Nine Days Above Who Is Competing With Pilot Pilot Pilot Type 20 Adventure Chronograph Watch

When it comes to pilot watches, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘Zhenli Shifei’- Zhenli Shi Pilot Watches . With a history of more than 150 years, everyone, with the glorious military history of the past, has become the only watchmaking brand that can have the word ‘PILOT’ engraved on the dial. Inside, an indelible mark is left. Nowadays, in addition to the internal configuration, when you choose Zenith to fly, you may focus more on the appearance and materials of this watch, such as hot bronze flying timepieces, vintage steel timepieces, etc. , All have a high-value appearance design. It can be said that a Zenith pilot series watch can meet all the needs of men for flight timepieces.

Zenith Pilot Type 20 ADVENTURE Chronograph Model: 29.2430.4069 / 63.I001

  This year, Zenith launched the Pilot Pilot Series 20 Adventure brand new model. In addition to the stylish and cool simple three-hand watch, the brand also provided a special version for it. This fully upgraded Type 20 Adventure chronograph is designed with a strong and overbearing appearance and a more precise movement device, creating a modern man’s wrist standard. It pays tribute to Zenith’s extremely pure aviation military pedigree.

  In terms of internal configuration, the watch is equipped with an El Primero 4069 self-winding movement, with a total of 254 components. It is equipped with a Geneva rudder, which can provide 36,000 vibrations per hour. Provides a power reserve of about 50 hours. For the El Primero movement, whether it was the beginning of its birth in 1969 or the prevalence of mechanical manufacturing today, it has never given up the term ‘high-frequency accuracy’ and has been leading the global movement manufacturing with a powerful process . So, who can compare a flying watch equipped with such a movement?

  In addition to the movement device, another major feature of the watch is the style design. Zenith has always wanted us to truly understand that through the retro and atmospheric appearance of flight timepieces: In the past flight battles, Zenith has always escorted every pilot with a domineering force.
  This time, in order to highlight the beauty of the passing years, Zenith made the case of bronze. This unique and rustic material will add more retro atmosphere to the watch and present a beautiful sense of time. And, during the passage of time, after oxidation, a unique patina is formed on the surface, becoming unique among the wrists. The diameter of the watch is 45mm, which is more atmospheric and intuitive when worn on the wrist. The large disk design ensures that pilots can still read clearly in the war-torn era.

  In addition to the copper-oxide case, the engraved ‘HB-1908’ on the side also gives the watch its unique characteristics. ‘HB’ here refers to the Swiss civil aviation registration code, and the number represents the watch serial number. , Aviation elements can be seen everywhere, reproduce the classic legend in aviation history.

  The exaggerated size onion crown is one of the iconic designs of Zenith Pilot’s Watch. Except for its large size, the crown-like groove design on the crown is specially designed for flight personnel to ensure that Pilots can still time accurately when wearing heavy gloves. Today, this design has also become an important design element for all pilot watches.

  The new Pilot Collection TYPE 20 ADVENTURE watch adopts the overall tone of the khaki green color scheme which is closer to the military style. Large Arabic numerals are set on the grainy khaki green dial. The hour markers are entirely made of white SuperLumiNova® fluorescent paint, and the gold-plated faceted hands have the same fluorescent coating, which is designed for easy wearing When the person is dim, they can still read clearly.

Zenith brand logo at 12 o’clock

‘PILOT’ at 6 o’clock

  A 30-minute counter is set at the 3 o’clock position of the dial, and a small second dial is set at the 9 o’clock position, which has a central chronograph hand. The tail of the hand is provided with a fluorescent coating for night reading.

  This watch is equipped with a protective rubber-lined khaki matrix calfskin strap. In addition, Zenith has equipped the new pilot series TYPE 20 ADVENTURE with protective rubber. The camouflage fabric strap is lined with military style charm, which can be selected on demand.

The bottom of the case is sealed, and the titanium case is engraved with the ZENITH flying instrument logo

  Summary: This more military-style pilot series TYPE 20 ADVENTURE chronograph watch, once on the scene, has been well received by watch lovers who love flying timepieces. After all, this handsome, high-value appearance, coupled with a reliable and stable internal configuration, is not to be missed. The price of this watch is RMB59,800