Mercedes Diamant Watch Blooms Flawlessly Beautiful Diamond

The Baume & Mercier Diamant diamond series, until the advent of this new watch, perfectly matched the meaning of her name. Carefully cut diamonds are draped in sparkling costumes, reflecting the elegant and delicate feminine qualities of fashion. The most striking feature of a Baume & Mercier female watch is its crown: an elliptical crown is set with a delicate diamond, leading 107 brilliant diamonds, making the Diamant series a gorgeous diamond watch. The finely crafted diamonds extend from the bezel and the crown to the lugs and bracelets. The 11 diamonds set on the mother-of-pearl dial exude charming light and charm. The case and bracelet are all made of stainless steel, making the watch more luxurious and shining.
    This brand-new diamond series watch perfectly interprets the essence of DIAMANT through the combination of delicate and elegant diamonds. It is the perfect fusion of the eternal elegance and the modern style of the famous legend. The new DIAMANT is not only the best adornment for dress dinners, but also a good companion in women’s daily life, allowing them to shine a magnificent and shining light at all times.