Rosini’s New Watch Industry Base Was Completed And Launched

On August 6, the Zhuhai Jinding High-tech Zone’s technological innovation coast fluttered with colorful flags and crowds. The new industrial base of the famous Chinese watch brand Rossini headquarters opened at 68 Science and Technology Road No. 68, revealing Brand new look. On the 28th anniversary, Rossini opened an important milestone in the company’s development process with a grand event. More than 500 people from celebrities in the watch industry, Rossini marketing elites, Zhuhai headquarters leaders, all employees and media reporters were invited to the meeting. Relevant leaders such as Zhuhai Municipal Government and Zhuhai High-tech Zone also attended the event and jointly opened the ribbon-cutting and visited the new Rossini plant.

On August 6, Rossini grandly held the unveiling of the new factory and the 28th anniversary factory celebration at the new headquarters.

New plant unveiled
  It is understood that Rossini, which settled in Zhuhai in 1984, is the first Chinese-foreign joint venture specialized watchmaking company, and is currently the only domestic ‘Asian Top 500’ well-known watch brand. It mainly produces mid- to high-end Rossini brand watches and ROSSINI brand glasses, with an annual output of more than one million. At present, it has more than 400 employees in the headquarters and a marketing team of more than 2,000, covering 1600 sales outlets throughout the country.
Over the past 28 years, Rossini has continued to grow and develop with its unity and stable research and development team, superb technology, mature products and perfect services, and has won the market with high-quality and high-quality products. Especially since the corporate restructuring in 2008, Rossini, under the strong resources of the Hong Kong listed company-China Haidian Group, has continuously strengthened its position as a leader in the Chinese watch industry in terms of brand, market, product, and channel construction, and has achieved rapid progress. Development, sales increased by nearly 2.6 times in four years, set the 10th consecutive year (2002-2011) sales of similar products, the market’s first comprehensive market share of outstanding performance, achieved ‘China Well-known Trademarks’, ‘high-tech enterprises’, A series of honors including ‘China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands’ and ‘China’s Most Influential Brand in the Consumer Market for 20 Years’. In 2012, Rossini was listed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the first batch of ‘National Brand Cultivation Pilot Enterprises’ and is determined to become a benchmark enterprise for national brand cultivation.
  With the rapid development of business, in order to meet the growing market demand, further enlarge and strengthen, expand the industrial scale, and achieve the strategic goals of groupization and sustainable development. In 2009, Rossini launched the headquarters expansion plan, which received strong support from the Zhuhai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. A prime site located in Zhuhai Jinding High-tech Zone became the land for Rossini’s new watch industry base project, and was included in the key construction projects of Zhuhai High-tech Zone. Construction started in November 2010, and the main building construction was successfully capped in less than a year in August 2011. The Rossini people are building the park with the potential to break the bamboo, with quality and quantity. In August 2012, an elegant ‘city of time’ stood on the coast of Zhuhai’s technological innovation, with green trees, flowers, sculptures, fountains, pavilions, pavilions, European-style buildings, giant flower clocks … attracted many participants to stop to watch and take photos.