Omega Brings George Clooney To Pay Tribute To The 50th Anniversary Of The First Human Moon Landing

In Cape Canaveral, Florida, well-known actors and astronauts gathered to celebrate the world-changing ‘Apollo 11’ feat of landing on the moon, and jointly presented Omega the first one worn on the moon Watches-Speedmaster toasts.

   During the one-day event, various parties discussed a series of space-related topics, including ‘Challenge the Limits’ and ‘Moon Table: Past and Present.’ Subsequently, media from all walks of life and VIPs attended the ‘Glorious Moment of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing’ dinner. George Clooney, Amal Clooney, Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke (CharlieDuke) and Thomas Stafford (Thomas Stafford) came to the scene.

   Astronauts are telling fascinating stories, and to ensure the success of the Apollo program, they are brave enough to fight ahead. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy, and the memories flowed like springs. Although the omega celebrity ambassador George Clooney is a movie star himself, it is clear that he is in awe of the heroes of his childhood and strives to make their glorious feats the focus of this celebration.

   In addition, astronaut and artist Nicole Stott, NASA pilot and International Space Station commander Terry Virts, European Space Agency astronaut, NASA veteran Jean-François Clervoy, a former NASA engineer, and Jim Ragan, the pusher behind the lunar watch, also attended two talks during the day and the ‘Moon Landing 50’ Anniversary Brilliant Moment ‘celebration dinner.

   Of course, without a special commemorative edition watch to commemorate this milestone of Omega, it is inevitable. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon, Omega has released a 42mm Speedmaster series watch, made of Moonshine ™ 18K gold, a unique new alloy that is slightly lighter in color than traditional yellow K gold, but has a color More durable and does not fade over time.

Zenith El Primero New Watch

Since its birth in 1969, the Zenith El Primero movement has become the focus of many watch fans. The brand also derives different watches from it every year. In 2012, Zenith launched the El Primero Chronomaster Open Grande Date Moon & Sunphase and El Primero Chronomaster 1969. It is planned to be launched in 2012 in Basel. Officially appeared at the 2012 BadelWorld. El Primero Chronomaster Open Grande Date Moon & Sunphase (Large Date Window Sun Moon Phase Chronograph) is a watch that integrates various complex functions such as sun and moon phase display, hollow calendar, chronograph, etc., with a diameter of 45 mm 18K rose gold or stainless steel case, in addition to the subtle dial with hours, minutes and seconds, 9 o’clock also has a small seconds hollow dial, 2 o’clock is a large calendar window, 6 o’clock is decorated with practical and poetic day Moon phase display. The display function is demonstrated by two overlapping disks. The upper transparent disk inlaid with two polished metal moons rotates every 59 days, while the lower disk used to distinguish between day and night is Turn around in 24 hours. Equipped with 4047 chronograph movement, this movement accurately counts to 1/10 seconds. 50-hour power reserve. 50 meters waterproof. The El Primero Chronomaster 1969 chronograph uses a 42 mm stainless steel case. It follows the popular multi-color dial design of 1969. It uses dark blue and dark gray tones. The 30-minute lap at 3 o’clock and the 6 o’clock position. The 12-hour lap is no different from the El Primero chronograph that year. In addition to the minutes and hours and the time and minute display, the dial also has a hollow window at 9 to 11 o’clock. The silver relief design and three blue screws around the hollow window add beauty. In order to reflect the movement of the movement, the brand designer and watchmaker redesigned the movement, and moved the adjustment device and the function of vibrating ten times per second to the edge position of the movement at 10:00. In terms of power, the watch is equipped with the El Primero 4061 new automatic chronograph movement, which consists of 282 parts and has a 50-hour power reserve. 100 meters waterproof.

What Is Global Warranty? What If Tissot Does Not Represent Global Warranty?

What is the watch global warranty?
  1. Global UNPROFOR means that watch repair and maintenance can be performed at dealers, specialty stores, legally authorized designated repair centers, etc. all over the world. But be sure to confirm the legal identity of the repair shop, otherwise, the more repair the watch, the greater the fault.
  2. Repair with watch’s ID card, unique number, and invoice. Human damage is not free.
  3. There will be different charging standards for cleaning, maintenance and polishing.
  4. The accessories that need to be replaced after the warranty is charged according to the standard.
  What is the global warranty for buying Tissot watches domestically?
  It is a global warranty, and domestic purchases need two chapters: the merchant’s chapter and Tissot’s authorized blue small round chapter.
  What should I do if I encounter a Tissot watch bought at a counter and not give it a global warranty?
  Many friends, like you, have misunderstandings about the after-sales repair and maintenance issues after purchasing a Tissot watch. In addition, some sales staff have deliberately misled customers. As a result, many people cannot enjoy the quality warranty services. Explain it to everyone. This explanation has been confirmed by official maintenance outlets to ensure its authenticity.
  Tissot watches are brands of the Swiss Swatch Group, which means that after-sales maintenance of Tissot watches is not independent, and the correct statement is after-sales warranty maintenance of all Swatch watches. The following explanation uses Tissot as an example, but it also applies to all other brands of the Swatch Group.
  Tissot’s after-sales service is divided into two types, one is the official designated maintenance center of the Swatch Group, and the other is the designated local maintenance outlet. The official maintenance center refers to Shanghai Neuchâtel Watch Service Center Co., Ltd. (which is often referred to as the Neuchâtel Swiss Watch Repair Center). It has a headquarters in China and four branches. They are Shanghai (Head Office), Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu. These five repair centers are responsible for repairing all brands of watches under the Swatch Group, of course, including Tissot watches. The repair scope is global warranty (genuine watches sold in all countries and regions including mainland China) and nationwide warranty. Warranty with warranty card. Special attention should be paid to the warranty concept of the watch, which only guarantees the movement, and the appearance is not covered by the warranty.
  The designated repair outlets only accept repairs for Tissot watches sold in the local area. For example, the designated repair outlets in Beijing can only guarantee watches sold by authorized counter outlets in Beijing, subject to the merchant’s sales stamp on the warranty card. Those who have no designated maintenance outlets in other regions can only go to Neuchâtel in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu for joint warranty (global, national joint warranty). The warranty requires a warranty card, which has two chapters, a Tissot factory-exclusive stamp, and an authorized specialty store (cabinet) sales chapter. The name of the merchant on the store (counter) chapter can be found on the brand’s official website. If it is not authorized, it can not be found. This needs to be stamped clearly. Without the sales badge of the merchant, it becomes a parallel imports, not only can not wait for the free warranty, but also can not guarantee that it is authentic.) The bar code on the tag can find out which specialty store your watch is selling.
  The author also noticed a special place, that is, the warranty cards in different countries and regions are not exactly the same, and the warranty cards of genuine watches sold abroad may not always have the factory blue stamp of the watch, but they have not been reasonable by the official repair center Explanation.
  The most important thing is that Tissot does not authorize any merchant to sell Tissot watches online, that is to say, Tissot watches are not allowed to be sold online, so the official after-sales service center has regulations that Tissot watches purchased online will not be given a warranty. If you are shopping online or purchasing from overseas, do n’t say you bought it online when you go for warranty. Also, don’t believe the counter inspection by the merchant, the counter inspection is just nonsense. At present, high-fidelity watches are not those that can be identified by the salespersons in the counters. The official repair centers use equipment and machinery for identification.
  All in all, the global warranty that e-commerce merchants or physical store sales people often say is completely incorrect. This is very different from the other global warranty concepts of independent brand watches. Do n’t misunderstand. Like the above situation, if the watch is purchased at an authorized counter, only the local authorized designated repair outlets and Neuchâtel watch repair centers are responsible for free warranty. If it is purchased through online shopping, purchasing, Haitao, etc., you can only perform free warranty and maintenance at the five Neuchatel watch repair centers mentioned above, and any designated repair outlet in China is not responsible.

Low-key Display Of Watchmaking Technology: Miniature Ultra-thin Automatic Watch

In addition to innovation and complex functions, the ultra-thin movement is a way for big brands to challenge superb watchmaking technology. The placement of all kinds of tiny parts in the ultra-thin space is definitely a hallmark performance, and it is also a collector’s coveted treasure.

Piaget’s 12P movement is only 2.3mm thick. Although it is a micro-automatic disk, it uses a two-way winding structure. It is equipped with a 24K automatic disk fixed by a slightly curved straddle bridge, which has good winding performance.
   The movement must be slender, and it must be considered from the beginning of the entire movement design, such as the thickness of the barrel, the winding system, all the way to the wheel train, escapement structure, and cooperation with the face plate and hands. . Since it is a thin movement, of course, the case is also an ultra-thin design, and the aspects that need to be considered are extremely extensive, which means that it is very difficult to make, and it is not easy for ordinary watch factories to complete. The ultra-thin movement is difficult to manufacture, and it is relatively deeper in maintenance technology than ordinary movements, especially in terms of assembly and adjustment skills.

Piaget’s 12P is equipped with a screw balance wheel with a vibration frequency of 19800. The successor model was changed to a ring balance wheel.
   The miniature automatic disc movement was introduced in the 1950s. The introduction of the concept of smaller than full-size automatic discs is mainly to strengthen the slimness of the entire movement. Miniature automatic disk is also called small automatic disk, quarter automatic disk or pearl tourbillon. Its volume is reduced to cover the whole movement. Naturally, there is no need to cover the movement to increase its thickness. Piaget’s 12P movement was launched in 1960. In the past, there was no computer assistance, and the technical difficulties of punching, cutting or drilling were very high. Therefore, Piaget has greatly contributed to the development of micro-automatic disks, leading the future. Development of ultra-thin movement. How to define the inverted bottom ultra-thin movement? There is no standard in the watch industry so far. Generally speaking, manual winding movements are within 2mm, automatic winding movements are within 3mm, and quartz movements are within 1mm, which can be included in the ultra-thin category. The thickness of a thin micro-automatic disc movement is less than 2.5MM. At present, movements within this standard are rare.

PP’s 240 movement is an automatic winding movement introduced in the 1970s. It uses a 22K gold micro-automatic disc with a thickness of 2.4MM. It is fine-tuned by the eight weights on the balance wheel, which belongs to advanced models.
   Piaget’s 12P thickness is only 2.3MM. Although it is a micro-automatic disk, it uses a two-way winding structure. It is equipped with a 24K automatic disk fixed by a slightly curved straddle bridge, which has good winding performance. It is equipped with a screw balance wheel, with a vibration frequency of 19800 and a subsequent model of 12P-1. It has been changed to a ring light pendulum and the vibration frequency has been increased to 21600, which improves the stability and accuracy of travel time. The Cal.240 movement of PP is a new generation of self-winding movement developed by the brand in the 1970s. It also uses a micro-automatic disk. Its material is 22K gold, single-winding, thickness is 2.4MM, and the frequency is 21600 times. The layer alloy hairspring is fine-tuned by the eight weights on the balance wheel. It has been in use for 40 years, and its performance can be seen in watches below the perpetual calendar.

Piaget 1208P movement
   In 2010, Piaget restarted the development of ultra-thin movements, and successively launched a number of ultra-thin movements that broke records, including complex functions. Ultra-thin has almost become a brand feature. The 1200 series is an ultra-thin miniature automatic disc movement developed based on the 12P model. It is designed with a single upward training. It is different from the original two-way winding structure. It is mainly mounted on the Altiplano model. It has two hands (1200P) and three hands. (1208P) and added calendar (1205P) and other functions, and even a skeleton version of the 1200S movement. The current ultra-thin movement has been developed horizontally in response to the ultra-thin design. The diameter of the movement is nearly 30MM. All components need to be reduced in thickness. The gears must be thinner and the axis shorter. When the precision is higher, The assembly is even more difficult. This is an amazing movement project, and Piaget is No. 1 in this field.

Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch
   The research and development technology of Bulgari ultra-thin movement has made major breakthroughs in recent years. Since 2014, an ultra-thin tourbillon movement has been launched, with a thickness of only 1.95MM and a case thickness of 5.0MM. In 2016, it introduced a movement thickness of only 3.62MM. Minute repeater movement, case thickness 6.85MM. This year Baselworld released an ultra-thin self-winding movement with a thickness of only 2.23MM, using a micro-automatic disk, and a case thickness of 5.15MM, all of which broke the world record. At present, a self-winding movement using a micro-automatic disk with a thickness of less than 2.5MM and a small second hand movement mainly includes PP 240, Piaget 1208P, and Bulgari 138. Among them, Bulgari’s design is the most unique.

Bulgari breaks the world record with three ultra-thin movements. The right-most Bulgari Octo is equipped with a 138 movement with a thickness of only 2.23MM. It uses a micro-automatic disk and a case thickness of 5.15MM, all breaking the world record.
   Bulgari is equipped with four protruding rubies under the micro-automatic plate, so that the platinum automatic plate will not be too heavy and cause shaft wear. Of course, the platinum material also makes the winding performance better. Piaget also uses this design. In addition, there are three rubies on the outer edge of the big steel wheel, and then draw a square with the barrel as the center, and there are four rubies. This design can prevent the gear from shaking when the movement is wound. The structure of the entire movement has a protective effect. With Octo models with 110 facets in the case, it is even more worthy of possession and collection. The addition and multiplication of the two seems to be a miniature work of art.

Bulgari’s Octo is equipped with a 138 movement, with a thickness of only 2.23MM, a micro-automatic disc, and a case thickness of 5.15MM, all breaking the world record.
   The precision of the thin movement is extremely high, and a slight impact may hurt the gear train. Its gear is thin and the gear axis is relatively short, which cannot withstand large collisions. The ultra-thin movement is basically matched with a thin case, otherwise it is meaningless. This must sacrifice the waterproof function. Even the diameter of the dragon core must be reduced, which may reduce its durability. limit. In comparison, Bulgari’s 138 movement has a number of protection devices, and it is believed to be an ultra-thin automatic watch that is really suitable for daily wear.

2016 New Entry-level Watches, These Watches Are Very Popular

It’s been half a year since 2016, and the new products launched in 2016 have basically met you. Today, the Watch House brings you several new entry-level watches in 2016, according to data Shows that these watches are definitely hot styles, you can’t go wrong buying them.

Mido Belem Celli M027.407.16.010.00 watch

Watch Series: Belem Celli Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Calfskin
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 7600
Watch details: The Powermatic 80 watch is decorated with details. Inside the 40mm frosted / polished stainless steel case, the round yet smoky grey dial with a modern touch is pleasing to the eye and protected by a sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare treatment. Faceted triangular hour and minute hands, hour markers, and central seconds hand are decorated with PVD-plated rose gold to enhance readability against a gray surface background without sacrificing stylish texture.

Summary: The three watches introduced today are all new watches launched in 2016. They are entry-level watches from the price point of view, and the attention of these three watches is very high. If you are thinking about it, you may wish to consider these three latest entry-level watches. Buying new or not buying for a long time is also applicable to the field of watches.

Ocean King Iwc Ocean Timepiece Explore Undersea Deep Blue

A magical place of exotic flowers and rare plants
To the mysterious ocean floor where endless ocean beasts roam endlessly
IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph
Pay tribute to nature and exploration with special money
Understanding the mysteries of time and nature

   If you want to ride the wind and waves, you must have the mission and not be brave. This archipelago, located 1,000 kilometers west of the South American continent, is home to hundreds of rare species and exotic flowers, like a quiet place isolated from the world, regardless of time and space. When and how these creatures drifted across the ocean and arrived in the unknown undersea volcano without any knowledge, which secrets of earth and nature are hidden in them, have attracted scientists from all over the world to explore for hundreds of years. IWC created this special edition of the oceanic chronograph ‘Galapagos Islands’ in the name of the islands. The blackness is like lava, and the back of the island is engraved with the famous prehistoric iguana on the island. Committed to scientific research and protection of the islands.
IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos Islands’ Special Edition
Model: IW379502

   With a diameter of 44 mm, it is equipped with IWC’s 89365 chronograph movement. The stainless steel case is covered with a black matte rubber coating, with a black dial and a black rubber strap. Equipped with all the functions required for land and underwater adventures: screw-in crown, inner and outer rotating bezel with safety diving system, flyback function, water resistance to 30 bar, hands and hour markers with luminous coating.
Retail Price: 76,100 RMB
   The ocean is the battlefield of the brave, and protecting the ocean is the brave mission of the brave. People rarely have the opportunity to dive into the deep sea and experience a world that cannot be reached by light, adjacent to the sea beast. However, the environment on which these sea beasts live is facing severe challenges. In the past ten years, IWC has been conducting in-depth cooperation with the Darwin Foundation to support its many environmental protection projects. One of the core themes is the protection of endangered species. The special edition of the IWC marine chronograph ‘Shark’ is inspired by the shark gray. The dial is filled with inspiration. The back of the hammer is engraved with several hammerhead hammerhead sharks.

IWC Special Edition Ocean Shaker Chronograph ‘Shark’
Model: IW379506

   With a diameter of 44 mm, it is equipped with IWC’s 89365 chronograph movement. The grey dial is inspired by the shark color, with a black rubber strap. Equipped with all the functions required for land and underwater adventures: screw-in crown, inner and outer rotating bezel with safety diving system, flyback function, water resistance to 30 bar, hands and hour markers with luminous coating.
Limited edition of 500 pieces.
Retail price: 87,800 RMB
Surging heart
   ‘People who dare to waste an hour of their lives have not discovered the value of life,’ Charles Darwin, a tireless naturalist once said. He landed on the Galapagos Islands during a global voyage in 1835, where he learned the mystery of ‘evolution’, and finally published his book ‘The Origin of Species’ in 1859, which forever changed the way people see and understand the world. IWC pays tribute to this great scientist with its precision timepieces and launches a special edition of the Darwin Adventures of Ocean Timepieces. The case is made of bronze, which maintains its stable and hard performance in the glamorous metallic light. It is also a commemoration of the famous research ship ‘HMS Berger’ when Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands. At that time, the corrosion-resistant Bronze materials are commonly used in portholes, boat accessories and marine instruments. The back of the face is engraved with a portrait of Darwin, with firm eyes and bright spirits, which shows that he continues to move forward on the road of leather creation, with a surging heart, accompanying the great journey.

Special Edition of IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’
Model: IW379503

   44 mm diameter, bronze case, waterproof to 30 bar. Equipped with IWC 89365-made chronograph movement, it can provide 68 hours of power reserve when fully wound. Screw-down crown design, mechanical inner and outer rotating bezel, equipped with safety diving system, hands, dial and rotating inner ring coated with luminous coating.
Retail Price: 76,100 RMB

Four Limited Edition Vacheron Constantin Watches Celebrate Paris Store Opening

Recently, Vacheron Constantin’s store opened in Paris. To celebrate this event, the brand launched four limited edition Patrimony Traditionnelle models. These skilled watches express the unique artistic charm of Vacheron Constantin with the pursuit of perfect quality.
 The opening of the new Vacheron Constantin store has strengthened the connection between the brand and France, and France has played an important role in promoting the brand internationally since the 19th century.

 Vacheron Constantin’s first franchise store in Paris (the 36th branch in the world) highlights the brand’s unique relationship with France. The boutique is located at 2 Heping Road, a symbol of luxury, and is close to the Paris Opera House sponsored by Vacheron Constantin.

 This specialty store with an area of ​​about 85 square meters, combining high-quality materials and exquisite elegance, is bound to become a must-see for watch connoisseurs and collectors. Vacheron Constantin brought in French art masters and well-known artisans to decorate the shop, and reflected the brand’s own heritage style in lighting, mosaic marble grain and wrought iron. In addition to the brand’s current collection of timepieces, Paris boutiques will display exclusive models, including a vintage collection called the ‘Vacheron Constantin Collector’.
 More Vacheron Constantin brand information: vacheron /

Tribute To Watchmaking Tradition And Craftsman Jacques De Dross Antique Pocket Watch

This pocket watch engraved with ‘Jaquet Droz’ is a difficult technical challenge for the brand. It is based on an original movement born in the 18th century and redesigned it. Complete, but now the case no longer exists. This is a time trip back in time, bringing back the most exquisite watchmaking traditions.

This is a rare challenge that watch lovers will never find in their lives. The master craftsman of the brand designed a unique timepiece based on an 18th-century Jacques de Loire movement, which carried forward the advanced mechanical skills of Pierre Jaquet-Droz and the extraordinary taste of beauty.

This antique movement was originally a private collection and was later acquired by the Jacques Dro workshop. It belongs to the crown wheel escapement movement, also known as the shaft escapement movement, which is a classic creation in the history of watches and clocks. The birth of this escapement dates back to the 13th century, and it remained popular in the world of watches until the 19th century. Its escape wheel intersects the balance axis perpendicularly to maintain swing. This movement was completely disassembled and cleaned, and the entire repair process took six months.

The gold-plated trim of the splint and the bridge is completely retained, all the supporting shafts are carefully repaired, and the shaft heads are re-polished. Remaking and installing a missing escapement tooth is a difficult challenge for a watchmaker. Pocket watches are wound in the same way as they were more than three centuries ago, using plug-in keys located between two time scales. This movement was originally not equipped with a winding key, which was specially designed and produced by Jacques Dro watchmaking workshop.

In the Jacques Dro Art workshop, the enamel painter, sculptor and gem inlayer referred to the timepiece style at that time, and designed a new case for it, explaining the brand’s exclusive chain pocket watch ‘châtelaine’ features: secret signature, four leaves Grass pattern, Roman numerals (hours) and Arabic numerals (minutes) on the dial. The dial is drawn by hand and processed according to compasses. The two hands rotate on the curved dial. The hands are hand-crafted from stainless steel and blue after flame processing, matching the lily pattern. The case is made of 18K gold according to the tradition at that time, and is embellished with rubies and pearls in accordance with the popular jewellery techniques of the 18th century. It takes a long time for the blue enamel on the bottom case to achieve a smooth and even blue, and gold sequins dazzle it. The sculpted bottom case adds a distinguished atmosphere to this pocket watch.

Elegant and exquisite, this pocket watch is an ode to the art workshop of Jacques Dro and to the infinite creativity of mankind. Inspired by legendary history, it turns dreams into reality today. This unparalleled and unique pocket watch will be carefully collected by the Jacques Dro Museum. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

The Original Technology Can Also Be So Touching

I don’t know if I remember the Eco-Drive RING that appeared on the Citizen booth at Basel in the past. Now this watch officially enters the Chinese market as a global limited edition. Citizen Eco-Drive RING The extraordinary beauty based on light kinetic energy technology is amazing: the original technology can be so moving!

This is a watch that has twice participated in the Oscar-Basel World Watch & Jewellery Fair. Its ground-breaking side design makes it a sensation once it debuts. After three years of hardening, Eco-Drive RING officially entered the Chinese market as a global limited edition. Citizen’s never-ending innovation spirit and strong strength to bring dreams into reality have made it a perfect leap from concept models to mass production.
The value of a watch is not only to become an identity icon that highlights the wearer’s noble temperament and elegant taste, but also to become a time companion that inspires people to discover themselves and understand life. . ‘Eco-Drive RING is based on the theme of’ Discovery ‘. It contains the discovery of creativity, the discovery of scientific and technological aesthetics, and even the discovery of the universe.

突破 The breakthrough of this watch has two points:
1. Side light absorption: The light kinetic energy absorption structure surrounding the bezel is placed in a ring made of curved sapphire glass. The three-dimensional design allows Eco-Drive RING to absorb the light source to the greatest extent.
2. Moon phase display: Unlike the ordinary small moon phase display, the moon phase at 6 o’clock completely reproduces the movement trajectory of the sun, moon and earth. As Yin Qingyuan lacked in the simulation of the wrist.
Eco-Drive RING has found the answer for us with its breakthrough bezel light absorption mode and stunning side profile. This is not only the latest discovery of Citizen’s creativity, but also shows the world the unlimited potential of light kinetic energy-in addition to being the energy driver of the watch, it can also become the protagonist carrying the beauty of design.
的 The best angle for Eco-Drive RING is the side. The light kinetic energy absorbing structure surrounding the bezel is placed in a ring made of curved sapphire glass, and is embedded in a hollow stainless steel case like a diamond ring claw, which has a three-dimensional look and feel of modern architecture. The three-dimensional design allows the Eco-Drive RING to absorb the light source to the greatest extent, and the 360-degree light penetration also makes the watch appear unparalleled and brilliant!
月 The moon phase function commonly found on high-end watches is more perfectly interpreted here at Eco-Drive RING. Different from the ordinary small moon phase display, the moon phase at 6 o’clock completely reproduces the movement trajectory of the sun, moon and earth. The attention to detail is also spared. The three-dimensional time scale, which carries the designer’s infinite imagination, can be found in different perspectives at different angles. The rare crocodile leather strap is just the base, the quiet blue-gray tone and the soft pearl luster coating are the finishing touch, and the low-key luxurious atmosphere spreads with it.

Breitling’s New Chronospace Watch Introduction

Inherited the classic three-eye shape of the Breitling watch, and at the same time has more visual impact. This is the first impression of the new CHRONOSPACE AUTOMATIC chronograph. The new watch is the second product of the CHRONOSPACE watch and belongs to the Breitling PROFESSIONAL series. Compared with the CHRONOSPACE watch with the B78 quartz movement, the CHRONOSPACE AUTOMATIC with the B23 self-winding movement not only redesigned the dial, but also retained the sense of power and fullness conveyed by this series.

The striking 12-point scale with square hour markers, together with the huge Breitling logo and three small dials, crammed the entire dial. When it doesn’t look messy and crowded. Like other Breitling chronographs, the small seconds dial is at 9 o’clock, and the chronograph minute and hour dials are at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively. The dial is available in four colors: silver, volcanic black, deep blue, and tungsten gray. The strap is available in rubber and steel.

The watch is equipped with Caliber 23 self-winding movement, based on ETA7753 movement, certified by the COSC Observatory. With chronograph and calendar functions. It can provide 42 hours power reserve at 28800vph.