Parmakini Chinese Official Website Officially Launched

In 1996, Parmigiani was founded in Val de Travers, the cradle of watchmaking. As a world-renowned top Swiss watch brand, thanks to the support of the Sandoz Family Foundation and its commitment to protecting high-quality Swiss craftsmanship, Parmigiani has developed into one of the few who owns it Independent watchmaking brand across the entire production network.
 Since entering the Chinese market, Parmigiani has always insisted on 100% Swiss-made, independent research and development of innovative movements, relying on professional technology and craftsmanship, dedicated to bringing consumers excellent timepieces. The Parmigiani brand is strictly controlled, and the limited production makes every customer’s watch a limited edition. In order to better support the rapid development of the Parmigiani brand in the Chinese market, the Parmigiani Chinese official website ( was officially launched in November 2016; users can also log in to the mobile terminal (parmigiani) .cn) Browse the official website content for simultaneous updates.
Shocking full-screen design

 The clear and concise interface design of the new Parmigiani Chinese official website is refreshing. The full screen design is designed to bring an immersive visual experience to the viewer. Just click the full screen button to enter the world of ultra-clear timepieces, so that users can enjoy a comfortable browsing experience and more intuitively present content.
Easy menu navigation

 The official Chinese website includes information about product categories, fine watchmaking networks, brand stories, and sales networks. Users can use the menu on the left side of the webpage to easily enter relevant pages to obtain valid information. Click on the new product to view the complete watch information, and obtain the global first-hand data simultaneously; click on the watch series to learn about all the watch models instantly. Clear menu navigation effectively improves browsing efficiency and enhances the customer experience.
Update to mobile

 With the rapid development of information, the development and operation of mobile terminals cannot be ignored. The Parmigiani brand is based on the actual situation, and will be updated on the mobile terminal. No need to worry about the external restrictions of time and place, no matter where you are, you can get the latest information on your mobile phone as soon as possible. The mobile client can run on any mobile phone, passing brand information and product information to users first-hand.
 The launch of the Parmigiani Chinese website will further strengthen the service to Chinese consumers, which will help the development and improvement of the Chinese market. At the same time, it is another important measure for the Parmigioni brand to continue to focus on the Chinese market and improve the customer experience . ‘Whatever you want, what you can do’ Parmigiani has always been committed to turning the dream of fine watchmaking into reality.