everywhere’
 As we know, Liu Shishi studied ballet from an early age, and after entering the entertainment industry, she is different from the ‘little fresh meat’ and ‘koi car’ that are suddenly hot nowadays. She also went from an unknown generation step by step to today. In ‘Xian Jian Qi Xia’, the dragon personality who plays dual personality, ‘Heart by Step’ is a complex-minded, changeable, but affectionate Marty Ruoxi, who played a generation in ‘The Legend of Female Doctor’ Well-known female national doctor Tan Yunxian … In 2013, Liu Shishi and three other young actresses were named the four new generations of China’s Four Little Flowers.

Liu Shishi’s ancient costume

 In her previous works, Liu Shishi is best known for her ancient costumes. With her gentle and gentle looks, and the natural elegance in her bones, in each role she played, she interpreted a style that belongs only to Liu Shishi.

Interpreting Liu Shishi with different styles in different roles

 Of course, Liu Shishi’s modern dramas are also very beautiful. I have seen Shi Shi herself. She is even more beautiful than her on the big screen. She does not shine, does not have a specific angle, and stands in the crowd with other people. Out of the ordinary. She was shining enough to be special, and it was unforgettable at a glance.

The recently aired TV series ‘If You Can Love This Way’

Liu Shishi plays Bai Kaoer in the play

 It may be because of learning ballet from an early age, whether behind or behind the stage, her manners have always maintained the best state. ‘Swan Shoulder’ is her label, calm and elegant as if born.

Liu Shishi wears the Omega Constellation watch

Liu Shishi wears the Omega Constellation watch

 I met Shi Shi in an interview. In June last year, it was estimated that the baby had not yet fallen on her. Shi Shi is actually more lively in private, with a playful little girl on her body. As an omega celebrity ambassador, she also has her own attitude towards the choice of watches: appearance, brand connotation and reliable quality, which coincides with omega. In October 2017, Omega officially announced Liu Shishi as the brand’s celebrity ambassador.

Omega advertising starring Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi wears Omega Constellation watch

 Omega chose Liu Shishi as the brand’s celebrity ambassador because she valued her influence and her elegance and unique temperament. In fact, their choice was very correct. Every time Shishi appeared at the brand event, it was very amazing. People said that Liu Shishi and Omega fit well.

Liu Shishi appeared at the Omega Constellation series exhibition site

Liu Shishi wears the Omega Constellation watch

 Shishi appeared in the public eye for the last time before production, and also participated in the Omega brand event in Shanghai. On October 24 last year, a red suit top and a red skirt were still elegant and charming.

Last October, Shishi Liu attended the Omega Brand Event

Four omega celebrity ambassadors inspired by commercials shot by Muse Cindy Crawford, Nicole Kidman, Alexander Ambrosio and Liu Shishi

Omega Advertising Campaign with Liu Shishi

 Some people commented that Liu Shishi was like a glass of boiling water. It was a bit boring, but she couldn’t lose it. Yes, she is too low-key privately in the entertainment circle that flaunts her personality. During the rise of her career, she admits romance, marriage, and having children. She seems to have no interest in Vanity Fair. But she continues to bring us high-quality works, and her attempts in TV series and movies have been pretty good. This time, she is going to play a mother, and this role will never kill, I believe Shishi will be a competent, gentle and lovely mother. Bless Poems again, hard work!