Minimalist And Elegant Watch House Special Event Nomos2014 New Product Appreciation Meeting

In the afternoon of October 19, 2014, ‘Walk into NOMOS-2014 New Appreciation Watch House Special Session’ arrived as scheduled. This event was co-organized by Watch House and NOMOS, and came to the familiar Beijing Concept Store of Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland. A total of 20 netizens were present on the day of the event. NOMOS watch shared its exquisite watches since the Baselworld 2014 with the watchmates present.

 The address of the event is the familiar Beijing Concept Store in Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center. The elegant environment here is also a place frequented by watch lovers, so it is very suitable for hosting events. Before the start, the staff arranged the scene early and prepared fresh fruits and delicate desserts for everyone.

  At the beginning of the event, a lecturer of NOMOS watches introduced the NOMOS brand and the corresponding watch knowledge. As an evergreen flag of the German watch industry, NOMOS has always been deeply rooted in the image of unique designs. Especially the new work of NOMOS watches in 2014, which perfectly integrates fashion and precise timing. You can hardly find a second brand, like NOMOS, that is both stylish and minimalist, low-key and artistic. Since its inception, NOMOS watches have always adhered to the small three-hand dial layout, which is easy to read.

 Next is the representative of WEMPE Beijing Concept Store to introduce its history and development. The WEMPE Beijing Concept Store in Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center is the German Hamburg luxury watch jeweller WEMPE opened its first branch in Beijing, which is also its 29th branch in the world. This new concept store has nearly 600 square meters of office space and is located in the ultra-modern glass fiber reinforced plastic pyramid building Qiaofufang Grassland Shopping Center, one of the most striking new buildings in the Chinese capital.

 This is a company specializing in luxury watches and jewellery, with strong financial advantages and good business capabilities. The Wempe family has been passed down for four generations. Since the opening of the first watch shop in 1878, it has gradually entered the watch market. From the development of Hamburg, a century ago, to today’s global luxury watch and jewelry chain. Whether it is a watch brand or elegant and smart jewellery, you can find their beautiful figure here. There is no need to worry here that the female relatives who are not cold about the clocks will be dull-at the corners, she will always meet those moments that make her eyes unable to shift.

 Next is a sympathetic speech by the industry’s senior watch expert-Ms. Laura will share her personal experience and her visit to the watch factory.
 Her first mechanical watch was a NOMOS watch from Glashütte, Germany. This is a limited edition of more than 2,000 watches. The simple design and beautiful movement attracted her at a glance, and Laura has been associated with it ever since. For more than ten years, this NOMOS mechanical watch has accompanied her through the hurried years. The precise travel time and excellent quality have made her worry-free in the past ten years-only one maintenance and cleaning during this time. German products have always been the same as their rigorous style of work. One look and one look are by no means derogatory. Only in this way can we guarantee the best quality and the most perfect works.

 NOMOS Metro is the latest series exhibited at the Baselworld 2014. It is equipped with a homemade escapement and has a 42-hour power reserve. The escapement, known as assortiment in Switzerland, is a key component of the movement. It determines the precision, robustness and durability of a watch. Only a few manufacturers in the world can produce the mechanical structure independently. The process includes screwing, grinding and screwing. NOMOS from Glashütte, Germany is now officially one of the few. The simple white dial is embellished with crisp green, the playful red second hand echoes, and the 37 mm dial size, how can such a small and fresh model make people willing to let go?
 The Nomos Tetra Berlin Set is available in four colors and is named after four important city landmarks in Berlin: Kleene (Ref.492), Goldelse (Ref.491), Clarchen (Ref.489), and Nachtjall (Ref. 490). Turquoise green Kleene means “little kid” in the Berlin dialect; the name of the golden Goldelse comes from the golden statue on the Pillar of Victory in Berlin; the name of the Clarchen comes from a famous dance hall in Berlin;

 Many women at the event said that the square Tetra series deeply attracted their attention. The turquoise green version of Kleene was equipped with a DUW 4301 movement and equipped with a power reserve display. This device can display the remaining power reserve of the watch, reminding the wearer to fully recharge the watch by rotating the crown.

 The watch that most appealed to men throughout the game was the ‘blue world.’ Many tablemates said that this deep blue makes it impossible to look away at a glance. The flaming ‘home’ icon allows you to feel the warmth of your home no matter where you are-when the NOMOS Zurich series is in the blue world, the watch can display the current time of the hometown of the wearer with just one touch. No matter where you are, it can always help you find home time. Tap the button that points to ‘home’, and you can tell if your distant relatives have woken up.

 This feature benefits from NOMOS’s own Xi movement, which knows the global time zone. Xi movement can accurately display the time in all time zones around the world. The development of this timepiece took two years, and 23 new precision parts were added. After a long and meticulous design, it was completed. The Zurich World Time watch has become simple and easy to use, and its elegant design is more eye-catching.

 Summary: The theme forum event of ‘Walking into NOMOS-2014 New Product Appreciation Fair’ was very successful, which not only enhanced the feelings between table friends, but also gave everyone a new understanding of NOMOS. Bring everyone more touch. Of course, the successful holding of the watch house special event cannot be separated from the support and attention of all watch friends. Here at the watch house, I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone, and also to NOMOS for providing you with this rare Appreciation, and finally thank Beijing Qiaofufang Grassland WEMPE Beijing Concept Store for the event venue. You and I will meet for the next exciting event.