Obviously Beautiful Luxury Watch With Perfect Workmanship And Functionality

Glashutte Original (Glasuti) PanoInverse XL shows the inherent beauty of the mechanical movement, it pushes extraordinary members from behind the scenes to the stage of the watch. Let inner beauty become outer beauty.
   The beauty of the PanoInverse XL is obvious-screw-in gold sleeves, each of which is fixed with three screws on a black zinc-plated three-quarter splint decorated with Glashutte Original threads, with white gold Arabic numerals, indexes and graduations And platinum hands; elegant power reserve display, and most importantly, unique double gooseneck trim.
   The silver galvanized gooseneck trimmer is assembled on the black balance bridge decorated with gold carving, and the screw balance brings a dynamic beauty to the heart of the Glashutte Original 66-04 movement.
   The eccentric pattern of the PanoInverse XL gives the double gooseneck a fine-tuning space, allowing players of mechanical watches to enjoy every element of the mechanism used to adjust the vibration and speed of the movement. Obviously, this workmanship is perfect and functional, and its beauty inspired watchmakers to redesign the movement, so that this butterfly-the double gooseneck fine-tuning-has a place in the visual center of the faceplate. You can stop for a while.
   Wanting to show the inner beauty of the movement usually only makes you look over the watch and see it through the transparent cover, but this ambitious project has to design new parts and a lot of transformation of existing parts and molds Group, the movement’s three substrates and gear sets, and the power reserve have been adapted to the new ratio.