Of The Many Models Of Yang Mi, This One Is The Most Worth Buying And You Can Afford It!

Yang Mi’s ability to bring goods in the fashion industry can be said to be one of the best in the entertainment industry. Aside from the reasons for her own traffic and topicality, Yang Mi has her own opinion and Accomplishment. So every time she looks, she can attract countless people to imitate it. It is as big as the same coat, coat, bag, as small as jewelry, hairstyle, lipstick … Among the many models of Yang Mi, which one is the most worth buying , And still you can afford it?

Actor Yang Mi

Yang Mi in The Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

 From the image of Yang Mi himself, ‘girly sense’ is the biggest feature we found; besides ‘girly sense’, the image of sunshine is also the biggest charm released by Yang Mi. Yang Mi made his debut very early, showing his prominence with the playful Guo Xiang in the work ‘The Condor Heroes’. After that, works such as ‘Gongsuoxinyu’, ‘I’m a Witness’, ‘Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossom’ and so on made her promote to the most popular actor and star in China.

 This also opened up many opportunities for her to work with brands. As Piaget’s fashion ambassador, Yang Mi recently starred in Piaget’s new fashion film. In the film, she dances and dances with the ships sailing on the sea, the lazy shore in the evening; when meeting with friends and meeting intimate with her lover …

Yang Mi starred in Piaget’s new fashion film

 In Piaget’s new fashion film, a Yang Mi that constantly appeared in front of the camera attracted many people’s attention. No matter the occasion, even different dress styles, it is very expressive. Simple design appearance, colorful colors, the most special thing is that it can turn! Such a design can be said to be rare in a watch.

Yang Mi wears Piaget POSSESSION watch

 It is Piaget’s new POSSESSION series watch. This series is also the first time that a steel watch has been introduced this year. Its biggest feature is also the most attractive, which lies in the design of the bezel-it can be rotated. Piaget’s watchmakers unexpectedly incorporated the movement’s watchmaking skills into the design of the rotating ring. The outer ring and the inner ring of the ring are only one hundredth of a millimeter apart, enabling a perfect, smooth 360-degree rotation. Many people may say, what is the meaning of the rotating bezel? For friends with ADHD, this is a design that brings gospel. Then again, a ‘hard’ watch and a watch that ‘turns’, of course I choose the latter.

Piaget PIAGET watches

 Besides that, there is one thing that appeals to me, and that is-the price I can afford. This series is arguably the easiest and most worthwhile choice among the ‘big names’ that women in the workplace can afford. After the launch of the POSSESSION series of watches, many people thought that the asking price might be about 50,000. After all, Piaget felt like a brand with a long history. It is certainly not necessary to say that the professional quality, is the price definitely not cheap? But Earl is completely ‘crazy’ in this series of pricing! The domestic price of POSSESSION series watches: from 26,400 yuan, yes you read that right, you can buy a Piaget watch for less than 30,000 yuan!

Piaget PIAGET watches

 why? Is its quality discounted, or is Earl ‘good enough’ for its materials? The first time I got this watch, I knew that it was just my malicious speculation. This watch still adheres to the earl’s texture and watchmaking quality. The classic ‘PIAGET’ on the dial is the best quality certification. In addition to the indescribable texture, the diamonds inlaid on the dial are also carefully selected to reflect different light under different light. The price of less than 30,000 yuan can be included in a Piaget watch, we must know that it is no longer a miracle. Now that the goal is selected, how is its practicality and ability to match?

So how to wear it? Remember this formula: color rotation + stacked wear = multiple styles



 In the film, Yang Mi has explained a variety of possibilities for us. No matter on any occasion, business occasions, private gatherings of friends, they can be matched according to different dress. This watch uses a replaceable crocodile leather strap. You can change the color straps of different colors at home. You can choose according to the different color system of the day. In the picture above, the white suit with a red strap POSSESSION series watch, inadvertently played a role in the overall look.

 Then when choosing black or dark-toned navy blue dress, you can choose a dark purple POSSESSION series watch with a similar hue to respond. The bracelets and necklaces of the POSSESSION series in the picture are also very eye-catching, and did you notice? She uses a fashionable way of matching-stacking!

Yang Mi wears Piaget POSSESSION watches, bracelets and necklaces
  Secretly tell you that these are the same models of Yang Mi. A light blue dress in summer is also a good choice with Piaget POSSESSION series products. The classic design and colorful colors of Piaget POSSESSION series make summer-style dress Added a key element.


Piaget PIAGET POSSESSION series watch, bracelet stacked
 If you feel a bit boring to wear a watch alone, stacking it is the best way to break the dullness. In fact, ‘stacking the wind’ is not a new thing, especially after the arrival of summer, thin clothes need us to stack the jewelry together to increase the sense of layering. The best choice for stacking with POSSESSION series watches is the bracelet of the same series. This series of bracelets has an open opening design and a variety of gem setting: dark blue lapis, bright blue turquoise, red chalcedony, Black onyx and green malachite, you can choose according to the color of the strap. The Watch House also explored the domestic price of this series of bracelets for you. This year’s new fine-tuned bracelets are only 14,300 yuan, and eye-catching gems are brought home. Examples of correct wearing, the instructor Ella of variety show ‘101’ has demonstrated to everyone!

Ella wears POSSESSION watches and bracelets

Multiple styles

 The first point has already been considered by you, and the second point requires you to make a choice. After completing the above two points, you will get big-name jewelry and watches that can get a variety of styles. Many people think that the Earl of ‘out of reach’, this time launching the POSSESSION series has a variety of style choices on the product line, respectively: there are diamond models, no diamond models, and different thickness models, you can freely match different Wearing style, the most important is more approachable in price.


   Because of the rotating color of Piaget POSSESSION, the positive energy in the heart is transferred between the rotations, bringing out the positive side of the Sunny Side of Life, so that contemporary people, especially new women, have more confidence ,enjoy life. The POSSESSION series brings you a better quality of life at a price worth buying and more product choices. This model with both beauty and strength ‘Yang Mi’, you really deserve it.