Omega Will Be Committed To Pursuing Technological Innovation In The Future

As always, after entering the gate of the Basel exhibition hall, you can see the OMEGA exhibition hall with red as the main color. Some people say that the sales of Swiss watches are experiencing a cold winter in China, but Omega obviously has not What a big impact. Since the beginning of the year, Omega has successively held press conferences in Geneva, Shanghai and Vienna to announce its new anti-magnetic technology and Ladymatic new models. With a strong financial background and the support of the Swatch Group, Omega was able to continue to focus on technological innovation and maintain its industry leadership for a long time. Before this year’s Basel Show, our reporter interviewed Okewa, the global president of Omega.

Economic Observer: Can you tell us the key points of your brand this year? After moving into the new hall, what is the difference between the hall layout this year and previous years? Has the venue update made any difference to Basel?

Okehua: This year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Show’s exhibition hall was redesigned by the Swiss designer of the ‘Bird’s Nest’ of the Chinese National Stadium. . Not only that, audiences who have just adapted to the new environment will also get more surprises in the theme exhibition areas arranged by each brand.

Economic Observer: Earlier this year, Omega launched your latest anti-magnetic technology in Shanghai. How did you do it? Can it really be completely antimagnetic? How long does this patent R & D take, and what kind of team does it? Can you give us an approximate figure for R & D costs?

Okehua: As a member of the Swatch Group, Omega enjoys the unique advantage of bringing together watchmaking experts from various companies. Whenever we develop new products, we can find ASULAB’s R & D engineers, ETA and Nivarox movement experts. Metallurgists will recommend the most suitable non-ferrous metals. Scientists and engineers will formulate the best test procedures. At the same time, Omega will take charge of the overall situation and consider whether this new technology can be applied to our core coaxial escapement system.

For decades, we have been continuously searching for the answer to the anti-magnetic problem-in fact, the Omega Ironmaster watch released in 1957 was the anti-magnetic watch under the industrial development level at that time. The invention of the coaxial movement allowed us to think about how to solve the antimagnetic problem from a new perspective and the current actual situation. We have developed the 8508 movement in less than two years, which is really an exciting feat. Of course, out of respect for the industry rules, we are not convenient to disclose specific details such as R & D costs.

Economic Observer: Magnetic interference has been a major problem that affects the accuracy of watches for hundreds of years, but has not been resolved. Why is Omega able to do this, compared to other brands, in addition to the capital advantage, what other characteristics do other brands not have?

Okehua: This is to say that Omega, as a member of the Swatch Group, is able to share its strengths with its brother companies and share advantageous resources. Omega is responsible for leading various projects, working with the industry’s research and development elites to complete research.

Economic Observer: Will Omega widely use this technology in its various watches? How long do you expect to recover the R & D costs of these years? Have you applied for a patent for this?

Ou Kehua: At present, we are committed to matching our unique coaxial escapement with anti-magnetic technology. We won’t talk about R & D costs. But what is certain is that we believe that continuous pursuit of technological innovation is a good value for money, and we will continue with enthusiasm.

Economic Observer: You recently released a new two-tone Ladymatic series watch in Austria. Does this mean that women’s watches will continue to be the focus of Omega’s future promotion?

Okehua: Ladymatic series and other exquisite female watches have always been our promotion focus. The Ladymatic collection is not new. From the day we were born in 1955, we are determined to make exquisite ladies’ mechanical watches an important part of our Omega product strategy. The new Ladymatic series released in Beijing in 2010 takes this promise to a new level. We always design watches for women who not only pay attention to the performance of the watch movement, but also have a high aesthetic taste for the appearance of the watch. Over the years, Omega has been committed to manufacturing high-quality women’s watches, which can be seen from the classic women’s watch exhibition of “Charming Women Through Time” currently on tour in China.

Economic Observer: The new Chinese leader is recognized as wearing an Omega Constellation Watch. Will this increase your confidence in selling in China? How do you estimate China’s sales in the next two years?

Ou Kehua: We are very happy and honored to hear such news. This will undoubtedly further help us increase the brand’s visibility in the Chinese market. As a leading brand in the Chinese watch market, we will continue our efforts to maintain and increase Omega’s share in this important market in China.