Seiko Lukia Christmas Special Recommended Watches Let Warm Bears Accompany You To Warm The Winter

The love that grows quietly as the autumn breeze blows, will soon warm up in winter. With the arrival of the annual Christmas, the fashionable women’s watch brand under the Japanese watchmaker SEIKO – LUKIA is taking advantage of Full of happy seasons, the 2012 Christmas limited edition recommended models are launched. From now until 12/25, every purchase of new LUKIA autumn and winter products will receive a LUKIA Honey Bear warm blanket bear blanket, a limited number of gifts So far. SEIKO LUKIA prepares warm gifts for the sweet love of urban fashion women, so that you, who are both feminine and confident, can reflect the splendor of the warm winter in the company of LUKIA’s glamour watch and Honey Bear. LUKIA’s new brand spokesperson – Emi Takei, a popular Japanese actress with both intellectual and sweet temperament, showcases the new and gentle and elegant watch designs for autumn and winter. Takei specially recommends “SSVW001J”. The recommended price is NT $ 24,500. ‘SSVW002J’ recommended price of NT $ 25,000, classic barrel model ‘SSVR118J’ recommended price of NT $ 19,500, ‘SSVR120J’ recommended price of NT $ 20,000, with bright nude gold as the main color of the model, blooming moisturizing light background The flamboyant femininity of the metropolis women is a must-have fashion item that displays personality and gentle strength. Star-studded Christmas season Takei takes you into a beautiful fairy tale
     Takei Aya especially recommends the SEIKO LUKIA ‘SSVW001J’ and ‘SSVW002J’, with nude golden color as the main theme, with wavy fine lines and radial Arabic numerals, which are reflected on the pink circular dial. The feminine lip gloss is warm and lustrous, like the style of a romantic little woman; the Roman numeral time scales at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock highlight the vitality and brilliance of a confident and light mature woman, and the remaining three-dimensional time scales hide the delicate and delicate The love pattern allows metropolitan women to raise their hands and throw their love at all times, and interweaves the double glamour of young girls and lightly mature women, allowing women to exude a sexy and sweet charm at the same time. SEIKO LUKIA’s classic barrel-shaped model ‘SSVR120J’ is mainly composed of champagne gold. It is set against a white dial. It looks like white and rich cheeks are embellished with gorgeous champagne gold. It exudes a feminine style that is both intellectual and sensual. ‘SSVR118J’ with elegant rose gold and silver strap, the three-dimensional hour markers, as if depicting the little starlight under the Christmas starry sky. You raise your hand to the elegance of your feet, let the watch body sparkle with the refraction of light, as if an angel sprinkles a shining magic powder for Cintiela, you will instantly become the most shining princess and be in a gorgeous love fairy tale in. Honey Bear warm blankets, relive countless sweet moments
     SEIKO LUKIA particularly recommends watches for Christmas. The stainless steel case and strap are paired with rose gold and champagne gold watch designs, so that when women show their self-confidence and wash the face of the chain, they seem to confide in their hearts the beautiful aspirations for fairy tales. From now until 12/25 Christmas, every purchase of LUKIA’s new autumn and winter products will get you a LUKIA Honey Bear warm blanket, and the ultra-fine fiber MIT knitted blanket will keep you warm in the cold winter. SEIKO LUKIA lets women in fashion metropolitans reveal their charming glory like love in the confidence of awe-inspiring, let everyone hold their breath again and wait for your beauty to bloom! SEIKO LUKIA Japanese popular intellectual actress Takei Aya new endorsement
     Emi Takei, the spokesperson for the entire SEIKO LUKIA series, is one of Japan’s most popular actresses. Born in Nagoya, Japan in 1993, he is 19 years old and has the status of an actor, a model, and a singer. In 2006, she won the model department award and the media award at the ’11th Japan National Girl’s Selection Competition’. In the idol dramas such as ‘Sad Tragedy’, ‘Sheng Hei Qing’ and ‘Summer Can’t Suck’, they have played prominent roles. Takei Aya is widely supported by women in the metropolis for her unforgettable charm and the qualities of both intellectuality and sweetness, so she was selected as the new spokesperson for SEIKO LUKIA to promote the brand proposition that contemporary women in the metropolis should ‘actively live independently’ .