Parmigiani Launches New Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène Rose Gold Watch

Following the success of the Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène watch released in 2016, Parmigiani launched two new rose gold watches. The new watch is equipped with the brand’s own movement, showing the beautiful change of the moon phase.

 The first watch had a dark blue dial with a lotus pattern in the center, a symbol of femininity. The decorative material is cut from mother-of-pearl and is set on the dial and is only 0.2 mm thick. The lace is satin-finished and polished to create a light-dark effect that showcases the brand’s superb skills. The dial of the second watch is made of high-reflective white mother-of-pearl and decorated with rose nasturtium, echoing the hour markers and case material. Both bezels are set with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.52 carats in total).

 The russet moon surface of the Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène watch is composed of craters called moon seas, which are painted by continuous layering. This watch reproduces the true moon phase on the wearer’s wrist, disappearing and emerging from the stars and clouds. Hand retouching gives it real value.

 The PF318 movement and its moon phase module are the 33rd movements independently developed by Parmigiani. The operating principle of the moon phase module is based on the gear connected to the hour wheel. Due to the double gear teeth, the speed of rotation is also doubled. The gear rotates once every 24 hours, and the moon phase disk is driven forward by the elastic blades integrated with the hour wheel every day. The wearer can individually adjust the position of the moon according to the date and time through the press at 9 o’clock to match the reference geographic month.

 The PF318 self-winding movement is equipped with two barrels connected in series to adjust the rate, so the movement has excellent isochronism and can provide a 50-hour power reserve. Through the case back sapphire crystal, you can admire the refined finishing of the movement. The movement is completely polished with round grain, engraved with Geneva ripples, and chamfered in accordance with the highest standards of fine watchmaking. This is also the consistent principle of Parmigiani. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)