Radar 2016 New Extraordinary Light Limited Edition Spot

According to the author’s understanding, the two most limited edition watches of Radar’s new products in 2016, the black and white ceramic true series open-core watches, appeared in Beijing. These two watches are limited to 500 pieces worldwide , Women’s white ceramic watches are priced at 16,500 yuan, men’s models with black ceramics are priced at 17,300 yuan.
Radar True Open Core 734.0101.3.090 Watch

    In 2016, the radar watch was designed with lightness as its inspiration, and launched two true series core-opening watches. The black ceramic watch is made of matte ceramic material, and the watch has a light texture as a whole. In order to reflect the design theme of lightness, the design of the watch has a lot of curves. What’s more special is that the dial is made of translucent mother-of-pearl material. Through the dial, you can see the movement of the movement. The ethereal design concept further reflects the light visual sense.
Radar True Series Open Core 734.0106.3.090 Watch

    Unlike men’s models, women’s models use shiny ceramics, which are more shiny than men’s models. Women’s models are made of white high-tech ceramics, showing pure and natural. Consistent with the male model, the female model also uses a translucent mother-of-pearl material to make the dial. The outline of the movement can be seen through the dial. At the same time, under different angles, you can see the brilliant light refracted by the dial. The watch is equipped with an ETA C07.631 automatic movement, which achieves 80 hours of power. The watch is limited to 500 pieces.

Summary: After the author’s own experience, these two watches are indeed very light. At the same time, the hazy dial makes people think infinitely. As if they are in the cloud, this also reflects the lightness theme that the radar wants to express.
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