Meidu Unveiled Inspiration Watch Storm

From now on, log on to the official website of the Swiss Mido “Inspiration Creates Eternity, Who Wears Architecture in Your Hands” event website, participate in the Mido series of online creativity and game competitions, and shine inspiration in the creative space. In the game time, it proves that time is eternal, that is, there is a chance to win a surprise prize. Mido believes that as long as you have long-lasting dreams and creativity and are willing to sway your instant creative elements, you can achieve your own eternal inspiration. Explore classic architecture with Mido immediately, share inspiration with Mido Watch, experience creative interaction in the five months from April 20 to September 30, 2012, and leave the spark of inspiration as eternal memory.
   Who wears the building on his wrist? In 2012, the new image of the new Swiss Mido, which appeared on the world’s brightest, will show classic buildings on the wrist, and use wrist watches inspired by classic buildings to record accurate time. Today, Swiss Mido has passed the baton of inspiration to you. Mido believes that the spark of inspiration will be transformed into a concrete form by your imagination and become an eternal inspiration. You only need to register or log in to the Mido event page directly through your Sina Weibo and Renren accounts, select the activities you are interested in and participate in the competition. You can also interact with Mido on the online platform as many times as you like.
   People who like creativity and are willing to create works with their own inspiration can choose to enter the ‘Creative Space’ page, make creative works according to the template provided by the website, and upload the completed work to the event homepage and share it on Weibo. Mido draws 200 participating prizes each month from all participants who have participated in the event and successfully invited 3 or more friends to join the creative space event, and presents Mido exquisite gifts. In addition, 10 outstanding works (a total of 50 during the event period) will be selected each month for the outstanding awards of the year. These works will rely on extraordinary creative competitions including the ‘Popular Charm Award’, ‘Time Cube Award’, etc. Of the ten annual awards, won a Swiss Mido watch worth 6,000 yuan. The professional jury will also select the works with the most votes and the highest scores from the winning entries. The winners will receive two jury awards-the Swiss round-trip air ticket.
   If ‘creative space’ requires you to use inspiration to create the beauty of life, then ‘game time’ will be a good opportunity to learn about beauty and discover beauty. The participation method is fun and simple, but the big prize is equally powerful! You can enter the ‘Game Time’ page, select your favorite Mido inspiration building to enter, start the game, and after the four levels are reached, every participant who completes the game will have a chance to get a beautiful Mido souvenir, and also have a chance Received the monthly prize of excellence-a Swiss Mido watch. And if you can continue to participate in the competition according to the prompts, go to the store to get the inspiration password, enter the website to complete the ultimate game, and still have the opportunity to become the ‘Supreme Grand
The ‘Award’ winner received 10,000 yuan from the Tourism Fund.
   If you give such a big prize, what do you hesitate to do? Click the mouse to participate in the Swiss Mido watch ‘Inspiration creates eternity. Who wears the building on hand’ event, complete the journey of time and space of inspiration and creativity. Inspire yourself to create a better life, and together prove that time is eternal. Join us now and enjoy your creativity in the next five months. Enjoy the game and win big prizes!
About Swiss Mido

   In 1918, the experienced and talented master watchmaker George Sharon founded the Swiss Mido in Zurich, Switzerland. Its name comes from the Spanish ‘Yo mido’, which means ‘I measure’. Mido aims to make a watch that perfectly combines practical functions with unlimited value. MIDO entered China for the first time in 1938, when it was called ‘meter’. In 2000, MIDO entered China again under the name of ‘Meitu’ under the SWATCH Group.
   Real design is more resistant to the flow of time than the trend of the moment. Swiss Mido draws inspiration from classic architecture, and interprets the philosophy of time and space art together with the architecture, and wears eternal architecture with inspiration and creativity on people’s wrists: from the Great Wall of China to the landmark building of New York, from the ancient The Colosseum from Rome to the Arcade of Emmanuel II in Milan, from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Rennes Opera House in France to the Eiffel Tower … Medieval designed the Great Wall, Bruna, Perfect, Berencelli, helmsman, commander and other series of watches, they all have a classic design to accurately interpret the ‘inspired to create eternity’ brand motto.
   While emphasizing timeless design, Mido is also one of the brands of choice for Swiss official observatory-certified watches. For nearly a century since its birth, Mido has always insisted on manufacturing 100% Swiss-made watches with high-quality materials, precise movements, excellent waterproof performance, and long-term ownership.
The Swiss Mido watch is no longer a mechanical product that simply records time, but a symbol of taste, a timeless interpretation.