Seiko Launches E-ink Watch Active Matrix Epd

The current E-Ink screen technology popular in e-books is now also applied to watches. Low energy consumption and no need for backlight are one of the main features of E-Ink screen technology. The power reserve is not too far from the mechanical watch. Recently, Seiko, a well-known watch brand, launched a new generation of watches with active matrix (EPD) technology.新型 This new type of watch can provide a new display method with ultra-thin, high-contrast, and ultra-high wide-angle energy. The wide-angle energy can reach almost 180 degrees. Although it uses black-and-white E-link display effects, it has 80,000 pixels in this 2 × 3 dial space. The pixel density of 300dpi per inch makes the screen display effect three times better than traditional LCD technology watches. The iPhone 4 Retina screen technology, only 326ppi pixels per inch. In addition, the watch also provides five time display modes, using radio control to check the time, and supports solar charging.