Audemars Piguet New Millennium Series Touring Exhibition

With a long history of 131 years, Audemars Piguet, which is highly respected by the watch industry for its exquisite watchmaking technology and unique creative vision, recreates the legend of watches and clocks. After the successful conclusion of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Dalian and Shenyang, the last stop of the 2006 tour was ushered in at the Beijing International Club Hotel on September 24th.

 This time, Audemars Piguet brings more than a hundred luxury watches: the new millennial series, women’s series, classic series, royal oak series, museum collection series and limited edition series, each Audemars Piguet thoughtful design and The quality is the best of all. Among them, the main protagonist of the tour is the Audemars Piguet Millennium Series. The new and elegant fashion appearance and unique design style have made every watch enthusiast present a new concept of time-oval time.

 During the tour, watch enthusiasts will be fortunate to be the first to see the new Audemars Piguet men’s and women’s watches. Audemars Piguet reinterprets the millennium series that came out in 2000, and invites watch lovers around the world to discover a new concept of time-oval time. It represents a bit of time to return to self, private, and happy. The Audemars Piguet millennial watch series interprets the preciousness of elliptical time with a refined and elegant new look. It combines the performance of top-level pointer craftsmanship with a unique modern appearance, providing diversified new options for urban watch lovers.

 The new series of men’s watches in the millennium series echoes the neoclassical style: the oval case is decorated with shiny finishes on the curved lines, while the side lines are decorated with contrasting hand-matted sanding patterns. The design of the surface is eye-catching: the minute numbers of the outer circle and the central hour circle swept by the gold fluorescent hour and minute hands show an eccentric design. Displayed in Arabic numerals, the colors of the numerals vary according to the model. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, you can clearly appreciate the exquisite Cal. 3120 automatic winding movement, fully showing the precision and reliability of the movement exclusively produced by Audemars Piguet.

 During this tour, watch enthusiasts can also appreciate Audemars Piguet breaking the law of watchmaking, boldly challenging the trend, and launching an original watch that combines advanced technology and aesthetic design-the Royal Oak series. For example, the Royal Oak offshore watch for luxury sports. In 2005, at the SIHH in Geneva, Audemars Piguet added another force to the Royal Oak watch series, a new self-winding watch equipped with the self-made Cal. 3120 movement, with functions such as a calendar display and a central second hand .
In 2006, Audemars Piguet reinvented its technology, especially bringing the new Royal Oak Time Automatic Winding Watch exhibited at the Swiss Watch Fair this year to the scene. Its classic design and excellent technology made the guests present impressed.

 At the same time, the classic Audemars Piguet limited edition watch collection and museum collection series will also be displayed on the scene. Among them, Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Offshore Barrichello chronograph, specially designed for Brazilian Formula One (F1) racer Rubens Barrichello. Its unique elegant appearance and excellent performance still follow the Royal Oak. The legendary octagonal bezel is decorated with eight screws similar to the F1 engine. Many details of the watch are modeled after F1 racing. The lines on the bezel are like hollow brake discs, and the crown is like a rotating gear. Even if the buttons mimic the shape of the exhaust holes, they are all made of strong and impact-resistant high-tech ceramic Manufactured with a 3D wheel-shaped caseback with Barrichello’s personal logo in the center. With 18K rose gold, 950 platinum and a sturdy and wear-resistant grade 5 titanium alloy used in F1 racing, the case has become the main innovative feature of this watch. Every detail reflects the excellence and innovation of Audemars Piguet.

 In addition, in order to pay tribute to the world-renowned Italian car manufacturer Maserati and its beautiful MC12 sports car, Audemars Piguet specially launched the bold and innovative Millennium MC12 Tourbillon Chronograph. The unique appearance mimics the streamlined car body, combining the two complex functions of a tourbillon, a chronograph, and a dual barrel device with a power reserve of up to 10 days. Such excellent mechanical properties and new design complement each other, making this watch a perfect crystallization of the shocking watch industry. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to appreciate it.
Mr. Sickenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., came to the exhibition site and he was very happy to be in this beautiful city. He also said that Audemars Piguet has always been famous for its superb watchmaking technology and has been highly respected by watch collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. This touring exhibition also shows each Audemars Piguet watch at the same time, and better conveys the century-old wisdom of Audemars Piguet.

 Audemars Piguet successfully completed the tour with the theme of the Millennium series, enabling more watch lovers to appreciate Audemars Piguet’s traditional watchmaking technology while better understanding the century-old brand’s continuous pursuit of innovative watchmaking concepts.

Blue Charm Tasting Perming Tourbillon Abyss New Watch

At the 2013 Geneva Watchmaking Fair (SIHH), the Parmigiani Pershing Tourbillon Abyss watch was first unveiled. The watch inherits the essence of the Pershing series and is full of personality. The new watch has a charming blue dial, full of charm. The tourbillon at 6 o’clock and the ultra-long power reserve are impressive to this gorgeous watch.

   Based on the relentless pursuit of superior quality, Parmigiani and Italian luxury yacht maker Pershing began to create watch models in 2007, which has completed the entire process of Parmigioni’s Pershing watch from design to final delivery. Adhering to the bold personality style, Pershing series watches rely on the original production line, which interprets the careful use of traditional craftsmanship and fine materials. In the name of athletics, the modern lines reveal a striking sense of refinement, and the unparalleled texture and curves resemble the gorgeous yacht hull, which appropriately grasps the pulse of sports watches.

   The Pershing Tourbillon Abyss watch features an ultra-lightweight titanium case with an elastic screw-locked crown and a rose gold bezel. As a Grade 5 metal, titanium is 60% lighter than steel. It has attributes comparable to precious metals: its excellent durability makes it widely used in the aviation industry, and its outstanding corrosion resistance makes it aquatic. Ideal material for sports watches.

   The 45mm case ensures comfort and safety in all occasions and environments, and the double-sided brushed and polished finishing process shows its true nature. The design of the case subtly blends the modern charm of titanium with the noble temperament of rose gold. The luxurious gold bezel can be rotated in one direction.

   The fan-shaped power reserve display at 12 o’clock, the recessed graphics are coordinated with the sword-shaped hour hand and hour markers, and an elegant arc is drawn on the blue striped dial.

   The 6 o’clock position is a tourbillon device that reduces the effect of gravity on the escapement system and improves the accuracy of the watch’s travel time.

   The lugs use the consistent smooth curve of the Parmigiani watch, making the watch more modern and fashionable. The sturdy and reliable rose gold elastic screw-locked crown can withstand 10 atmospheres of pressure.

   Equipped with the brand-made PF510 manual winding movement inside, the power reserve is as long as one week. This unique watch contains more than 237 components and is water resistant to 100 meters.

Summary: Pershing Tourbillon Abyss is a luxurious men’s watch with a calm, blue dial with rich layers, and the exquisite dial design has an innovative style. It can maintain a week’s power reserve, and I believe it has attracted many people. The waterproof depth of 100 meters is sufficient for outdoor sports. As a rule, the Pershing Tourbillon Abyss is equipped with a blue Hermès alligator strap. This watch is entirely developed by Parmigiani, with a limited edition of 30 pieces and numbered one by one, and the number is engraved on the case back.

Review Of 2010 Watch Industry Sales Analysis

Global watch production in 2010 was about 1.2 billion. China is clearly the largest exporter of watches (671 million pieces), followed by Hong Kong (419 million pieces). In fact, Hong Kong does not produce watches, but is a watch trading circulation center. Swiss watch exports in 2010 were only 26.1 million, far behind the top two, accounting for only 2% of the world’s total watch production. The reason why Switzerland ranks first in the world in watchmaking is that the value of its watches, including more than 50% of sales with 2% of production, total sales reached 15.5 billion US dollars, far ahead of Hong Kong’s 7.5 billion US dollars and China $ 3.1 billion. In other words, 95% of watches with a price higher than 1,000 Swiss francs are ‘Made in Switzerland’! If the average price of a Chinese-made clock is $ 2, then the average price of a Swiss-made clock is $ 558. Coupled with the 700 million Swiss francs sales of the Swiss domestic watch market, the total sales of Swiss timepieces in 2010 were 15.8 billion Swiss francs, accounting for 53% of the global watch market sales. It is worth noting that these statistics are based on ex-factory prices, plus markups from sales channels, and real sales are much higher than this data.

Who is the buyer of Swiss watches?
 In absolute terms, Hong Kong is the number one market for Swiss watches, with sales of 3.2 billion Swiss francs. However, a significant portion of this is for re-export. Although sales plummeted by 37.9% in 2009, the US still ranked second with 1.7 billion Swiss francs. But the biggest impetus for the watch industry comes from the Asian market. In 2010, the Asian watch market absorbed 50% of its exports to CHF 8.5 billion. Compared with 2009, the highest growth rate was 34.6%. The Chinese market alone achieved sales of 1 billion Swiss francs for the first time, an increase of 57%. The average price of a Swiss watch reaches 800 Swiss francs (export price) in China, making China a luxury land for luxury brands. A significant portion of the watchmaker’s turnover is realized in China. According to a Swiss Vontobel Bank research report, the Swiss Swatch Group’s brands are most active in this region, with 33% of the Group’s sales attributed to the Chinese market.

Swiss watch exports grow rapidly
 Within six years, that is, between 2003 and 2008, the export volume of Swiss watches increased rapidly by 67%! This surge of momentum encountered a halt in 2009, the same year the Swiss watch’s foreign sales fell sharply by a third. However, watchmakers didn’t wait long to smile again: 2010 sales rebounded to 2007 levels. Swiss watches exported in 2010 are represented by stainless steel mechanical watches. Stainless steel watches accounted for half of the total export watches; mechanical watches accounted for 72.1% of sales with 18.9% of exports. In other words, more than 80% of the Swiss-made watches are equipped with quartz movements, including about 12 million Swatch quartz watches.

Kingdom of Watches
 The three biggest watch kingdoms in the world are: Swatch (Swatch Group), Rolex (Rolex) and Richemont (Riemont Group). These three watchmakers together account for 46.8% of the global market, or nearly half of the world’s market. The world’s leading luxury product LVMH Group, after acquiring the Italian brand Bulgari in March 2011, ranks fourth in the watch industry. It is worth noting that the LV MH Group’s watch business accounted for only 7% of its total turnover, compared to 85% of Swatch’s turnover and 100% of Rolex’s. , And 48% of Richemont’s turnover. The market share of Citizen, Seiko and Casio, the three well-known Japanese watchmakers, fell from 14.7% to 10.7% within two years.

Breguet Breguet Pre-basel Tradition Elegant Show

Breguet launched the iconic Tradition series 7027 in 2005. It is the first time to fully expose the mechanical mechanism of the splint. This series has the same characteristics but different styles. This year Welcome this outstanding new member-Tradition Automatique Seconde Rétrograde 7097.

 The case of the Tradition Automatique Seconde Rétrograde 7097 watch is cast in 18K white gold with a fine bezel pattern. The dial is made of silver-plated 18K gold, and the 12 o’clock eccentric dial is decorated with hand-engraved patterns. It has an independent number and a Breguet signature.

Like other members in the series, 7097 is inspired by ‘customized watches’, showing Abraham-Louis. Breguet’s talent, the first single-pointer pocket watch developed in 1796. The custom watch is equipped with a simple movement and sold as an order: a quarter price is paid in advance, and the balance is paid when the goods are picked up. Mr. Baoji also made the first touch watch with the movement of a custom watch. Praise the movement of this custom watch and touch watch with Tradition 7097, and show the bridge, gears, escapement, barrel and movement parts of the general watch hidden under the splint. The slender decoration enhances the visual balance of the symmetrical table bridge. The bridge and the splint are in the shape of a hammer to match the rare hand-made skills and perfect production skills to achieve an even and consistent modification effect. The gold oscillating weight refers to the style of the movement at that time, and the eccentric silver-plated gold dial at 12 o’clock is decorated with the traditional hand-engraved stud pattern. The dials produced by Mr. Baoji after 1799 are equipped with this dial design.
This brand new watch is named for its retrograde second hand at 10 o’clock, with the hour and minute display function indicated by the Breguet needlework hollow blue steel hands. The Breguet watchmaker displays the seconds in a semi-circle decorated with a circular frosted texture, without confusing other display functions. The 4 o’clock shock absorber shows the overall perfect balance. This famous Breguet invention can protect the balance lever from damage due to impact, which is also a feature that the Tradition series can recognize at a glance. This device is a variety of shock absorbers today. Including the pioneer of the ‘Ingabor’ system. The case is a 40mm 7097 equipped with the most advanced technology. Its movement is equipped with an inverted linear lever escapement, with silicon pawls and silicon Breguet balance springs to ensure a stable rate. The Tradition Automatique Seconde Rétrograde 7097 watch is the crystallization of craftsmanship and aesthetics, showing Breguet’s determination to modernize historic installations. Its simple appearance more closely follows the brand’s tradition, and its technical characteristics are an important asset for a watchmaking brand to resolutely create the future.

The Starting Point Of The Homemade Movement Tudor Tudor North Flag Vs Pelagos

TUDOR Tudor has been out of the world of general-purpose movements since 2015, and has also started to make its own movements. Considering the fine traditions of the entire group and the skills behind them, some people may still feel that Tudor until then It was a little late to have a homemade movement. However, although it didn’t start earlier than other brands, in more than three years, Tudor has been actively developing its own product line. In addition to the basic three-hand function, it has also derived chronographs or two-time functions. More and more. Tracing the source, MT5621 and MT5612 are the two starting points of Tudor’s home-made movements. This time, let us admire the attractive features of the North Flag and Pelagos equipped with these two movements.

TUDOR North Flag
As mentioned earlier, Pelagos and this North Flag are the first models to be equipped with Tudor-made movements. Among them, the North Flag has received more attention than Pelagos because it is a native model and has a power reserve display. At the beginning, everyone was too excited about the launch of the self-made movement by Tudor, so the discussion about this was almost focused on the movement. On the contrary, the analysis of the watch itself was carried over, and now, after enough time, It’s time to take a comprehensive look at the entire watch.

The power reserve display is set at 9 o’clock on the face plate, and the bright yellow fan-shaped squares gradually shrink to remind the wearer of the remaining time.

The case is actually combined with ceramic material
The North Flag is a native style. Although some of the elements in the watch can be reminiscent of the brand’s antique watches in the past, it is generally appropriate to look at the new watch. The body of the watch is integrally formed from the middle case to the lugs. The substantial structural strength and impression belong to the sturdy and durable design, which meets the requirements of the product ‘mission equipment’. The bezel here rarely uses a double-layer structure / material. The upper layer is stainless steel like the case, and the lower layer is ceramic. After the popularization of ceramic materials, there are many examples of replacing the entire bezel with ceramic for scratch resistance. It is relatively rare to place ceramics underneath.

The crown is screw-in to ensure water resistance, and the crown is slightly tapered, making it easier to handle manually. From here, you can also see that the lower layer of ceramic is wider than the upper layer of stainless steel, which is the first line of resistance when encountering side impacts.

Reverse thinking creates new value for ceramic structures
Placing ceramic on the lower layer of the bezel technically cannot prevent scratches from the front. This is a puzzling design of the North Flag. However, because the side of the bezel is inclined outward, the lower layer of ceramic can be used. In order to resist the impact from the lateral direction; on the other hand, although the ceramic is scratch-resistant, it may be completely broken when it is hit. Tudor may not use ceramics on the front here to avoid this situation. The watch comes with a chain strap or a belt, but even the belt comes with a folding buckle.

The watch rarely has a transparent caseback. Although the North Flag uses a larger movement, the size of the watch is smaller than the Pelagos. The reason why it is so important is that the movement is exposed.

Currently the only Tudor-made movement with a power reserve display
Compared with the Peugeos 5612, the watch is equipped with the 5621 movement. The first is that the diameter of the movement is slightly larger, and the other is that the power reserve is displayed at 9 o’clock. Energy storage display in Tudor (or Rolex) is a relatively rare feature. Although it may not be necessary under the premise that the user of the automatic winding and Tudor is likely to wear it for a long time, but considering The power reserve of the system is seventy hours, and the watch user may forget to add the chain when wearing it, so multiple energy storage indicators can also be regarded as insurance measures.

TUDOR Pelages
Pelagos is one of TUDOR’s earliest replacement of homemade movements. For a long time, Pelagos has always been undervalued in the brand. Objectively speaking, its performance and exterior materials as professional diving watches are higher than Black Bay, but the price is only a little higher, and the CP value is definitely higher. , But it is always difficult to beat BB’s pleasing retro look, and its popularity is slightly inferior, so Tudor has always made a lot of tricks to enhance the attractiveness of Pelagos. It can be regarded as one of the first to carry homemade movement one.

The square decoration nicknamed ‘Snowflake’ by the collector can be seen on the hour hand. This is the signature feature of TUDOR’s production of diving watches since 1969.

More professional performance than Black Bay
Pelagos has a water-resistant depth of 500 meters, which can already be regarded as a deep diving watch, so there is a helium exhaust valve on the left side of the case. The outer case is made of titanium and the bezel is ceramic. These are beyond the reach of Black Bay. It is also worth mentioning that it has a buckle with a strap. It has a professional diving watch Often the increased joint extension structure, as well as the special elastic tension function, will automatically lengthen or shorten as the pressure changes in the water, which is quite superior in the diving tables currently on the market.

The ceramic bezel is the most attractive point of Pelagos’s many specifications over BB. The official has not detailed the process of their ceramic bezels in memory, but its digital scale and surface are flush with it, which is different from the intaglio of Rolex.

Tudor Diver Watch Classic Classic Hand
The workmanship of the watch exteriors outside the materials is also quite delicate. The model uses the axe needle of the Tudor diving watch’s signature-now officially named Snowflake Needle. This may be one of the most wise decisions when Tudor reorganized the diving watch product line in 2012, successfully defining the unique personality of its own products. , But also linked to the brand’s vast historical heritage. The façade on the inside of the case is beveled. The rectangular time scale cuts directly into this bevel, creating a very three-dimensional sense of space on the surface. This is a feature of modern watchmaking in terms of processing technology and aesthetic style. .

The crown shoulders are also available in Pelagos but not in BB. Even the date shows that BB was finally added until 2017. Although people who want to buy BB should still prefer the dateless version, the difference between the two demands You can see this

Added blue face with homemade movement
After Pelagos started to replace the brand-made MT5612 movement, it also launched a new color of blue face and blue ring. The official blue points out that this blue is taken from the brand’s past diving watches, but the blue of the antique Tudor diving watch is closer to the navy blue, which is quite different from this light blue. The connection is mainly spiritual . The self-made movement is certified by the observatory, so the lower part of the faceplate is marked with relevant words. Such dense printing should also be very appetizing for Rolex / Tudor players.

North flag

Stainless steel, ceramic material / MT 5621 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, seconds, date display / power reserve display / COSC Observatory certification / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / 40mm diameter / reference price: 21,000 RMB


Titanium, ceramic material / MT 5612 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date / C.O.S.C. Observatory certification / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 500 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 30,000 RMB

Black Triangle Watch Hamilton Elvis 75th Anniversary Watch Tasting

Hamilton watches often introduce some models to commemorate the late celebrities. In fact, he has done very well in this regard. As a tribute to a deceased celebrity, Hamilton’s new watch series ‘Adventure-Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary’ watch uses avant-garde shapes and unique materials to fully display the fantasy of the future. If the black PVD coating on the stainless steel case cannot be regarded as a new ‘material’, then the watch’s fine rubber strap and the ‘grid’ on the dial are bold applications of the new material. Today I will bring you this Elvis watch.
 Hamilton VENTURA H24615331

 ‘Elvis’ is a pioneer of rock music. Hamilton is also an innovator in the watch industry. The future type of adventure ‘Elvis 75th Anniversary’ of automatic movements has surpassed people’s imagination with its wild design. Multi-layered tough case, black PVD coating, mesh hollow dial and comfortable black rubber strap are the ultimate interpretation of personality and dynamics.

 The limited edition Ventura XXL uses Hamilton’s shield shape as the watch design. With a special gun steel color combination and a cool futuristic feel, the enlarged Ventura XXL has a larger cold texture and a diamond corner at three o’clock. The crown is compatible with the case with a special design. The diamond-shaped check on the black dial not only shows a modern sense of technology, but also emphasizes the delicate craftsmanship. Ventura XXL’s specially marked red scale extends from twelve o’clock to three o’clock, and the red tip of the large second hand is particularly bright in the all-black watch model. With the all-black rubber strap, the mysterious and avant-garde A stylish break into the watch.

 Summary: Triangular tables are still relatively rare. I have seen antique Waltham triangle three-pins in auctions before, very small and exquisite. This triangle is completely different from the other triangle. The former triangle is upright and has a sense of religious mystery; the latter is very avant-garde. The triangle has been rotated 90 degrees. The bullet exudes a spirit of courage and hard work.
 Watch details reference: hamilton / 394 /

The First Magnetic Effect Control Precision Breguet 7727 Watch Real Shot

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here we bring new Basel products, Breguet 7727 real shots, friends who like Breguet can preview.

 With its pioneering spirit of innovation, Breguet has made great contributions to improving the accuracy of clocks by virtue of many inventions. However, Breguet is not just immersed in a glorious past and stopped. On the contrary, it continues to search for watchmaking and invests in research and development of innovative technologies and materials. In the past 10 years, the brand has applied for more than 100 patents, and most of the patents are related to timing technology and sound devices. The patented Magnetic Pivot system, which became effective on November 7, 2010, is related to magnetic technology. Breguet pioneered the use of magnetic effects to improve the accuracy and reliability of watches. The launch of the new Classique Chronométrie 7727 proves that Breguet has achieved its goal, giving a new definition of perfect watchmaking.

 Breguet’s latest masterpiece uses a rose or white gold case and is equipped with a 574DR movement. It is a hand-wound time-lapse movement with the latest research and development achievements. Its excellent travel time is derived from the ultra-high frequency of 10 Hz. Its first appearance was loaded in the Chronographe Type XXII chronograph, and it proved the improvement of the chronograph balance spring. Thanks to the brand’s expertise in silicon technology, the new Classique Chronométrie watch is equipped with a specially designed silicon double balance with hairspring, silicon pallet, silicon escape wheel, making this watch not only ultra-high Vibration frequency and excellent precision. In other words, it improves the best timepiece adjustment power, which is generally between 300-400 microwatts, to 830 microwatts. With outstanding kinetic energy storage barrel technology and the use of high-quality lightweight silicon, Breguet has a high-frequency 7727 watch with a power reserve of up to 60 hours.
 However, if the Breguet Classique Chronométrie watch is a major technological breakthrough, it is the application of the Magnetic Pivot magnetic system. Perhaps, in a few years, this technology will be more widely used. The advent of the Magnetic Pivot system enabled Breguet not only to control the negative effects of magnetic force in mechanical watches, but also to tame the magnetic force, allowing it to serve to improve the rotation, rotation and stability of the balance wheel. The basic concept is to use two jewel bearings to combine strong micro-magnets (approximately 1.3 T), and each of them is connected to the two ends of the balance axis. Adjusted dynamic balance system. When one side’s magnetic force is stronger than the other side, one end of the balance axis maintains stable contact with the ruby ​​bearing (supporting stone) of the bearing. Rotary inertial force. Because the magnetic coupling between the shaft center and the jewel bearing is stronger than gravity, the shaft center will continue to be affected by the jewel bearing regardless of the orientation of the watch. In addition, this system also acts as a shock absorber. If the gear shaft tip is offset to an improper position, the magnetic force will pull it back and increase the lateral displacement range of the gear shaft tip. When the magnetic returns the maximum fluctuation, the axis will automatically return to its correct position. In this way, in the artificial gravity environment, the axis of the balance wheel is completely unaffected by the gravity, and is more stable and more effective in earthquake resistance. The performance test result of the 7727 watch incorporating a number of innovative technologies is an average error of -1 / + 3 seconds per day, which is much better than the -4 / + 6 seconds standard of the COSC Swiss official observatory. More importantly, the average daily error detected at 6 positions was reduced to -2 / + 4 seconds (at maximum power).
 The new watch with cutting-edge technology is the symbol and crystallization of Breguet’s watchmaking excellence, protected by no less than 6 patented technologies.
 The 574DR movement itself is undoubtedly a major invention. Naturally, the case of the Classique Chronométrie watch equipped with it must also be carefully designed to match its pioneering qualities. The dial is designed as an eccentric hour and minute dial. A small second hand is set at 12 o’clock. The power reserve is displayed at 5 o’clock. The patented silicon hands in tenths of a second are located on the small second dial at 1 o’clock. The classic shock-absorbing design makes the travel lighter without affecting the rhythm of the balance wheel. The pare-chute suspension is clearly visible at 2 o’clock, which once again shows the vision of Breguet’s innovative craftsmanship in 1790, while also making the watch thinner.
 Every detail of the craftsmanship reveals Breguet’s ingenious watchmaking skills. The dial is carefully crafted with 6 different patterns by hand: Geneva ripple on the center dial, Paris studs on the small seconds dial, and one tenth of the sun Light motifs, herringbone motifs in the power reserve position, classic hour stripes on the hour ring and wheat grains on the outer edges. The polished Breguet blue-steel hands, the rose gold and white gold cases are decorated with elegant coin patterns, welded lugs, independent numbers and Breguet concealed signature marks on the outer edge of the case. A 30-meter water-resistant watch looks like an art treasure. The watch is equipped with a leather strap, and the sapphire crystal case back is clear and transparent, which shows the complexity and exquisiteness of the inner machinery.
Watch description
No. 7727BR / 12 / 9WU
The case is 18K rose gold with a coin motif on the outside. Sapphire crystal case back. 41 mm diameter, welded lugs, screw-in crown. Water-resistant to 30 meters.
The dial is 18K gold-plated silver, with 6 different hand-engraved patterns, with an independent number and a Breguet signature. Roman numerals, small seconds at 12 o’clock, small seconds at 1/10. Breguet polished blue steel hands.
The movement is a manual-winding mechanical movement with a stop-seconds function. It is engraved with an independent number and the words BREGUET. Cal. 574DR, 14 legal minutes, 45 rubies, and a power reserve of 60 hours. Double barrel, silicon lever escapement in silicon, 180 degree flat silicon balance spring, 10 Hz frequency, Magnetic pivot magnetic system. 6 orientation adjustment.
The strap is made of genuine leather with a three-fold folding clasp.
Also available in platinum, number: 7727BB / 12 / 9WU
The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.

Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Do You Have The Courage To Wear Green?

The title party, don’t get me wrong, I’m talking about a green watch. Cultural differences are an invisible hand, invisible and quality, but extremely powerful. Green is never seen in China. The allusion of hats has made men all over China have a suspicion of green, and the red and green of the stock market has also made investors talk about green. However, the western world loves green very much. Not only is there no allusion to green taboos, the financial market has always been green, and green in their eyes is more pure, like green plants, representing nature, life, environmental protection, and vitality. When it comes to watches, the watch is made of metal, and the traditional color matching is mostly the case of the original color of the metal, with a black, white, and gray dial, which is distinguished, high-end, and accented. However, it is always boring to have a cold face, so in the past five years, colorful materials such as ceramics and fibers have become fashionable ‘coats’, and the dial has scratched the annual popular colors. For example, this year’s quietly green. Blue is constantly changing. Although blue is free from the rigidity of black and white and gray, it is still mysterious and noble. What cannot be separated is the aristocratic model that a watch should have. Green is different. Even if China’s green taboos are not counted, green is bright and rebellious, and has rebellious personality. It is also a challenge for watches with aristocracy in their bones. Speaking of the Green Form, I have to mention that Rolex is indispensable for driving this trend. To borrow a word from online Rolex fans: ‘No one does green like Rolex.’ Of course, the hottest Rolex green watch is a dash of green glass, and a green water ghost with a strong makeup. First look at the various wearing positions of green glass & green water ghosts. Does Rolex’s ‘Green Water Ghost’ find that wearing a green watch can not only be controlled by business, leisure, and sports, but also green, which has been produced by Rolex consistently with high quality. The watch changed its mood without losing taste. In fact, Volkswagen watch fans are not as conservative as they think about the personality breakthrough of watches. Take a chestnut for yourself. The trend of the blue watch is ramming in the past two years. I followed the trend and bought a blue Rolex Date Just to give it to my dad. Suddenly too tide, the old dad couldn’t help it. Rolex ‘green glass’ watched Father’s Day is approaching. If last year’s budget had the opportunity to buy it once this year, I would choose a green watch for my father. Not only is Dad not green taboo, but also green is fresh, lively, individual, and boring. I can think of Dad wearing it as younger and more fashionable. This year, it can be said that the green watch is spreading for the first time in a large area. No matter sports men’s models or elegant women’s models, they have introduced green and stylish models. Soaring. Although the green watch is rebellious, it definitely brings new personality and vitality to the watch. As long as you choose the right green and suitable model, it will definitely brighten your temperament. It depends if you dare to wear it? Green has a strong natural flavor and is full of vitality, so its combination with sports watches is very popular. The Rolex Green ‘Water Ghost’ mentioned earlier is a diving watch. This year, various sports watches have exploded in green. Wayde van Niekerk, a famous sprinter and Olympic gold medalist, wears a demonstration. He is wearing a RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 self-winding ultra-thin watch. RICHARD MILLE often collaborates with world-renowned athletes to create a variety of styles suitable for professional sports wear, many of which are green. RM 67-02 WAYDE VAN NIEKERK -Sprint (Dash) Automatic watch Audemars Piguet’s love for green has actually been shown the previous year. A fluorescent green royal oak offshore type is beyond everyone’s expectations. This year Audemars Piguet has added a more restrained matcha green. From the whole body gold material to the blue plate, to two completely different feelings of green, Audemars Piguet is easy to control in terms of color. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore diving watch Montblanc is synonymous with gentleman watches, especially in the choice of men’s watches, has always been more cautious. This time, in the 1858 series chronograph, not only green, but also the brighter one of green, created a wave of surprises. Montblanc 1858 series chronograph Chopard’s green men’s watch also comes from the chronograph function, which is matched with the Mille Miglia Racing Colours watch related to motor sports. There are 5 colors in the same series. Chopard Mille Miglia Racing Colours The green pilot’s watch is the main venue for bronze watches. The color of bronze is a special green, which will change over time when worn on the hand. Zenith, which is good at pilot watches, will continue to introduce bronze models this year, pushing retro green to the end. Zenith HERITAGE PILOT Ton-Up watch green color is still stressful for men, and for people who are stocks. Of course, these are just jokes. At present, no male watch fan has refused a good-looking green watch because of these meanings of green. And green has always been friendly to women, because all kinds of green can very well set off the fairness of the skin. From the perspective of jewellery watches, green is also the primary color of many precious stones, with natural preciousness. Bvlgari’s Serpenti series of colorful watches has a double-circle colored strap, of which the green dial with rose gold plus green strap is particularly eye-catching. Bvlgari’s Serpenti series colorful watch Cartier Cheetah is one of the most recognizable elements of the brand. This year, this noble and beautiful leopard is golden and appears on the dial like quicksand. The dial of the Revelation dune Panthere watch has three colors, including a unique green. Cartier Revelation dune Panthere Piaget Possession series is a typical, playful design, from jewelry to watches, to jewellery watches are vividly displayed. In this year’s new series, the green model uses malachite to create the surface, and the color is green and pleasant, and it has a unique texture. The Piaget Possession series watch this year also uses malachite as the dial. The more special one is the La D De Dior series Gem Dior watch, with a green case. Dior La D De Dior series Gem Dior watch Chopard launched a green version of the high jewelry watch series, the dial is made of opal, exuding a chic color like blue and green, the color will also change under different light. The Chopard L’ Heure du diamant series also has a green watch, which is a more conservative one. The dial color is more conventional, but the article on the strap makes the whole model look new. Panerai has always given a strong sense of masculinity, and has taken a deep line in the application of color. This year’s shrinking case is actually paired with a tender cream green. Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Acciaio 38mm In January this year, Tag Heuer launched a redesigned F1 ladies watch with a replaceable strap. Later at the show, it was upgraded to a new color watch with a more summer atmosphere, including fresh grass green models. TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady (F1 women’s watch) In this year’s fashion watch, Gucci launched a green strap: bright green crocodile leather. Gucci 40mm self-winding watch text | Elizabeth and Mark design drawing | Jili drawing | Part from brand and network (Search: time concept)

Introduction Of Patek Philippe 18k White Gold Diamond Watch

Patek Philippe Model 4908/113 Unique in the world
[Evaluation] On request
[Transaction price] 5175000 yuan
[Condition] 18K white gold, full diamond watch, total diamond weight 50.57 carats, movement number 3369667, case number 4266960, made in 2004, case size 24 & times; 20 mm, with certificate, box.
Ignore the Patek Philippe brand and the concept of watches. This 5 million yuan watch can be regarded as a diamond bracelet. This is the charm of women’s watches. It’s like that when a woman buys things, she doesn’t know too much about technical aspects, but it is enough to just shine and please herself. Sometimes it’s easier for women to be a market than men, and it’s right to be more emotional than rational. The total diamond weight of more than 50 carats is enough for women to drive them crazy. Therefore, when this watch without a clear valuation was previewed, some people guessed that it would become TOP 1. For nothing else, just for the heart of a woman.

 This is a unique 18K white gold Patek Philippe watch with diamonds. As we all know, if on the same watch, the color of the diamond is uneven, the clarity is a bit distorted, the cut is inconsistent, and there is no trace of inlay, it will be as clear as the stain on the white snow. Pure and beautiful leaves regret. The dial of this watch is set with 39 diamonds, the case is set with 42 diamonds, and the bracelet is set with 484 diamonds, plus a finishing touch on the crown: 536 beautiful diamonds heart to heart, same quality and same quality, no The color is flawless, and the nearly harsh screening finally creates this dazzling wrist watch.
 Inheriting the century-old Patek Philippe, while guaranteeing the accuracy of the watch’s travel time, with the highest quality and classic design, the diamonds symbolizing eternity are used to outline the unrivalled brilliance of the era. This noble and magnificent Patek Philippe diamond watch, with its brilliance and brilliance, is the only existence that first appeared in the world, and its collection value is unlimited.

Omega Will Be Committed To Pursuing Technological Innovation In The Future

As always, after entering the gate of the Basel exhibition hall, you can see the OMEGA exhibition hall with red as the main color. Some people say that the sales of Swiss watches are experiencing a cold winter in China, but Omega obviously has not What a big impact. Since the beginning of the year, Omega has successively held press conferences in Geneva, Shanghai and Vienna to announce its new anti-magnetic technology and Ladymatic new models. With a strong financial background and the support of the Swatch Group, Omega was able to continue to focus on technological innovation and maintain its industry leadership for a long time. Before this year’s Basel Show, our reporter interviewed Okewa, the global president of Omega.

Economic Observer: Can you tell us the key points of your brand this year? After moving into the new hall, what is the difference between the hall layout this year and previous years? Has the venue update made any difference to Basel?

Okehua: This year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Show’s exhibition hall was redesigned by the Swiss designer of the ‘Bird’s Nest’ of the Chinese National Stadium. . Not only that, audiences who have just adapted to the new environment will also get more surprises in the theme exhibition areas arranged by each brand.

Economic Observer: Earlier this year, Omega launched your latest anti-magnetic technology in Shanghai. How did you do it? Can it really be completely antimagnetic? How long does this patent R & D take, and what kind of team does it? Can you give us an approximate figure for R & D costs?

Okehua: As a member of the Swatch Group, Omega enjoys the unique advantage of bringing together watchmaking experts from various companies. Whenever we develop new products, we can find ASULAB’s R & D engineers, ETA and Nivarox movement experts. Metallurgists will recommend the most suitable non-ferrous metals. Scientists and engineers will formulate the best test procedures. At the same time, Omega will take charge of the overall situation and consider whether this new technology can be applied to our core coaxial escapement system.

For decades, we have been continuously searching for the answer to the anti-magnetic problem-in fact, the Omega Ironmaster watch released in 1957 was the anti-magnetic watch under the industrial development level at that time. The invention of the coaxial movement allowed us to think about how to solve the antimagnetic problem from a new perspective and the current actual situation. We have developed the 8508 movement in less than two years, which is really an exciting feat. Of course, out of respect for the industry rules, we are not convenient to disclose specific details such as R & D costs.

Economic Observer: Magnetic interference has been a major problem that affects the accuracy of watches for hundreds of years, but has not been resolved. Why is Omega able to do this, compared to other brands, in addition to the capital advantage, what other characteristics do other brands not have?

Okehua: This is to say that Omega, as a member of the Swatch Group, is able to share its strengths with its brother companies and share advantageous resources. Omega is responsible for leading various projects, working with the industry’s research and development elites to complete research.

Economic Observer: Will Omega widely use this technology in its various watches? How long do you expect to recover the R & D costs of these years? Have you applied for a patent for this?

Ou Kehua: At present, we are committed to matching our unique coaxial escapement with anti-magnetic technology. We won’t talk about R & D costs. But what is certain is that we believe that continuous pursuit of technological innovation is a good value for money, and we will continue with enthusiasm.

Economic Observer: You recently released a new two-tone Ladymatic series watch in Austria. Does this mean that women’s watches will continue to be the focus of Omega’s future promotion?

Okehua: Ladymatic series and other exquisite female watches have always been our promotion focus. The Ladymatic collection is not new. From the day we were born in 1955, we are determined to make exquisite ladies’ mechanical watches an important part of our Omega product strategy. The new Ladymatic series released in Beijing in 2010 takes this promise to a new level. We always design watches for women who not only pay attention to the performance of the watch movement, but also have a high aesthetic taste for the appearance of the watch. Over the years, Omega has been committed to manufacturing high-quality women’s watches, which can be seen from the classic women’s watch exhibition of “Charming Women Through Time” currently on tour in China.

Economic Observer: The new Chinese leader is recognized as wearing an Omega Constellation Watch. Will this increase your confidence in selling in China? How do you estimate China’s sales in the next two years?

Ou Kehua: We are very happy and honored to hear such news. This will undoubtedly further help us increase the brand’s visibility in the Chinese market. As a leading brand in the Chinese watch market, we will continue our efforts to maintain and increase Omega’s share in this important market in China.