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Wearing a square watch wearing a thin watch
  Fortunately, this year’s weather is not hot enough, otherwise there will be no few standing in military posture. Fortunately, China has reached the international level in militarized education, and its training intensity is the same. There is no doubt that foreign students also have military training to walk away from the square array and stand as an essential part of military posture. One word ‘forbearance’. However, this is also the time to test the willpower, wearing a thin watch, as if nothing at the same time, full of presence in front of the instructor. Of course, this watch must be waterproof, otherwise you stand carefully for half an hour and return to the dormitory to see your watch stop and you will cry.

推荐 Watch Recommendation: Tissot-Classic T033.410.11.053.00 Men’s Quartz Watch
The classic model is always the fashionable model. The Tissot Classic series men’s watch is the ideal choice to meet this demand. The movement and appearance, the inner and outer relationship between the inside and the outside, realize the intelligent fusion of exquisiteness and simplicity. The gears of the complex core parts of the watch are precisely meshed and faithfully record the time immortal. In appearance, it pays homage to minimalist philosophy, expressing the desire for simplicity and purity in the hustle and bustle city with a straight outline.
Tissot Classic T033.410.11.053.00 Men’s Watch
Series: Classic Series, Men’s Watch
Movement: quartz movement
Case: stainless steel
Size: 38.0mm, thickness: 7.4mm
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 30 meters
Function: Date display

Orienteering Are you mind flow or technology flow
最好 The most fun part of military training is orienteering, where several people are grouped together and go to the command destination according to the command. Usually, timing and rewards and punishments are required. Want to get No.1? Quite simply, using a watch with its own compass function can be used to understand the northeast and southwest in the simplest way. If you think this method is too low-end, then you can wear a watch with only three large hands. The method is to set a toothpick or a match, a twig, a needle, etc. on the shaft of the hand in the center of the watch to make the watch level Put it right, the shadow of the toothpick under the sun coincides with the hour hand, then the middle of the angle between the hour hand and 12 o’clock is the north! The method is to speak slowly, and finally innocently say to them, ‘Don’t you know it’s that simple?’ Guarantee you and your instructors will be stunned!

 Recommended watches: Mido Belocelli M8600.4.26.8 men’s mechanical watch
Simplicity without losing the strong shock is always the concept of Mido creation. This watch takes advantage of the mixing of sounds: the lines and curves of the watch look so permanent and classic, and the movement becomes more precise at the same time. Mechanical movement is more rhythmic and powerful. There are no tedious design shadows, only implicit expression. Elegant and exquisitely coordinated on this watch. The stainless steel case depicts beautiful curves, while extending the edges to show a spectacular angle, making the entire watch like a touchable bezel. The front and back of the sapphire mirror are coated with anti-glare coating, and the unique Aquadura sealed crown system protects the crown (the wine bottle’s stopper will never deform), and it is waterproof to 50 meters. The movement and the automatic top are carefully modified by the Mido factory, with a transparent background at a glance. The watch is fully elegant on the wrist.
Mido Belem Celli M8600.4.26.8 Men’s Watch
Reference price: 5600
Series: BARONCELLI series, men’s watch
Movement: automatic mechanical movement, model: ETA2824-2
Case: stainless steel
Size: 38mm, thickness: 9mm
Table bottom: through bottom
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
Strap: Leather
Water resistance: 50 meters
Function: Date display

Gathering whistle in the dark
最 The most hateful military training in history exists. After all, no one wants to be awakened by a sharp whistle in a sweet sleep, and then get up, put on clothes, pack a quilt … But fortunately, wearing a watch with luminous can make you panic In the dark, Zhong also accurately finds your instructors and queues. Believe me, no matter how beautiful or handsome your instructor is, she can never radiate the glory of an angel. 3 minutes late? Wrong team? Good, 50 push-ups, start.

Watch recommendation: Casio CASIO-EDIFICE series EF-544D-1AVUDF men’s quartz watch

CASIO gentleman-style EDIFICE three-eye chronograph diamond watch is bright and unique. Emphasizing unique personal taste, the EDIFICE series models of the Yara multi-function watch are expressive personal tastes. The innovative dial features bright diamond design and the Yaku texture. The elegant and introverted basic 100 models can easily create a stylish style Male style.

Casio EDIFICE series EF-544D-1AVUDF men’s watch
Reference price: $ 1490
Series: EDIFICE series, men’s watch
Movement: quartz movement
Case: stainless steel
Size: 40mm, thickness: 10mm
Table mirror: mineral glass
Water resistance: 100 meters
Function: chronograph, luminous

Bonfire Party

温馨 The warm bonfire party is the first and last intimate contact between the instructor and the students. The watch does not need to be too delicate or artistic, as long as it can make that Ta, remember your youthful vigor and the best. The watch will accompany you into your busy learning new life, and accompany you to record your best time.

推荐 Watch recommendation: Swatch STORMY series SUUK400 watch

秋 swatch autumn and winter series watch with crazy years, street culture, midnight charm and illusion art, showing infinite appeal. The energetic feeling makes you the focus of attention. The classic engraving series offers a variety of choices in materials including stainless steel, aluminum alloy, silicone, leather, and new product series developed with mash-up materials.
Strap Material: Silicone
Case material: plastic
Function: date, luminous
Waterproof: 20 Bar