Simple Dial With Blue Steel Hands Elegant And Stylish Nomos Ladies Mechanical Watch

German craftsmanship, the continuation of Glashütte watch legend. Originally from East Germany, Nomos watches are located in Saxony Glashütte, which has a century of watch manufacturing history. Glashütte watchmakers use hand-crafted craftsmanship to create high-quality, uniquely designed manual mechanical watches. The performance and readability of a watch are fully revealed.
    With the reunification of Germany and the rebirth of the traditional watchmaking industry, Glashütte’s unique style and influence as a center of excellence in watchmaking has also been reborn. As the first watchmaker in the emerging watch manufacturing industry, Nomos has inherited Glashütte’s century-old history in the manufacture of watches and clocks. It has been able to manufacture high-quality mechanical watches and continue the reputation of Glashütte’s birthplace. It is for this reason that Nomos can become a German Watch as a national treasure.
    Nomos watches are handmade mechanical watches with exceptional quality and unique design. Only very good materials will be used in the structure of Nomos, and watchmakers use the most excellent craftsmanship to give the most careful care and attention in every part and every step of the production process. Nomos’ design is particularly focused on the performance and readability of each watch.
Orion Series 321 Ladies Mechanical Watch
Parameter configuration
Series: Orion Series
Movement: mechanical watch
Form: Round
Strap: Horse leather
Dial: white
Case: stainless steel
Surface / Mirror: Sapphire Mirror
Table bottom: Normal
Buckle: pin buckle
Strap Color: Green
Crown: Normal